Create a Morning Routine that Inspires


Ever wonder why some people always wake up on right side of the bed? No matter what their day holds, how crappy the weather, or if they stepped in something the dog left, these super humans take it all in stride.

Just the thought of these sunshine people causes the gloomy Eeyore to grumble.

So which are you?

If you’re in the wrong side of the bed club — no worries. There are a few simple steps you can take to shift your day towards a positive outlook. If you’re already Mary Sunshine, awesome! Keep reading, you may pick up a tidbit.

I’m not saying that every day you can awaken and have the perfect day. However, by establishing a morning routine or ritual that fuels your body, mind and spirit, you’ll have a more positive outlook and be ready to take on life’s challenges from a place of strength and grace.

The morning sets the stage for our day. Ever notice that if you wake up in a cranky mood it stays with you all day and maybe even into the next? That’s because our thoughts create our reality. We can thank the universal law of attraction for that truth. The more positive our thoughts, the more good stuff flows to us…the reverse is also true.

So how can we start our day and leverage it to the hilt? Create a morning routine that inspires, fills you with gratitude and nourishes your body, mind and spirit.

I’ll share mine and hopefully you’ll generate ideas about creating your own:

Start the day with gratitude — Each morning, as soon as I’m aware of my first breath, I say a prayer. “Thank you for bringing me to this new day. Please show me how you would like me to serve.” This simple prayer expresses my gratitude for being here and opens me up to be a giver and a receiver. The words show me (allow me) to be open to all possibilities and serve signals that I’m willing to give and embrace my life’s purpose.

Nourish the body — I drink a big glass of water. My internal organs are dehydrated and I’m moving as fast as a slug. Water provides energy for me to focus. For me, it’s important to skip the pop tart and make an all-natural smoothie. Feeding our body healthy nutrients just makes us feel better all day!

Fuel the soul — Meditation time, baby! The type and amount of time varies according to my mood, but I always take the time to connect with my soul and its creator. I’ve discovered that if I skip this step, I’m done for. All day I feel out of balance. Not a meditator? Consider yoga, gentle stretching or a morning walk.

Activate the mind — I take a few minutes to read or journal, especially if some ideas came through during meditation. I’m a self-help book junkie and always have something to read on every surface of my home. Not a reader? Try listening to an inspirational podcast.

15-minute check in — I look at email, social media and other news sources. Notice how this wasn’t the first thing I did when I woke up? Personally, I don’t want other people’s thoughts, words or action to set the tone for my day. I want to be grounded into my own personal power, then I’m ready to let other people’s stuff into my world. I’m better equipped to deal with negativity, disappointment and frustration when I’ve taken care of me first.

That’s my morning routine. It begins with gratitude and then time to nourish all of me: body, soul and mind. From start to finish, it about 45 minutes. I wake up early so I can enjoy the process and not fill rushed. 

You may not have 45 minutes. Simply commit to 5 to 10 minutes of time. Choose one or two new morning habits that will make a difference. Experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Try it for two weeks and you’ll be amazed at the way you feel.


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