Essentially Hopeful and Optimistic


While the world can be full of doom and gloom, I prefer to see the beauty in the world to give me hope for better tomorrows by having a positive outlook. It is easy to get discouraged by events around the world, what is happening in our own neighborhood, and even the changing climate.

I love waking up in the morning to hear the birds singing outside my window. It allows me to appreciate the vital necessities of life required by so many more species on this planet than human. Music is a way to reach inside your soul and feel the vibration raise you up. Although birds are small, they are mighty in ability. I enjoy listening to their sweet serenade as I process the messages received from the dreamtime. God freely offers us such delights. I am in awe of His mighty works that are in a delicate balance in this world, despite the perils faced before them and extinction looming far and wide.

One of the rituals I do every morning is to surround myself with nature, not just outside but inside my home. My diffuser with the relaxing scent of pure lavender essential oil gives me an appreciation for nature as the scent is lifted up to Heaven with prayers of gratitude. Thank you, Lord for the many blessing in my life, for waking up giving me another day to appreciate your love and share your kindness in the world. No matter how much pain someone is in, a smile can lift their day, a simple greeting, a kind gesture brought forth before them. Stop and see the opportunities.

Not only do I diffuse essential oils, but I wear them to uplift my spirits. While they have multiple uses, so too do they have multiple abilities to reach me where healing needs a lift. Frankincense crosses many barriers, and it leaves no trace of chemicals behind as nature only creates the finest. We spend too much time in a world full of invisible toxins swirling all around us. I prefer to put on my body that which absorbs for my benefit. I am essentially a part of nature, so using essential oils is part of God’s gift to bring me forward in life with hope and optimism that we can wake up one day and realize the world can go on living without us. It will replenish itself on its own without us in it. For us to be a part of it, we need to change and work with nature, not try to change it for our benefit.

I am essentially human, but, humbled by my faith and gratitude to know it is not enough to save this world. Yet, I hope that God will spare us and continue to bring His beauty to us. I beg of you my Lord, have mercy on us truly.


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