Archangel Gabriel: Simplicity is the Key to Healing Yourself & Raising Your Vibration


While channeling a 21-day healing program, Archangel Gabriel, the messenger angel who governs the ray of purity and ascension, assured our group that if we truly wanted to align with spirit in modern times, we needed to focus on simple practices that we can easily integrate into our everyday lives.

Archangel Gabriel had us make simple adjustments to our posture — referred to as Qi Posturing — that enhance the flow of energy throughout our system. These basic practices have a tremendous capacity to transform virtually every area of our lives. This is because a steady flow of life force energy activates our innate ability to heal ourselves on all levels — mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

In truth, we live in a veritable sea of energy, with pure healing vibrations available to us at all times. But to access these ever-present healing powers, we must position ourselves so it can reach us! We usually stumble through life with poor posture, cutting ourselves off from the infinite flow of healing energy. All we need to do is open ourselves up to receive the natural healing power of our universe.

Let’s get started.

Qi Posturing Exercises for Enhanced Energy Flow
These exercises will be most powerful if you pair them with affirmations and visualization. Please feel free to use any that speak to your soul:

• Keep your shoulders rolled back, chest open, and breathe into your belly. Affirm: “My heart is open and ready to receive all the gifts the universe has to offer me today.” Imagine your heart radiating an “open for business” signal to the universe, and the universe instantly responding with a beam of pure life force energy. Feel it enter your system and radiate throughout your entire body.

• Keep your head relatively balanced and centered, (not overly tilted up or down). In Tibetan meditation practice, we are taught to imagine our head is on a string, gently pulled up away from the body towards the heavens. Affirm: “I am an open vessel for spirit allowing a constant flow of life force energy to flow in and through me. I am truly alive, and filled with pure love and light.” Imagine a steady flow of divine wisdom, pure healing energy, and gifts from spirit constantly flowing into your life and into your being — all simply because you are open to it!

• In general, keep your spine relatively straight, with the natural soft curve in the lower back. Affirm: “Source or God flows through all my chakras, aligning my entire being with pure vitality.” Imagine pure golden light flowing down your spine and flooding your entire being.

• While sitting, keep both feet on the ground, legs hip width apart. Affirm: “I am deeply supported by and connected to Mother Earth.” Imagine the Earth’s pure, healing energies rising into your system, and stagnant energies leaving your body out your feet, into the fire layers of the Earth where it is recycled.

• While walking, practice stepping lightly (as if walking on air), engage the entire foot leading with the heel to the ground first, then center, pad, then toes. Allow your arms to gently sway, fingers open and loose. Affirm: “I follow the natural rhythm of the universe, and every move I make attunes me to spirit.” Imagine being blessed with pure energy, and every move you make harmonizes your system.

• Stand like a pine tree, tall (think of your head on a string lifting you up), legs hip width apart, belly slightly tuck in. Affirm: “I am a pillar of light.” Imagine yourself as a bridge connecting heaven and Earth, so all around you can benefit from your presence.

• Sleep, or rest like a Buddha. Lie down on your side, with a slight smile on your face, legs relatively straight on top of each other, with one hand underneath your pillow, and the other arm resting on the side of your body. Affirm: “As I rest, I fully recharge my batteries.” Imagine being filled with pure life force energy while you sleep.

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Nadine Dassier
Nadine Dassier is an innovative, heart-centered, visionary healer, teacher and speaker who is passionate about empowering and supporting others in their healing journey. Contact her at [email protected]. Visit


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