Walking in Humble Spirit: The Edge Interview with Jenny Lee


Every now and then, one comes across a person whose very existence is dedicated to serving Spirit. Jenny Lee is one such soul. Her earliest memories predate birth in this incarnation, and the arc of her life has been a delicate interplay between receiving information from Spirit and using that high-dimensional communication to benefit the lives of those she is called to support.

Psychic. Medium. Automatic Writer. Angel Reader. Remote Viewer. Healer. These are categories of gifts used by Jenny to assist others, but she defies categorization. She’s a mom and wife living on a beef farm in rural Minnesota near the White Earth Reservation. She’s a nature lover. And she’s the author of a book, Walking In Humble Spirit, that she didn’t want to write. “Spirit told me, ‘I want you to do this book for people who are starting out, so they can understand energy and spirituality in a basic way and not feel frustrated.’ The book wasn’t for me. It was what Spirit needed me to do.”

That’s Jenny. She listens to Spirit. She presents information where it needs to be heard. She moves on to the next task at hand.

“I’m not doing this for entertainment,” she says in a recent interview with The Edge. “I’m doing it because I was chosen and this is my path. Whether it’s a hard road or an easy road, I’m going to continue to do it until they tell me to stop.”

And she rarely stops. She works tirelessly as a multidimensional intuitive, not just to relieve deep-seated mental and emotional pain in others, but to use her gift at remote viewing to find missing children for parents who grieve painfully every second their loved ones are not with them. And she knows this is a challenging time for everyone on the planet. Echoing other intuitives, she says the frequency of Earth is rising vibrationally, causing those energies and beings who thrive in the lower vibrations to fight back to maintain the status quo.

Her intention when revealing that these next eight months will be incredibly transformational — expect a “major, major earthquake” — is not to scare people, but to encourage them to connect inwardly with Spirit for peace of mind.

“I tell people, don’t be surprised about anything,” she says. “You just have to trust in what is protecting you and guiding you.”

The following is her conversation with The Edge on the journey of her soul.

In your book Walking in Humble Spirit, you write about being aware of a familiar vibration since birth. What was this vibration and why did you pay attention to it?
The first frequency sound I remember as a soul was when I was in my mom’s stomach. It was weird, because it was the sound of a vibration, a frequency of tone — and it made me aware. It was a frequency that my mind was supposed to remember. I remember hearing my mother’s tone outside as she was talking to my aunt, and I verified it later with my mother. That aunt was around her all of the time. She was living with her, actually.

So there was this tone frequency that was different from my mother’s. It would come in at different pitches and you could literally feel it down in the soul. It actually moved me.

I had these intuitions or dreams, and they always told me, “The priority is not the humans around you. It is our presence. I need you to follow that.” Once I understood that that was the priority, I didn’t fear it. I just followed it, and it led me to discovering and adventuring. When I was very young, my mother could not keep me around at all.

What were you searching for as a child?
It felt like I was searching for something familiar that I felt in a different lifetime. I remember being in such an enlightened place and having such a secure feeling, as in the ultimate sense of feeling this greatness And then when my soul woke up here, I kind of woke up and said, “What am I doing here?” I couldn’t understand where I was now. So that memory of where I came from stayed in my brain, and I kept trying to connect to that energy again. My soul wanted that energy again.

It didn’t matter what kind of situation or limitations my mother tried to put me in, because if I felt that energy leading me, I would follow it. I didn’t care about the consequences. It was something driven from the soul, so I just stayed focused on that. So I just kept following the energy and getting into situations and developing and seeing things.

Vocally, I was a very raw child at a young age. If I saw something, I would say it and then I’d be done with it and moved on to something else. I didn’t care whether there were consequences for saying something or not. I knew that if information was presented, then I needed to shift it. That was what I was supposed to do.

When I was about 5, I got into a bad accident and almost severed my whole leg. I remember being in the emergency room and feeling pretty distraught. But at the same time, I was paying attention to another child’s soul. And even being in my own pain, I could feel that this other child on the other table, about the same age as me, died. Despite my own pain and suffering, my initiative was to pay attention to what was going on over there.

Is it because you sensed that frequency over there?
Yes. It’s hard to convey to people that sensing that frequency and following it was the greatest desire I had over anything. I had the knowledge and I had to verify it, and I learned that the child did pass on.

Situations like that happened frequently, all the time. When I started to understand about death at age 6 or 7, I took a doll and used it as a vessel and put it in the ground. That was how I dealt with it. When another girl down the street passed on, I went and buried that doll. It was a way of understanding, and it felt better, and it was a way of releasing.

I always wanted to figure out a way to make the soul feel better. And then I would move on to another situation. Everything with me has been how things are presented. I never looked for it. It just presents itself to me. It’s not energy that is forced. It’s just, here it is, what are you going to do about it, how are you going to take this on, and how are you going to deal with it? That’s how it’s always been, since I was born.

You talked about needing to shift the energy. When you were burying the doll, were you giving permission for that soul to move on and not stay earthbound?
Yeah, and giving it a name. Recognizing it and saying, “I remember you.” There was no one around me who understood me, so I made my soul feel better by using the doll as a spiritual vessel to give it a sense of peace in some way. To acknowledge it.

Were you working directly with the spirit that passed, or were you working with your own energy?
I was working to help the spirit that passed. But it wasn’t just me. I have a force behind me, more than one or two spirits. On the cover of my book, I have illustrated the main spirit who has always been with me. I’ve always seen that. It’s the spirit sitting on the bench. It’s always been with me. It serves as a filter to allow all these other guiding spirits to come in and out of my presence. It keeps things at peace and brings forth the information.

That gatekeeper, which is what I call her, filters everything. It will bring in a spirit that is trying to get a message across. So in this instance, I would be talking to both, the gatekeeper and another spirit, and there would be a full-on telepathic intuition conversation going on between the three of us. So that guide, the gatekeeper, has always been there. I feel it has been with me FOREVER.

Does that guide have a name?
I call that guide Nakota. And what I see are large presences, and what I feel is the enlightenment and presence of it is pretty big, larger than our human size. I feel the presence and the enlightenment of it.

What led you to become a professional intuitive?
Experience. I decided after 20-something years of getting information and things happening over and over to go to a spiritual group and just sit there and see what happens. They were sitting in a circle together. When I walked in, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I just came in there very raw. So I sat down, and I started seeing things. I’m a type of person who has to either say the information or get out of the energy.

I noticed the psychic who was leading the group was becoming uncomfortable with me, because I was asking questions and saying what I was seeing behind her. I thought I had done something wrong, and she was saying, “I don’t want you to come back.”

From her point of view, she probably felt you were taking control of the group.
Right, but I was just relaying what I saw and trying to understand it. But in the process, I began to understand that I knew more than I thought. My life was full of these experiences that were teaching me, and they were downloading all of this information to me. And they were telling me, “Jen, you know all of this information that we’ve been showing you forever.” So the puzzle was coming together.

Here’s another example of information coming to me. When I was 13 my grandfather passed away. I was very close to him. I’ve never been to a funeral, because my guides have told me never to go. I’ve never been to one my whole life. So my grandfather passed on and my grandmother decided to get remarried. So this guy she married came to the home and I really didn’t feel good about it. I felt tensions about why he was there. And he sat down on my grandfather’s chair. I just looked at him, and with a very clear voice I said, “If you sit in that chair, you’re going to die in that chair.” And I just walked off. That’s what I did. I would say things, present it and leave. He eventually had a stroke while sitting in the chair and died.

So me saying things and then moving on to something else was no big deal. It was a part of me.

So since you were born, you receive information, you present it and then you move on to the next situation.
That’s right. It’s not about me at all. It’s about me giving the message. It’s not personal for me. It’s me moving the message on to who needs to hear it.

In your book, I believe you wrote that the information would come to you from a group of beings?
Yeah. I see them working together. The energy is amazing. It comes in such a subtle way. It comes from them to me, and I present it, without any ego. It’s awesome!

How do you describe the intuitive abilities that you have to somebody who asks?
I have the main gatekeeper who filters all of the information coming to me. And there is the spiritual group that I had mentioned. So how it works, for example, when I am doing remote viewing one spirit guide comes forward and gives me the information for the remote viewing. There’s another one that steps forward to help me with mediumship. It’s very in sync. There’s not just one soul that helps me. When I do automatic writing, I feel a subtle energy that sits down with me and I get the download on the right side of the brain and just let the information flow as I am writing.

So I feel that for each ability that I have, a different spirit comes in and teaches me and helps me through that. I resisted remote viewing for a long time. I have gone through periods of saying, “Nope. I’m not doing that. I can’t do that.” I’m my worst critic. So what happened was, I was a project coordinator, a safety coordinator, and I would see things and say them and sometimes people start listening. And then I was told, “You keep saying stuff, and then I keep seeing it in the paper.” I would look at cases, do an interpretation, put it out there and then it would be in the paper. When you start seeing the results in black and white, over and over, it becomes clear that it is working. Spirit would say, “Jen, this is your path. I don’t know how many more newspapers or documentations we need to show you.”

With remote viewing, you don’t want to waste anybody’s time. It is very valuable where you put people in missing persons cases, for example. It takes time and effort to verify your results. So I am very careful with the information. When I do cases, the information is shared with the officer and the family. It’s not detailed to the public. What I give are targets that are used to analyze whether it leads to a missing person or the situation at hand.

With remote viewing you are working with police departments?
Yes, but I almost always contacted first by the family. I never see a report of a missing person and contact the family myself. If a case is for me, it will be presented to me. Someone will contact me if I need to be involved. That’s how things have always worked. You can’t force a door open when the energy is not there.

In remote viewing, someone may look at forensics and tell me my information is not right, but I will not change the information I am given. I don’t do that. I stick with what Spirit gives me. I never change it. My information comes from Spirit. All I want is the missing person’s report and that is it. I don’t want anything else. I stick by that, and it has upset other remote viewers because I will not change or alter it. Because it’s not about me. It’s about sticking to what they give me.

What is your personal mission in this lifetime?
My personal mission, based on what Spirit has told me, is to get as many people as possible to be aware and understand that everything they need is within their soul — to heal, to be guided, and to be humble about it. It’s about walking in this soul information. If you use the light, if you use healing, if you use the tools that Spirit gives you, I don’t feel that we need anything else. The flesh needs and desires go away. And the control of it goes away.

I’m here to be a filter and say, “Your information is going in this direction.” My students get irritated by my number one quote, “Spirit wants you to figure it out.” This is your journey to figure it out. You’re not going to get instant gratification. You have to do the work. So I’m just a filter that sits in these dimensions of information and pushes people in the direction that Spirit needs them to go. And I’m okay with that. As long as I keep doing that until they tell me, “That’s enough,” that’s what I’m going to stay on target doing.

I don’t think there’s anything on Earth that feels better than healing energy. It’s addicting to be in the light and feel that, because you’re getting a taste of the Creator and the knowing that there is something so amazing beyond all of this.

In your book you write, “Digging deep into their souls and asking what’s missing in their life would serve every person on Earth.” Many people come to intuitives asking for that missing component. How can someone discover it on their own?
In my life, if I have an issue or a problem I don’t understand, I take it off Earth and bring it to the light — and release it. Humans think they need to hold onto things, but by releasing them, we’re setting things free so our soul can do more things in our life that are meant for us.

Being constantly bundled up in worry blocks everything. If you learn how to filter and push things out and move things right away, there’s always room for new things to come in and be enlightened. If you hold onto past seeded issues and recycle the damage, that’s all you’re going to get. So I help my students recognize where those seeds are sitting in the soul, how to lift them and how to take them up to the light and release them.

After that process, people say, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my time now.”

I say, “Do something that serves, that makes you feel good about helping someone else. Your journey could help someone else’s journey. So that changes people. I don’t feel there are mistakes, but lessons that we go through and learn.

In your book you also emphasize the importance of spirituality in one’s life. How do you define that and what tips do you have for our readers on how to integrate spirituality into their lives?
Spirituality is an everyday consciousness. When you wake up in the morning and have your coffee, it is something you check in on consciously, and it’s the last thing you check in on at night. It is not something to pull out of the closet only when we need it. When you put more effort and faith in Spirit, that support system is solid — and it’s always there.

Acknowledge it every day. Have that question in your mind and trust the answer you are getting, and don’t doubt it. At the millisecond that you get an answer, it’s having faith in it and following through with it. That changes you, because your mind starts to see your Self evolving and the answers are evolving. It changes the soul when you really start to trust and walk in it.

But I tell people that as you change, the people you are around change. As you search for more knowledge, you go through stages with people. They may be at a different frequency and may not accept the changes they are seeing. But you still go on your journey. Your lesson may be through with that set of people, but you’re moving on. A soul is always supposed to move on to another level of understanding.

Spirituality is the everyday experience of listening. Nature, animals and the whole experience of Earth is in tune with us, if we want to listen. That’s why I love living out on a farm. You can go outside and be completely in tune with the environment, and then you can go inside with a completely different sense of balance and can handle things easier.

Some people aren’t comfortable speaking with Spirit, or to angels, or to spirit guides, so they can turn to Jesus or some aspect of their religion.
There are different religions and different interpretations. I asked the Creator one time, “Why is it so different for each person?” And the answer was, “Because each person is a different veil, and I present Myself to what their mind can accept.” For myself, I look at the Creator God as the ultimate energy light in everything, as a part of every existence, and He can evolve into anything and knows that I will accept it. So for somebody who believes in Jesus, it makes them feel comfortable to see Jesus because they can accept it.

As you evolve, you understand that the flesh is really not a part of it. It’s the energy within the soul that changes. So we can manifest into whatever we want. But when something comes at us, it’s our veil that makes the difference. What am I going to feel comfortable with? What am I going to trust?

What final message would you like to leave with our readers?
I really feel it is important to get more people involved in doing remote viewing, because we do need more people to do pro bono work, to help families find missing loved ones. It’s hard work, but the reward of helping families is worth it. I think that’s what we’re supposed to do. I’m trying to make a difference, person by person. I’m teaching remote viewing classes and spiritual classes. The more people we help, the more law enforcement officers are opening up to it. I’d like to see everyone work together and be more open.

The need to find missing people right now is huge. Minnesota is the second-most targeted area by human traffickers. I try to teach everyone to be aware and acknowledge it and not turn your back on this issue. You have be careful, because it’s happening everywhere. You have to teach your kids to be aware.

I find that some people are afraid to do remote viewing even though it can change someone’s life, between finding them and not finding them. I work about 50 to 60 hours a week at times, and it’s been driven in me that it is a priority with regards to what Spirit needs me to do. And I do burn out, because there’s not enough of me to go around. You can’t say no. How do you say no? I don’t take on every case, but I do what Spirit says I can handle.

I wish people can understand that we need more serious, dedicated people who want to do the work. Forget about the entertainment side. Let’s do this to help people. It is really amazing when they get results from our remote viewing. I did a case four months ago involving a runaway. Her mom contacted me. They had no results. Nothing was going on. I knew she was coming back. Spirit told me she was coming back in two weeks. Her mom contacted me and said, “I have her. She came home.” Those are good results.

There are other cases where the parents have been looking for their kids for three years. In one case we’re going to have to go in boats and go into a lake and look for bones. The agonizing pain is every day for that mother not knowing. It’s harder not knowing where your child is than when they are laid to rest. It’s an agonizing suffering. The soul wants closure.

For more information on Jenny Lee, visit www.jennyssight.net.

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