The Angels around Us


It is my hope that if you only take away one thing from this article it is this: Each and every one of us at all times have angels with us. Looking for the bright light and ethereal beings in white with huge wings will take you away from the awareness.

In my experience, angelic love has arisen when I truly needed support, love, healing and the loving company of the Earth’s beautiful creatures and humans. It is unconditionally present. I have these experiences when I move into living in the moment and turning the situation over to the God of my understanding. Yes, there are times of beautiful light. Yes, some experiences will change you forever. And most importantly, yes, human beings walk the Earth under the direction of angel power.

I will share three angelic experiences (there have been so many).

One was when I was seriously ill and just wanted to let go. My father (who had passed and was my best friend) appeared and the room did fill with light. My husband, present in the room at the time, saw the light but not my father. He sat by my bed and held my hand. I got better.

The second experience was when I needed help with a multifaceted problem regarding cognition, a primary relationship, spiritual guidance in a difficult matter and the gift of laughter to heal. I asked for help. Two days later, a lady appeared who had all those gifts and more. She was a human (angels often appear to us as people). I recognized that my prayers had been answered. There is no doubt in my mind that she walks on this Earth to live life to the fullest and to heal. If you are still, you will recognize when your 911 angel appears.

The third and last experience involved someone I had not spent quality time with for a very long time and someone with whom I yearned to share my story. A day opened up in which both of us had more than 10 free hours. I was able to open up to her, trust her and be completely authentic. At the end of this time, and to this day, I feel a lightness I had not experienced for a very long time. Yes, I recognized the heavenly angels working through the earth angel. Yes, on some level they do coordinate their plans.

I invite all of you who have the opportunity to read this article to go to a quiet, outdoor space and just notice all you have to be grateful for. Enjoy quiet amazement for all that you experience. Express your gratitude. If there is something you or a loved one needs, ask for it, knowing that it will be taken care of at the perfect time.

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Colleen Fogarty
Colleen Fogarty is renowned in animal communication. She is licensed/certified in massage therapy, Reiki, aromatherapy, needle-less acupuncture, Reflexology, Touch for Healing, behavioral therapy and Infratronic Frequency Healing. Contact her at 612.308.3605 or [email protected], and visit


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