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The Edge reached out to longtime advertiser and intuitive Cindy Lehman, to learn more about her journey and what she offers her community.

Cindy Lehman
Cindy, what was your first conscious experience with intuition?
Intuition has always simply been a part of who I am, which I think is true for most people. I didn’t question it much until I got older and had learned, as most of us do, to rely on my rational mind more than what I intuited.

I remember as a young child being able to sense the presence of non-physical beings. We moved several times during my childhood, and I could hear and feel other beings in the various places we lived. One house in particular was quite full of unsettled spirits and I spent a lot of time developing relationships with angelic beings and spirit guides to help me feel safe. I tried to “tune out” the distractions of the non-physical world, because what I learned is that it wasn’t safe to talk about these things to other people. I was reprimanded for using my “imagination” too much. As an adult, I now know that imagination comes directly from your soul. It is a gift to be honored and used to create your dreams.

Many deaths of loved ones as a teen left me firmly knowing that my loved ones were gone physically, but I could sense and feel them non-physically. I knew they still existed and were around me. I could feel their presence and often their love.
I somewhat led a “double life,” trying hard to fit in and be like others, all the while knowing and trying to repress what I knew spiritually.

What did you want to be when you were a young girl, and what inspired you to become a professional intuitive?
As a young girl, I longed to be seen and loved. I grew up in an abusive, alcoholic home so it was hard to imagine a future, or to be able to think about what I wanted other than to be accepted, feel safe and loved. I chose a very conventional career and worked in a corporate job for many years. I didn’t know what a professional intuitive was until I was much older. It wasn’t until I was an adult with my own children that I became aware of this whole new world.

In 1996, I was living with my children in a house that had a very active ghost. It was frightening so I hired two women who were professional psychics to come out to my house and clear this spirit. I was with them as they worked with this lost soul and the experience opened all those doors to my soul that I had shut so tightly and I couldn’t ignore this part of me any longer. I learned from and worked with these women and other teachers for the next ten years. I began practicing working as a professional intuitive doing Soul Readings in the year 2000 and teaching Psychic Development classes in 2005. I eventually left the corporate world, and have been grateful and fulfilled doing this, my soul work, ever since.

What is your purpose in this lifetime?
My purpose first has been to love and accept myself for who I am and not what others expect of me. To create a fulfilling and rewarding life as I work with myself and others to heal and learn. What I can give back in return is helping others discover how to love and accept who they really are and what they are here for.

This is what thrills my soul and fulfills my purpose here. To be of service in helping others to discover their own magnificence. And of course, I am still learning in many different ways which makes life exciting for my soul, and sometimes challenging for my body.

You offer Soul Readings. What are unique about these, perhaps different than the average psychic reading?
The Soul Readings I offer don’t focus on predicting the future. The readings are focused on what your soul wants you to know in present time, such as the gifts you brought in as you and what your purpose(s) is in this lifetime. Sometimes future information slips in, because we are working with non-physical sources, such as souls, angels, spirit guides, ancestors and loved ones. They are not limited by time and space like we are in physical bodies. But they can provide a non-physical or soul perspective which is sometimes exactly what we need to remember who we are and why we are here.

A Soul Reading also includes connecting with loved ones, either still physically here or those who have passed on. A soul is a soul whether currently in a body or not and can be connected to in a Soul Reading. Souls (ours or others) usually appreciate an opportunity to have their say.

What role does the heart play in your process with clients? What process do you recommend for a client to engage their heart consciously?
Such a good question. I couldn’t do this work without a heart connection to my clients and students. I set up a session or a class with a process that invites connection to the divine for protection, connection and healing. In this process we set the intention that this is for the highest and best purpose and healing for all. From this perspective, it just comes naturally to be able to see others in their own divinity, no matter what their current circumstances are.

The natural outcome of this is love. I am able to come from a place of heart and non-judgment and do the work involved from that place. A huge benefit for me is once the session is over, I am filled with love and gratitude for these beautiful souls that allow me to do this work. They enrich my life and my purpose.

A good practice to engage your heart is to remember someone or something that you love or have loved unconditionally. Just sit for a moment remembering what that felt like. What happens is your heart will open, your vibration will lift and you will be able to see from your heart perspective. Your heart is where your body and soul meet and become the alchemy that is you. Things often look very different when our hearts are open and engaged. We then have access to our caring and courage and can make choices that serve both our body and soul.

You also are a teacher. Share with us what you teach and why you choose to do this.
I teach beginning and advanced Psychic Development classes. The Psychic Development Beginning/Foundation class or what I simply call the Foundation class is based on what I originally learned from my teachers. It is a nine-month class, so it’s difficult to briefly describe, but the basic goal is teaching people how to honor their own combination of body and soul for this lifetime. How to work with and care for your body to allow it to more fully serve your soul and it’s reasons for being here.

So many teachings are about leaving the body or viewing it as a hindrance. It is a gift. We are here in bodies right now because this is what our souls chose. It is this physical experience our souls desired and continue to desire. It is only by honoring our physical existence that we can truly know ourselves and be more fully in touch with our own essence or soul.

The body is the tool we use here to do this. You cannot physically create on this planet without one. And we are all here to experience, learn and create. We start with learning about the body, and then learn to bring in our own soul energy even more fully and consciously to live from this truth. The truth of who we are and why we are here. Bodies are short lived — they don’t last long. These experiences here in a body are designed for learning. Souls are forever, but bodies only get this one go-around and are time limited which makes them incredibly precious.

I have created and continue to create advanced classes that focus on a variety of topics, such as how to safely channel, knowing more about chakras as conduits for body and soul energy, guidance, etc. These advanced classes are offered to students who have completed the Beginning/Foundation class.

Teaching allows me to open up and share what I have learned. I also “semi-channel” during classes which allows additional information to come in as needed. There is a solid curriculum for every class I teach and opening up to channel enhances the material and often customizes it to individual needs. This makes it an adventure in learning for me too, and I am delighted to be able to serve in this way. It is an honor and privilege to do this work.

What intuitive message do you have for our readers at this time?
Don’t miss out on this life you have chosen. You are here for many reasons and your soul knows what they are and is always working to remind you. You have teams of non-physical beings that are in your service, available to you and are aligned with your soul to accomplish what you are here for. Honor this unique body and soul combination that is you in this lifetime.

I like to think of a lifetime as a love affair between body and soul, and at the end of this lifetime is a parting of ways. The ultimate goal is for body and soul to partner in unconditional love to serve self, humanity and the planet. These lives are not always easy, but often incredibly rewarding. It is why we are here. It is the living miracle that you are.

Blessings, from my heart to yours.

Contact Cindy Lehman at 612.669.1861, [email protected] or www.cindylehman.com.

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