Surrounded by the Beautiful Synergy of Angelic Energy


Angels! Their energy seems Universal. I am not sure if I have ever met anyone who does not recognize the beautiful synergy of the angelic energy.

As for my own personal experiences with the angelic realm, there have been many. The first angel encounter that I can recall was when I was 4 years old and had a near-death experience (NDE). While a priest performed last rites on me, I hovered above and trusted the angels that came to be with me.

One angel, whom I soon learned was Archangel Azrael, communicated with me in a telepathic manner and told me that I was going on a grand journey where I would meet Jesus and many other Divine entities. As a young child, raised Catholic, this was exciting to me.

On this journey, the angels were very warm and caring, playing games with all the young spirits that had gathered in that sacred space. When it was my time to leave that space, they stepped back and allowed Jesus to be the one who led me back to that hospital bed, where I woke. My dad was holding my hand. My dad often shares the story of how he heard a voice telling him to reach out and hold my hand, and that I would be okay.

While I had been in a sacred space running around with angels assigned to the very young Spirits that came to be in that heavenly space, another angel was in that hospital room communicating with my dad.

When I was 17, I had another NDE. My experience with the angels became somewhat of an exasperation to them. As a snippy teenager, I wanted to show the power I knew I had. I was doing this “soul bouncing” thing, moving life energy in and out of my body for a couple of hours. I was basically messing around with the medical team. Finally, the angels told me I needed to make a decision to stay or leave. I chose to continue on my human path and the angels continued to hang around, sending guidance as I needed it.

I have awareness to the presence of angels hovering around me frequently. I get a high-pitched sound in my right ear when they try to get messages to me. Since angels live at a much higher frequency than humans, their communications often come through as whispers, gentle nudges, guiding thoughts, feathers in our pathway, intense dreams, or that high-pitched sound that I have come appreciate. It means I have advance notice that a huge information “download” will soon to be on its way to me. Those “downloads” have helped align me to my life coaching and hypnotherapy business and provided creative resources in other areas of my life.

My angel guides include some of the archangels, such as Archangel Gabriel, whose energy is clearly around me every day, since I am a writer focused on clear communications. Archangel Raphael guides me along my health healing journey while Archangel Michael helps protect and align me to my true soul path; however, Archangel Azrael, who assists in transitions, appears as an extremely prominent angelic messenger in my life.

Several years back, I had a dream that both amazed and mystified me. I was cradling a tiny infant while walking along a lighted pathway. I met a female cloaked in a bright white flowing gown, and recognized her as my deceased sister-in-law. Archangel Azrael, whom I recognized from my NDEs, stood beside her.

I gently handed the infant to the female image and Archangel Azrael smiled. Later on I learned that my oldest sister had suffered a miscarriage. I had not known she was pregnant but had been gifted this dream, which explained that the infant was well cared for in the Spiritual realm by my deceased sister-in-law, who had never had a child in her human experience.

Angels truly are the gatekeepers, messengers and guides we need around us while we meander our way through this human journey.

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Sue Mitchell Shapiro
Sue C. Shapiro, MBWP, CLC, CHt, is a life coach, hypnotherapist, writer, inspirational speaker, ordained minister, educator, and above all else, a Life Dreamer. Although her coaching style can assist anyone who feels drawn to work with her, she has noticed a much larger divine feminine following reaching out for her services. She is focused on empowering women so they know their needs matter, that they are just as important as others, and she’s busy creating interactive workshops specifically aligned to rebuilding a sense of self-compassion and self-love. She offers distance life coaching and hypnotherapy sessions, via telephone or Skype, to clients throughout the United States. She is continuing her educational pursuits to become a Transpersonal Counselor. Visit or


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