The Soul’s Journey, Emotions & Our Health: The Edge Interview with Healer Warren King


There are doctors who offer some holistic alternatives, and then there are holistic doctors. Warren King, L.Ac., who has practiced Oriental Medicine for more than 25 years and in that span of time has worked with more than 10,000 patients, always keeps an eye on the big picture as he tries to resolve health concerns at the root cause.

In addition to acupuncture, King offers related holistic treatments including auricular medicine, homeopathy, detailed custom-made diets, herbs and nutritional products. He recently added one more powerful tool to his repertoire — Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy — and that piece, he says, makes all the difference. Calling it “an amazing process,” Dr . King notes that this therapy is reducing the number of special diets and supplements that he needs to prescribe.

The native of Queens, New York, grew up in Green Neck, Long Island, and is the son of an eye surgeon and stay-at-home mom. He studied at the New England School of Acupuncture, the Kushi Institute in Boston and the Midwest Center of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. He has been in private practice for the last 20 years in Minnetonka, MN, and is the author of Love Your Organs, Love Yourself, a primer on Chinese Medicine that gives readers a more clear understanding of what their organs are telling them.

Dr. King continues to evolve as a healer and person. This year marks two notable changes: the publication of a second book, The Soul’s Journey, a novel that explores a soul’s preparation for rebirth, and the creation of an online community to offer expanded support for those seeking wellness. The Edge spoke with Dr. King about his journey as a healer, his new book and how he is using the internet to offer more support to his patients.

What were your aspirations when you were young? Did you want to become a doctor like your dad?
Yes. When I went to Cornell University I didn’t know what to do. In biology there is a stem cell that can become any other cell, and I thought if I choose one thing it would close all these other doors, and I didn’t want to close any doors. After a while I had to declare a major, so it was pre-med.

But then I started studying about spirituality and energy and all sorts of things and I ended up dropping out of Cornell and just trying to find myself. I ended up going to Santa Cruz and studying psychology, and then after that I got into acupuncture. I felt so much energy and clarity that I had to study this, so I became an acupuncturist. Now, I don’t even do that much acupuncture anymore. I look more of the root cause of things, usually emotional trauma, or what the hidden parts of the disease are.

I listened to your free weekly Warren Talk on your website where you talk about your personal path as a healer. I found it interesting that your father quit the American Medical Association when it recognized chiropractic.
Yeah, so he thought I would never be able to make a living doing this natural stuff, especially Chinese medicine. He said if I’m not Chinese, who would ever see me. He didn’t have much faith in it because he was very much into Western medicine, but I had to follow my inner voice — and I’m so glad I did.

Hopefully those differences in opinion didn’t affect your relationship that much.
Well, he ended up not living very long. I think a lot of emotional baggage may have contributed to his decline, but he helped me pay for my Chinese medical school after a while, so we found some agreement.

As a healer who truly defines what a holistic practitioner is, what do you see as the largest gap right now in the public’s understanding of their own health?
What I do is put it all together. I have many tools. Some people need homeopathy, some people need herbs, some people need vitamins, and every person is different.

Right now folks need more understanding about the emotional causes. All of the organs and meridians are associated with different emotions, and I find that past traumas and unresolved emotional issues are often what is behind these physical dysfunctions. When you work on emotional trauma I find people need perhaps only two or three remedies, when in the past we used to use maybe seven or eight.

I read a little bit about Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy. Can you tell us a little bit about how that works in the healing process?
I started using it four years ago and am doing it on many people. It is very complex, and when it is being done, it looks quite strange because there are multiple things happening, sensing and lasers and passing the head and saying affirmations and going down the organs. It allows us to find out where the emotional trauma is in the brain, what the trauma or event was, who it was with, and then through this new process you can very quickly clear it out of the nervous system, which relieves a lot of the stress on the adrenals and on the brain and all the organs.

Do you see any movement of established Western medicine toward the holistic model?
Yes, more and more patients are coming in after their medical doctor told them to take acidophilus or fish oil, so I think they’re slowly learning that the new research is real. They’re learning about the microbiome and how bad antibiotics are for people and the side effects of medicine. They are starting to slowly learn. At the same time, I think the natural health community has to go more to the root cause of your pain and go deeper into the emotional issues and the traumas in the brain.

What is your greatest concern, personally, now regarding health care in America?
I think the expense. Maybe it’s good that it is getting so expensive that people really have no choice. They can’t really afford to be sick. So, I think instead of health insurance to be health assurance, people have to really work on themselves, their psychology, their health, their diet and lifestyle, and exercise and meditation, and all of these tools, because it is getting too expensive to be sick. I think that’s the motivation.

A lot of people say, “I better lose this weight and clear my body of toxins with cleansing and fasting.” I think it’s going to goad people to find more of the root causes of why they’re not feeling well. They’re really learning that most Western medicine just masks the symptoms, and people are waking up to the fact that that’s not what they want anymore.

You’ve written that you love working with children and families. Why is that a love for you?
Before I was treating a lot of people in their 50s and 60s and they didn’t benefit in the long term from the way they grew up. But look at the children who love healthy food and learn Tai Chi and yoga and meditation. These children, even the young teenagers, especially with the right education, start feeling a connection to spirituality and staying healthy. I raised my own kids in the light of spirituality and natural health and now they see how they are thriving — but they also went to Montessori schools and private schools. We didn’t send them to the regular mass education system.

You mention that until the inner child is healed, people cannot fully realize their potential or experience happiness as adults. For those who have not heard of the concept of the inner child, what are some clues that someone may need inner child healing?
I think they see the same pattern again and again in their lives, like a woman might choose the same kind of man over and over again. They seem good at the beginning, but then they are being controlling or abusive. It’s an old pattern, often received from the parents in childhood, that is set in the nervous system that has to be worked on.

That inner child is your feeling. People seem to get into their intellect and their ego and escape their feelings. But, if you have anxiety or depression, which is very rampant, sometimes it’s this inner child or teen part of ourselves that is looking for a connection to the soul and to the personality.

What inspired you to write your new book, The Soul’s Journey?
My first book, Love Your Organs, Love Yourself, is about Chinese medicine and the physical body and your emotional organs. In this one I wanted a more spiritual book, because my favorite books have always been ones like Autobiography of a Yogi and stories about the laws of the universe written in a story form.

We have evolved by sitting around the fire and telling stories, and that’s how our brains really download the information and make it real for us. So, instead of just writing a book about the laws of the universe, The Soul’s Journey is an exciting adventure of a soul in heaven preparing for the next birth. It’s about how they choose their parents and how they learn about health and preventing disease, and they go into the future and to the past and they learn the laws of the universe. They’re being told that even when they’re in the body, they have access to this memory of what they’re trying to do and what they promised to do before they took birth.

Everyone has this ability and I’m hoping when people read the book they start wondering, “What did I agree to? What were my agreements? What did I decide to do before I came into this world?”

Many ancient texts and even modern works describe our life between lives. What was your process in creating the setting for this book and the many avenues of learning that take place?
I’m sure I’ve been influenced by a lot of these books and I’ve been studying spiritual paths for over 35 years, so it was not hard to imagine what it’s like in these higher levels. Sometimes I think in dreams we go to these places anyway, so even though it’s a fiction book, it’s based on some reality of what it’s like to be on these inner planes and in our true home. Then we come down here to forget and learn our lessons and be tested. When we’re up there we know everything and we’re with like-minded people, but down here we’re rubbing elbows with all kinds of people, all kinds of difficulties, and this is where we are tested to prove our faith and to prove our path.

It seems like maybe some of the processes that you used to write this book may have come from your cosmic contemplation that you talk about on your website. Can you tell us about that?
This is a meditation that I definitely use, and often I do it when I’m walking the dog or mowing the lawn, not just sitting in meditation. We all know that we are sitting in a galaxy among millions of galaxies, but we don’t really experience that in our consciousness, but there are ways you can meditate that allow you to actually feel like you are floating on a planet, floating in the galaxy, and you feel all the galaxies and the stars. It puts everything in this cosmic perspective so that you’ll have to laugh at what we’re worried about here — about politics, about money, and about little things like that.

I have better meditations when I go inside my organs or go inside my atoms and my cells. I have a lot of ideas to unfold about these visionary contemplations.

You clearly have integrated your understanding of energy and healing and spirituality in this book. What do you hope your readers take away from it?
Well, I hope people see the big picture, like this planet is on the verge of destruction and everyone who comes from a higher dimension has made some very inner promises. Now, what am I going to do to make a difference? What am I going to do to serve life? How am I going to lessen the burden on the Earth’s body? When you get that bigger perspective of life, instead of just going to work every day and making my money and eating food, it inspires you to think about what am I doing to promote world good.

It’s interesting when I’m testing my patients about what is good for them in their lives, almost everybody is showing a need to volunteer and give selflessly to the people who are struggling financially, or people who are suffering in some way, without taking any money or anything to compensate them, just selfless serving. I think that is the Aquarian Age dawning.

Are you saying that a lot of us aren’t doing what we intended to do when we came here?
I think we can get stuck. Some of us know we have to make big changes on the inner plane, but we just hunker down and continue to show up for work and watch TV or whatever, while the Earth is suffering so much.

It’s important for people to get the perspective that they are spiritual beings who volunteered to come to this Earth. People who read the Edge magazine, the Aquarian Age higher souls who are more advanced, more older souls, understand these spiritual laws and that they have responsibility. It’s so easy with the internet to spread wisdom, even through Facebook — teaching and healing and becoming light workers.

What did you learn during the process of writing The Soul’s Journey?
I’ve had this practice for 25 years working with individual patients and I just had this vision that with books and with the internet we can really reach an infinite amount of people. There’s no limit to what can happen.

I’m clearly in a transition cycle now to becoming more of an author, speaker and teacher. I love the one-on-one work. Through this book, I share a vision of where the Earth is going and now I want to know the role I can play. I spent over 30 years in daily prayer and meditation and mantras and affirmations and now it’s time to use all that wisdom I’ve downloaded from the universe and spread it to help other people to connect to their own inner self.

Is that a challenge for you, stepping out and becoming more outspoken?
Oh, yeah, because my nature is to be very introverted and shy and that’s how I was as a child. Now I feel like I have to step out of my comfort zone and give talks. I tend to talk quickly and not speak loudly enough. I feel like the message is so important that I have to overcome my fears and just present my truth, even if not everyone will agree with it.

Let’s talk about the new website. What inspired you to make this change, overall?
The people I work with, my patients, are very spiritual and kind and generous people, but often they feel alone in their lives and their family might not appreciate their strange diet or why they’re taking these supplements or changing their consciousness and becoming more aware. So I wanted to build an online community where people can share ideas and listen to weekly talks, and have online courses. With the internet, I can offer classes and anyone around the world can just download them at any time and listen to them as many times as they want. So, I’m really excited about that.

I notice that you have an online video class based on your first book, Love Your Organs, Love Yourself.
Yes, and I have ten other ideas for classes. The one I’m thinking of next is called, “The Physical and Non-physical Cause of Disease.” I think people know a little bit about the physical cause, like toxins and mercury and diet, but then there are all these non-physical causes that I’ve worked on for so many years — emotions and other dimensional beings, whether they’re positive or negative. So, that’s going to be an exciting thing that I’m doing next.

I’ve been told that many people today are being affected by earth-bound spirits, negative entities affecting their bodies and their minds.
Yeah, when I’ve looked at people who have difficult cases, often there are entities, demons, discarnates, black magic, witchcraft. There are just all sorts of invisible factors. We know there’s pollution on the Earth and there’s also the infections like bacteria and viruses, but on the other dimensions there are other kinds of parasites and things that can latch onto us and mask thought forms. If you are playing violent video games, you are attracting a whole mass world energy of violence and then these thought forms can actually take over your mind and disrupt your thinking process so that they just channel through you — and you become violent.

If you have a patient who comes to you and really does not know where to start with any of this, perhaps they are just beginning the path of spirituality and healing, what do you recommend they do to start moving in that direction?
I think the beginning stage for most of us is a clean diet with organic food, a lot of vegetables and fruits, basically an anti-inflammatory diet of avoiding the extremes of sugar and red meat, and for some people canola oil.

So first clean up the diet and then introduce a sense of a spiritual practice, whether it’s prayer, meditation or mindfulness, and some sort of exercise like Qigong or yoga. There’s also spiritual service — helping others and volunteering. Begin with introspection by looking at your own mind. A lot of us have lost control of our own feelings and mind, and the idea is to have mastery over your feelings and thoughts. That’s where we’re all headed. We’re all supposed to become masters of ourselves.

I notice on your new website you have something called a prayer group. Can you tell me about that?
Yeah. I remembered when Larry Dossey talked once in the Twin Cities. He did a lot of research on prayer, showing that it didn’t matter what the mode of prayer was, but if people having heart surgery were prayed for, they had much better results statistically than people who were weren’t prayed for. He said in the future that doctors will have to include prayer as part of their prescription.

So, I thought, a lot of people I know are struggling with some of their health problems, their emotional problems, and their relationships, and wouldn’t it be great if we had a section on the website where people could pray on what they are really struggling with that they need help with, and other people could support them and give some comments or say, “I’m praying for you.” Maybe a whole community of people will be supporting you. When you pray, you are creating a positive thought form, you’re sending positive energy, using your light force to send love in their direction, and that’s a powerful force for healing.

Thank you for talking with us today. Is there a message you would like to leave with our readers?
Yes. When I’m working with patients who have difficult cases, often I find that I have to pray and they have to pray for their God Self and their masters and angels to help them. I think we have to start asking for more guidance from above and tune into our soul and what our soul’s agreements are, and what our soul’s path is, and our service to life, and then trust you will get the dreams or the inspiration or the coincidence that will lead you to find your own path. Often when you find your own path, that is actually when the health issues start clearing up and when you feel more satisfied — and it helps to clear the anxiety and depression when you know you are doing your soul’s mission.

When we block our own path, through avoidance or focusing on the day-to-day stuff and not on who we are as a soul, that actually contributes to disease.
And mental disease, too. Actually in my own case, I kept having this scary repeating dream that I was in college and ready for graduation, but there was a final exam. I wasn’t ready for the final test and I didn’t have enough time to cram because the graduation was coming. I noticed that every time I gave a talk or a lecture or did some teaching, that dream would change to me being ready for the test, and I’d think, “You can handle this.”

I thought it was torture by a dream, but it was actually the fact that I was just comfortable treating one-on-one patients, not realizing that that was not my whole destiny. Dreams are one way that Spirit can talk to the soul and give it symbols. That’s why I feel I am ready to give more teaching now, because of these dreams and visions.

I’m excited for this new path in my teaching and I appreciate The Edge readers and love for the information in your magazine. I hope The Edge community can all work together to help the Twin Cities move forward.

For more information on Warren King new online community, visit, call 952.930.3575 or email [email protected].

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