Q & A with Deb Amon of Amon Designs


Amon Designs, Deb Amon, 612.205.3668, www.amondesigns.net

An example of jewelry designed by Deb Amon

The Edge took a moment to check in with jewelry designer Deb Amon about what motivates her to create her designs for the community.

How do you describe what you offer your community?
I describe what I offer as unique, handmade gemstone jewelry that can be custom made for each individual.

What or who inspired you to begin creating jewelry?
My inspiration comes to me when I am meditating. If it is a piece that has been ordered for an individual, I simply think about them when I am meditating and I am guided as to what stones and/or pattern to use unique to that person. Sometimes I just get impressions, and other times I will see exactly what the piece should look like.

What is your personal relationship to the gemstones?
I meditate and pray over the stones and each piece that I create. I put love and healing energy into each piece.

Where can we find your custom jewelry?
My jewelry is currently being featured at the Unity South Church in Bloomington and The Cottage House on 43rd and Chicago in South Minneapolis.

How do you feel when you are working on a piece, and overall, why do you do what you do?
When I am working on a piece, I feel a connection with the stones and with the person that I am designing it for, whether it has been ordered as a custom piece, or one that I just feel impressed to create. The main reason for continuing this work is the joy and healing┬áthat it brings the people that receive it, and that in turn makes me joyful. It’s just so rewarding and inspiring when someone receives a piece and loves it so much.


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