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Free Radicals and Your Health

Everybody loves a good bad guy, someone we can point our long accusing fingers at while shouting a satisfying "It's them, it's their fault,...

Embodying our Awareness

For many years, we have been hearing the word "sensitive" when describing many of these new children (teens and adults), and we hear from...

Carole Cravath

The Edge Directory: Holistic Resources Online Rapid Intuitive Unfoldment Phone: 507.287.0884 Location: Rochester, MN Website: The Perceptive Awareness Technique (P.A.T.) Online training brings rapid unfoldment of  intuition, our...

Loving Yourself

An excerpt from We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace Loving yourself is the first essential step to creating peace in your...

Writing to Heal and Transform

When life takes an unexpected turn, writing can be an invaluable way to help you cope. Writing has a way of adding purpose and...

How My Consciousness has been affected by the Paradigm Shift

The paradigm shift is very real, and it's happening right now. My consciousness has been affected by this phenomenon in a very powerful way,...


Headlong is not "wrong" when you are listening to your own song. Headlong is neither head nor long but your heart quickening fast and strong.


Be silent Be still, Awakened. Be the silence That struggles To be heard. Perceive Acknowledge, Be the wisdom. Love Be loved Be silence. Be this space, This inner sanctum, That is Your soul.


at a wounded heart tears migrating to eyes, ink for paper, mending fissures... a page at a time.

EarthTalk® | August 2018

Dear EarthTalk: Is ridesharing via companies like Uber and Lyft good or bad for the environment overall? -- Jeff Timotheos, Akron, OH Between fuel, maintenance...