Why We Bless


An excerpt from 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World

There are many reasons to bless. We bless to help heal society. We bless to get out of the shell or cave of our little egos and open up to the world. We bless as a wonderful way of practicing mindfulness and staying present to the present — anywhere. We bless because it is a highly efficient way of solving relationship problems and personal challenges. Blessing isn’t associated with any religious denominations.

I do not believe there is any “right” way of blessing. The intention and sincerity of the heart are infinitely more important than any so-called correct way of giving a blessing, and any formulas or rigid forms in this field are a direct route to failure. A blessing that is just on the level of the mind has no healing power whatsoever. One can never stress too much that blessing is 100 percent heart energy. To heal, I believe it has to be felt in the heart.

It is becoming more and more apparent to a growing number of us on this planet that the material world we live in is, in some manner, a total dream (even though it can often be a nightmare!) and that we are here on Earth to learn much-needed lessons (that we ourselves possibly chose before coming here).

A Blessing to See the Divine Everywhere
Today, I bless myself in my ability to see the true spiritual reality behind the veil of material appearances:

• When I behold the beauty of a flower, I will see divine Love smiling at me.

• When I see a flock of sheep, I will remember that the divine Shepherd, infinite Love, is constantly guiding me and all.

• When I see my neighbor, I will remember that I am looking at myself in disguise, and joyfully bless what I see from the deepest wellspring of my soul.

• When I look at the sun, I will rejoice in the reminder that I am the light of the world, as a great spiritual teacher taught 2,000 years ago.

• When I look at a loaf of bread at the baker’s or fruit at the supermarket, this will be a reminder that I live not by bread alone but also by what the Spirit whispers to me in the secret of my heart. Am I listening?

• When I see a person in tears or deeply afflicted by some woe, I will silently bless them in the divine joy that waits in their heart to spring forth and lift their pain.

• When I pass a prison, I will bless its inmates in their true freedom which none can take away.

• When I pass a hospital, I will bless its patients in the fullness of their health that awaits in them to be discovered.

• Finally, when I pass a mirror I will exceedingly rejoice in and joyfully bless the daughter or son of infinite divine Love I behold there.

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