Simple Solutions to Anxiety


There are some very simple and enjoyable holistic methods for treating anxiety. With proper diet and exercise, a few simple lifestyle changes, some amazing herbal teas and essential oils, you can regain control over your mental health.

A wholesome diet will always help to aid your body in doing its job, which is healing and thriving. Avoid sugar and caffeine. If you suffer from anxiety, caffeine is among one of your worst enemies. Light exercise, such as swimming, feeds your body and soul and helps to regulate your hormones, which aid in mental health balance.

It would be impossible to find an aromatherapist who doesn’t worship lavender. Not only does it have an extraordinary scent, but it has such incredible healing properties. Lavender tea and essential oils combined with chamomile will have a powerful calming effect. You can add pure oils into a carrier oil and use it directly on your skin as a massage, you can inhale the oils and/or you can purchase a diffuser and aim it towards your pillow and allow it to help you get a restful night’s sleep. Roman chamomile is a mild sedative and calms hormones that are stress induced. Both of these oils are gentle enough to use on children and animals. 

Three to five nice deep breaths can alter so much of what goes wrong within the body, including anxiety. Never underestimate the power of good breathing. Any process that embraces breathing is exceptionally healthy, such as yoga, meditation, etc. Learn to breathe how you breathed when you were a baby, with your stomach and not with your chest. 

If you have trouble sleeping, which affects many people who suffer from anxiety, keep in mind that a routine before bedtime helps trigger the brain that it’s time for sleep. An hour or two prior to going to bed is the perfect time for a warm bath. Once a week put a cup of Epsom salt and a cup of sea salt into your bath, and to make it even better, put a few drops of calming essential oils in the Epsom salt container. Power off all electronics, which means shut down the computer, the television and be sure to say good night to your phone an hour or two before you settle in for bed.

An anxiety attack is triggered by an internal dialogue telling us that we are not safe. If or when you’re suffering from an anxiety attack and you are in fact safe, tell yourself that you are safe and the anxiety is not tangible, that it is in your head and you are not in harm’s way.  This routine after a time period will teach your brain that you are not in imminent danger, therefore there is no need for an anxiety attack. You may be able to cure your anxiety through this repetitive dialogue.

These simple methods are not only useful, but are beneficial to your overall mental, emotional and physical health. You have the power to make the right lifestyle choices, just as much as you have the power to control your anxiety and to no longer allow it to control you.

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Kelly Baker
Kelly Baker is an author and freelance writer. She mainly writes non-fiction, but has also published poetry. Her first book, White Supremacy: Behind the Eyes of Hate, is a true story about a brave man who infiltrated a hate group in order to help shut them down. Kelly has a certificate in Nutritional Therapy and enjoys taking many related courses to expand her education and assist in her writing. She is an animal lover. Contact her at [email protected].


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