Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy for Anxiety and Depression


About four years ago my inner voice told me to go to a chiropractor I had met years before. He asked what I needed and I told him there is something I need to learn from you. He said, “Oh, it must be the QNRT or Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy.” He did a session on me, I was blown away, and he said that there would be a beginning level course taught in Atlanta the next weekend, so I flew down and learned this amazing technique.

The originator or QNRT is Dr. John Turner. Years ago he was in a car accident and couldn’t work. He dug deep within himself and did incredible research on the brain and found a way to hack the system and clear old trauma from the brain and body.

It is well known that adverse childhood events can get locked into the brain and cause emotional and physical health problems years or decades later. While talk therapy is wonderful, often after a while it is the conscious mind doing the work, when underneath the iceberg is the 95 percent that is unconscious, and that is where QNRT excels.

Watching a session looks very strange. It involves muscle testing, eye movements, touching of acu-points, lasers and affirmations. We find out which part of the brain is affected and learn about the emotions of that brain location. We find out the state of the adrenals and nervous system and the types of conflicts. We find out the age of the trauma and whom the issue was with. We utilize cranial nerves to clear the emotions that are locked in the brain. A statement of what needs to be released on that session is created. Then we do a hypothalamus reset by going down the body and determining what organs are storing trauma and learn about the emotions of those organs. For example, liver is starving for love and kidney is feeling abandoned or rejected.

The amount of detail is amazing. We can find out if there is inflammation and if it is caused by environmental allergies, toxins, infections, foods or heavy metals. Each item has its own emotions. For instance, mercury is guilt or shame, wheat gluten is not being able to hold things together.

Often tears arise as old feelings are released. Sometimes days later people start remembering things they haven’t thought about for decades. This week a woman reported a few days after a session that she remembered at the age I detected that she was raped by a brother-in-law. She hadn’t thought about it for so long; she consciously forgot about it.

QNRT has changed my whole practice. People see through the glasses of their old traumas. If a woman has been abused by a man, this colors all relationships and tends to attract the same type of person. Once the glasses are removed, you can just see things as they really are. I use much fewer remedies and supplements on people because it was always the emotional trauma that was triggering the organs and meridians in the first place, and once that stress is removed there is no need to treat the health symptoms anymore.

Often when people first come in, the adrenals appear exhausted, but after a few sessions, when some of the emotional charge is removed from the brain , the adrenals come back online and the person reports more energy and better sleep. It is like the body was exhausted from running all those programs for so long, and when they are deleted the system can reboot.

I have practiced natural medicine for 25 years, but I have always found that herbs, homeopathics and flower essences touched the symptoms of anxiety and depression but seldom would completely alleviate it. Now with this new tool, I feel more confident in clearing the root causes, which is often unsolved emotional trauma from the past.

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Warren King, a healer and author, always tries to get to the root cause of problems. He has seen over 10,000 patients over the last 25 years. He has many tools, such as Auricular Medicine, herbs, homeopathy, diet, nutritional products, Oriental Medicine and acupuncture and QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy), for emotional trauma. He is the author of Love Your Organs, Love Yourself, and the new novel The Soul’s Journey. Check out Warrenking.com and learn about the new Warren King Healing Community.


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