A Pleiadian Message: The God Light flow within your Heart

Beloved ones, we greet you. Your Earth plane’s potential experience is continuing to unfold through the constant shifting energetic landscape that is birthing. A new dimensional terrain is being revealed on the planet in which you are able to align. These shifts have opened a new reality container, like a womb allowing you to open into the full expression of your multidimensionality.

Like a curtain being raised on a stage, the planet is being elevated back into its multidimensional potential. Simultaneously you are being naturally repositioned, and being realigned, beyond the veils that have held the illusion fully in place. This illusion has kept you playing in a restricted arena within your Earth plane experience, and sometimes the illusion has been your only reality.

Beyond this illusion there has existed an expanse of pure form, untapped energy with which you are aligned. This formless energy is a natural part, an extension of the full makeup, of your sacred Higher Self consciousness. This flowing energetic force has always been an aspect of you and now it is fully accessible to you. This is the time to begin to reconnect and draw from this pure form of your energy source.

Gathering momentum
Because of the new dynamic energy that entered your planet in March, there has been a gathering momentum within your heart to allow this light flow to be made manifest consciously by you. Your God light is interacting fully within your heart cells, opening up your creative flow. There has been a shift, a movement that has taken place within your heart’s sphere, to enable you to begin to develop a working relationship with the God light flow within your heart.

We have been presenting to you the basic framework of your full makeup, describing to you the two main aspects of yourself. Through this dynamic between your humanness and Higher Self, we bring support to enable you to come to a fuller understanding of the Truth of your complete heritage — to bring to your attention the inner aspect of your power, which is sourced through your heart.

In Truth, your power is vast. You are a magnificent being and you have an ability to energetically command your force of light that is accessible within the tool of your multidimensional heart. You have an unlimited consciousness, which interacts through your force of light. You have the innate ability to flow and interact within the communion of God consciousness light, which is interwoven within all life force energy throughout our full resident Universe.

This is the time for a conscious reconnection to your individual light flow. This flow is your reconnection to your unique force of light. You are to begin a new conscious journey to utilize and work within this flow that is designed to bring change to your day-to-day life on Earth.

Unique signature
Life force exists within all living things. You can now utilize and tap into your unique signature life force energy to manifest your heart’s desire. Remember: your heart is a natural multidimensional tool, and through your heart you can begin to create by utilizing what we call your “command energy.”

The power of your life force naturally extends from the very center of your energetic heart. This life force energy within your heart builds from the central place and then moves outwards, generating a potent and compelling life force flow.

This flow is set in motion by activating a conscious intention of your own heart’s desire. The flow is first activated by an intentional thought. This opening of your conscious desire thought begins to create the tiniest rippling of light flow within your heart center. Then, as your intention and thought begins to build in momentum, the flow of light also builds, and it births in layers of flowing light. As you deepen your focus on the intention of your heart’s desire, you will feel a natural expansion in your heart as the light flow energy forms into multidimensional creation energy within you.

Know that your own personal intention is what creates the initial activation and birthing of the light flow. You must open into a focused intention of what you want for yourself for the creation element to open. There must be a feeling of purpose, joy and/or excitement for that which you choose to manifest for yourself. Remember: this is your expression of creation energy being felt by you. This is what you desire for yourself and it is building in momentum within you. The building of the feeling is the essence of the energy building within your heart. This depth of passion is an essential building block for the birthing of the creation energy for that specific desire to be created.

Passionate receiver
This birthing of light energy within your heart can be likened to an enlivener, for you to be a passionate receiver of what you are creating for yourself. This is the energy of you in the action of creation. This feeling of creation always arises within your heart first, then it moves outwards, anchoring within your energetic field. Then it flows out further to activate and anchor within your world.

Know that the cells within your heart, and within the entire physical body, will carry this creation frequency energy. This energy feeds the cells of the body as it generates light. This energy is generated completely within the heart and never generated through the ego mind. Know that the ego mind will not understand or even believe in this process of creation.

The ego mind does not even believe that you necessarily deserve or can ever have your heart’s desire fulfilled. So it is essential to realize ahead of time that your mind will not play any role within the creation process. Most importantly, understand that the ego mind cannot interfere within the creation process. The good news is you do not need the consent or assistance of the ego mind to be successful in creating your heart’s desire.

Work towards opening up to receive that which feeds, nourishes and touches your heart. As you open deeper into the layers of your own heart’s desire, there is a building up of the light flow energy for your creation. The light flow enters your life on so many levels as it begins to create a living form of your heart’s desire creation. This action of you creating the light flow is a powerful self-realization process that opens the manifestation of the Higher Self and makes it active within you. This action, as you utilize your creation expression within your heart, shifts your ability to be the co-creator of your world.

Role as Creator
This is your time in your evolutionary process to claim your multidimensional ability, to begin to open up into this aspect of your role as creator. The doorway is open for you to discover this higher and more complete aspect of yourself — to find liberation within the vast sacred action of your Higher Self through the taking back of your power, and taking ownership of the responsibility to your creation ability.

Your heart is your multidimensional tool for you to come Home. Now is the essential time to claim this Truth and come into a full ownership and receivership of your heart. Your heart has been underutilized up to this point in your life, and by claiming your multidimensionality you move into a whole new expression of yourself.

Your heart carries an unlimited capacity to form this light flow and there are no limitations in the act of creation. One aspect of the role of the heart is to be a container for the light flow to form, and with your thought form you become the generator for the light flow. You work in unity through your focused intention within your creation God light to fully activate the creation.

This activation is initially created simply from your own conscious intent. You have to choose a moment to claim and reconnect to your unique light flow. This is a sacred choosing unto you, because the flow contains aspects of your God light frequency. This flow can only be utilized by you, for you, and it is unlimited in its form. As you take back your power, you move as one with this flow in your life.

Once you have a forged alignment with the light flow and it is established, there will be a moment where there is no separation between you and your creation God light. You become one essential essence in action and, in actuality, you align your consciousness to the flow. You become one with the flowing form, which is the creation force in that very moment.

Working in unity
Your pineal gland will be working in unity with your heart as you activate your creation flow. As the pineal gland realigns with the heart, the receptors within the pineal will reopen. This will expand your consciousness, birthing an even deeper awareness of your individual mission, bringing you into an alignment of clarity to this new sense of purpose, fluidity of movement within your life.

You are, by nature, fluid in content. As you begin to open and access your light flow state of being, a far-reaching shift will take place within your world due to your multidimensional fluidity in action. This process is about you consciously returning to your fluid multidimensional light state in this lifetime, simultaneously as you have your human experience.

You begin to make the shift: Instead of being human and having a spiritual experience as you have had for lifetimes, you begin to consciously realign to your spiritual Higher Self and have your human experience. As you change, you can begin to transform your relationship with your human aspect, moving from a place of self-condemnation to self-acceptance. This is the enlightenment element for humanity — and it begins with you shifting the internal war inside yourself, coming back to a place of self-love. This has always been the plan for transformation of Earth.

You are ready to take this huge step. This is your mission to accomplish now. This is the time for each one of you to step forward and reopen and align to your Higher Self within your heart. This is what you have said “Yes” to in this lifetime.

How to Activate the Heart’s Desire Creation Energy:
This is your moment to begin to access your creation element within your heart. Take your time to complete this process of activation:

1. Open to your heart’s desire. Take the time to discover and experience what that desire feels like within you. You must allow a building of your passionate connection to that which you wish to create for yourself. Do not limit what it is you wish for yourself.

2. Bring your hands to your physical heart. Feel the physical connection to your hands on your full chest. The palms of the hands need to be physically connected to the chest. Use the conscious breath (breathing in and out of the mouth). Bring your breath into where your hands are connected to the chest. Allow a connection to build where the hands meet the heart across the entire chest area.

3. Begin to bring in the energy of your heart’s desire within your heart. As you do, the heart will begin to be activated with small ripples of light flow. Bring the different elements of the desire within the heart. See, sense or feel how you are building layers of light flow as you allow your desire to build within the heart. Use the conscious breath into the desire within the heart. Allow the building of the desire and keep letting go.

4. When you feel the layers of the desire are complete, bring the sound, SAHN, within the activated energy in the heart. Feel, see or sense how the sound expands the light flow, and feel it move from the heart outwards into your energetic field and outwards into your world. Use the sound as many times as needed.

You can call us forward during this process for support. We witness you in your next step of unfolding. Blessings, The Pleiadians.



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