A Pleiadian Message: Reconnecting to your Family of Origin


Beloved ones, we greet you. You are being sent many greetings from the galactic community that currently exists within your resident Universe. There is an accelerated interaction and activity between many of you and the galactic groups that reside within your Universe. These new expanded energies, which anchored at the end of July from the second repositioning of the sun, have heralded in a new phase, a transition of community on Earth.

At the moment the sun repositioned, there was the “opening up” of a telepathic path of connection between Earth and the rest of the Universe. Through this pathway, a new potential has arisen for the fulfillment of a destiny of “sacred communion” to be made manifest throughout the Universe. An aspect of the prophecy of the “New Dawning” is for the recommencement of an active communion to open up and flow between all life force groups in the Universe, including planet Earth.

This developed communion is to be birthed now and be supported by those of you who have a destiny to play this role, while simultaneously fulfilling an important aspect of your mission. By you playing this essential role, of reestablishing connection to your neighbors off planet, this destiny of communion within the full universe can be realized.

This is the time for you to accelerate your development and to form a more expanded community base between other life force groups in the Universe. Through you consciously re-entering and anchoring this community connection, you can hold this base, a platform for others to follow.

Family of origin
Many of you have already been reunited to your Family of Origin off planet on some level. Now is the time to consciously reach outwards to develop further connections. What is essential for all of you to understand is that no human being originated from planet Earth. Each one of you has originated initially off planet.

There may be a distinct inner knowing that you simply feel, see or sense that you have a Family of Origin. You may not have any details of what group you belong to, yet you may be drawn upwards to the stars with a longing within your heart for this reunion. Know that you can trust this feeling of longing within your heart to be authentic. This feeling is the beginning of a quickening within your heart cells and this is the time for reconnection. Your mind might want to dismiss these feelings, however, remember that your mind totally misunderstands all that exists beyond the illusion of your 3rd dimensional world.

These fleeting moments of remembering that open up to you, or that contain this deep longing, “a knowing, a sense” that you can’t quite grasp with your consciousness, will grow. These feelings come from the promptings of your heart that you can always trust. These activations come from your own multidimensional Higher Self, designed to gently reunite you to that aspect of coming home to family. This reconnection holds a key factor to your own unfolding to Self. Understand that all is being orchestrated perfectly, in the right timing.

You will find that this initial opening of your connection to your Family of Origin will become further active within as you consciously choose to open and engage with your awareness. You can simply bring your consciousness outwards, calling forward your Family of Origin to you.

Anchoring light
This is a time of great import for your planet. Through the energetic acceleration and movement of a conscious reconnection to other arenas of community that exist off planet, your Earth is being energetically launched within the Universe. Your planet is anchoring new forms of light, shifting its multidimensional frequency and being resurrected as it is reorganizing itself. The internal magnetic core of your Earth has been reconfigured to play a vastly different role in readiness to fulfill its full potential within the Universal community. There is a profound movement opening up within its framework, and this new flow is transforming the original framework to carry and fulfill Earth’s multidimensional potential.

Many of you have been unearthed — set free of your earthly bonds of illusion throughout this year for the express purpose of assisting in holding an energetic overview within this new brilliance that is free flowing and anchoring on your planet now.

Through this latest happening on your planet, you have been moved, aligned deeper into the higher multidimensional realms of expression. You have been given access through your heart to a vast opening of light, which is designed expressly to expand your possibility of a higher communion within the galactic community. The telepathic centers within your brain have undergone transformation in readiness for a deeper ability to communicate within the communion base that is utilized within the Universe.

Within this next phase of awakening are defined energies that support you in a reconnection to your Higher Self. An essential part of your enlightenment process is the deepening reconnection to your Family of Origin off planet. As you access even a glimpse of your Family frequency, you are nourished by the love from your heritage. The cells of your body are fed by the frequency of the love, which is extended to you from them. This is your heritage that you are reconnecting with, an essential, profound piece of your Self that you need now for a completion to who you are.

The quality of love that exists between you and your family off planet is what you have been missing in your life. The support you will receive in your day-to-day living through this reconnection is immeasurable. You will find a new peace and stability as you engage within this “knowing.” And each moment you align there is a deepening of this establishment of reconnection. This is the time to open to your full heritage that has always existed within you, one that has never been separated from you on an energetic level.

Embody light
The activation of your heritage moves you to another level of your multidimensionality, because you begin to re-access your higher level of consciousness associated with your Family. There will be the process of you beginning to anchor an expanded consciousness within the cells of your physical body, so you embody this higher light within you. These aspects of your light become manifest fully within you and within your heart so the advanced Higher Self consciousness becomes active within you. You will carry a natural higher wisdom of understanding and recognition of the sacred truths inherent from your heritage.

You will be enabled to reunite to this more profound level of consciousness, utilizing the gifts of your Higher Self that arise from the awakening to your heritage. You begin to be enlivened, and fulfill your mission of radiating outwards to humanity the vast love that is part of your natural makeup.

Yes, you have come to have the human experience and to consciously reconnect to the sacred that you are. This is your mission: to resurrect your Self in this lifetime. The ego mind will be supported by the love that you carry through this reconnection to your heritage. Your human aspect will flourish through the love, compassion and patience that will arise through the awakened aspect of your higher consciousness.

Remember, it is through the vastness of your heart that you begin to first glimpse the light from Home. As you consciously open up and reach within your heart through your awareness, and consciously choose this reconnection, you will begin to receive energetic threads of light from your Family. These threads begin to interweave and activate a patterning, which personifies your Family essence. These patterns have been lying dormant within the heart cells until the precise moment in time. As you activate this process, an anchor begins to be created from within you to your Home base, which exists off planet.

This is to be a gradual process of reconnection, enabling your energetic body to slowly adjust to a changing frequency within you. Each time you consciously activate this process, you will be aligned further within your Family patterning through your heart.

Now is your time through a conscious choice action to set in motion another facet of your enlightenment process by re-establishing this connection.

We can support as you consciously engage in this reconnection.


1. Hold your heart with the palms of both hands on your full chest area. Bring your awareness into where your hands connect to the physical body. Feel the warmth, or the pressure of your hands on your body and take a Conscious breath, bringing it like a soft wind, coming into where you are holding with your palms. Note: It is essential to use the Conscious Breath, which is a breath in and out of the mouth. This breath bypasses the ego mind and activates a new cycle within you.

2. Feel, see or sense an opening of fluidity where you are holding the heart. There is a response by the cells of the heart as you bring your awareness and your Conscious Breath within. You may feel, see or sense a change in color, form, temperature or vibration. Bring your awareness into where the change is happening and repeat the breath, bringing your awareness deeper within the space that is opening or responding.

3. Now open up consciously to your Family of Origin by bringing a conscious awareness outwards to them, calling them forward to support you in this reconnection.

4. Use this sound, ASTAHN. This sound begins an activation of a link to your Family into your heart. Bring the sound into your heart where you are still physically holding the area. As you keep your awareness within your heart, you bring the sound, like an echo within the space. Use the sound many times, and use the Conscious Breath, which is designed to align you deeper within the multidimensional space of your Heart. Feel the echo build.

5. The frequency of your sound is aligning you to your Family of Origin. Your heart cells respond to your sound, opening like a flower to the sun.

6. The patterning begins to be interwoven within your heart and an anchor begins to be established between your heart and your Family. You may not be aware of this happening initially, however keep bringing your awareness into where you feel the shifting within your heart and take one more Conscious Breath within the space.

7. When this opening feels stable (the energy is no longer building), then bring this sound to anchor the established patterning, whether you are aware of it or not. Sound, EEE…TAHN (pronounced EE TARN). Use this sound only three times. You bring it directly within the heart space that you are physically holding.

You can work with this process daily. Be committed each time with a renewed focus as you take a “next step” for a more complete reconnection. Be patient with yourself as you begin a new turn on your path. Allow the unfolding of development within your heart.

Throughout your day, you need moments of touching your heart with your hand and then take a Conscious Breath to gently continue this reconnection process consciously.

Stop, slow down and take a moment to consciously, simply breathe and open your awareness outwards to commune with your Family of Origin as you hold your heart.

Let go and allow your unfolding. We witness you. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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