All is Well

Photo © Ian Chen on Unsplash

Lift your eyes inward and dare yourself to stay
Just a while in this precious, intimate space.
Soften your thoughts now, and quietly embrace,
This moment, this second, this gift of today.

For your soul knows the way
And your travels aren’t done
Guided by light, you are God’s true one.
You’ve wept, you’ve rejoiced, you’ve risen, you’ve fell
By the divine of your spirit,
All is well.
All is well.

The boat thrashes on waters too deep for sleep,
The lighthouse rages, come hither, to keep;
Every thought that binds you from being free.
Breathe. Just breathe.

Almost as if nothing exists,
You alone are the puzzle that fits,
Sidle yourself to the love in your heart
Melt into each moment, where hope starts.
Dance in the rain, laugh through the fire,
Nothing more, nothing less,
It’s only you to admire.

Dreams are the visions your being creates
From a place of knowledge that you are awake.
Follow the spilling of fire and ice,
From the depth of your heart and the expanse of your sight;
Believe in the things passion fuels you by,
Never doubt, ever, your reason why.

For all of this place and all of this space
Is a void of nothing without you.
Rise up like a phoenix, there are but so few;
And dare to be the daring you only you do.
The boat and the lighthouse cannot keep still
The dance of your thirsting, the calling of free will.

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