New Advertiser Spotlight: Vicky Plante with Restorative Healing, LLC offering New Services


Vicky Plante with Restorative Healing, LLC, is now including a personalized Chakra Color Reading as a part of every individual energy healing session provided. In addition, Vicky’s newest offering is a 30-minute phone session that will include a Distance Healing and Chakra Color Reading for those looking for a shorter session in the comfort of their own surroundings.

With an interest in holistic health and complementary therapies for over 25 years, Vicky’s desire to do energy healing work began in 2008. She has been offering energy healing services at Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center in Eden Prairie since February 2016, as well as at her treatment space located at 600 Twelve Oaks Center Drive in Wayzata since September 2017. As a Reiki Master, Vicky’s Reiki sessions also incorporate a few techniques from other modalities and are customized for each individual. Treatment sessions are viewed as a partnership where Vicky works with you to find the best approach to support your body in healing itself on many different levels.  

When Vicky is providing a session to a client, she is able to pick up and envision two or three different colors specific to the individual being treated. These colors are linked to the various chakras in the body, and you will receive distinct insights on the specific areas of your life to focus on for more clarity, personal growth, and increased joy and happiness!

For more information, visit, call 612.669.4389, or email [email protected].


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