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Like most people, I’ve always been more sure of what I don’t want than what I do. When I realized I was no longer an agnostic, I decided to move into Christianity. When I decided that Christianity no longer felt authentic, I left the church. What replaces religion? What replaces the structure and doctrine that one has lived by for years? I think many people would agree with me that there doesn’t seem to be a next obvious step. Instead of making another decision about my spirituality, I found myself…just waiting. Waiting for what I wasn’t sure.

I became a student of metaphysics by accident. My waiting involved reading and I somehow found my way to channeled literature. I’m not even sure how that happened. An article here, an internet show there, and I had accumulated enough resources to start to get curious. That’s when The Collective came to me. I think they were waiting, too. Waiting for the right time when I would be willing to embrace things I never believed before.

On April 9, 2016, I witnessed a UFO in the skies above my home in Greenville, Wisc. I just looked out a window and there it was. Silent and brilliant and full of meaning. It hung there for hours, and when I finally went to bed, it was still right where it first appeared, just patiently waiting. A past-life regression, a trip to Sedona, and four psychics later, I was a channel.

The Collective has since told me that they weren’t in the ship I saw that night. They don’t dwell in ships, nor do they dwell in bodies. They are discarnate energy from the various star systems that have interacted with the Earth from the beginning. The ship was sent as a sign. Which is similar to my role as channel. The message is from them, I’m just the means of delivering it.

I didn’t worry much at the beginning about what to call them. Their messages at that time were primarily just for me and I was learning rapidly that I needed to pay attention, record the channels, and study their teaching for myself before I would ever feel comfortable delivering their messages to others. They spoke of love, and joy, and integrity, and compassion. They told me things about myself that helped me understand why I am as I am and that I’ve always had a choice to be otherwise.

They taught me about responsibility and freedom and I wanted desperately to be worthy of the messages that they delivered. It was a tumultuous time filled with awe and fear and a tremendous feeling of being blessed beyond measure. When I was ready to go public, I asked them what to call them…and nothing came. Repeated requests were met with general statements about the connectivity of all that is. They would say that we are all aspects of the Creator, a Collective of energy, but still no name was given. I finally asked their permission to call them “The Collective” and I’ll never forget their response:

“That is an excellent name, for it is what we are. We are a Collective of energies that have known all of you from the beginning. We are intricately connected to you and you are intricately connected to us. The names have been given in the past for the comfort of human beings. Now is a time when you need to realize you are not really the names you have given yourselves, and we are not really the names you have given us. Our message has a frequency and that frequency will be recognized by those we are here to teach.”

In one of the first messages I ever channeled for public consumption, The Collective stated that they were here for the “remembering,” the time that would follow 2012 when the Earth would be fully immersed in 5th-dimensional energy. The time when we, as the human race, would begin to realize more fully who and what we are. That time is obviously now and The Collective is here to help us move into a greater measure of our own divinity. We are being enlivened in this energy to see the contrast in the world around us and begin to make choices that are more in line with the divine aspects of our nature. To remember what we already know as divine beings and begin to transform our world.

We’ve been together for a while now, getting to know each other and doing our work. They tell me I’ve always known them and so have you. They came to me, and for me, on that night in 2016, and they have come to you, and for you, as well. The Collective is here to deliver a fresh, powerful, and candid message that empowers each of us to fully become what we have always been — divine.

“We are here for the way-showers. The ones who will be ready when the entirety of the human race awakens to who they really are.” — The Collective

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Kelly Thebo
Kelly Thebo is a leading channel and spiritual teacher. After an unexpected encounter with a UFO, she underwent a profound spiritual awakening with the help and guidance of a group of energies now referred to as The Collective. Hailing from various star systems and bringing a message of empowerment and love, Kelly now serves as their channel. Having stepped out in faith, and leaving behind 30-years of experience in the accounting and technology industries, she is now living a life of purpose and service to those who would follow their teaching. Kelly and The Collective offer powerful workshops, courses, and live events throughout the U.S. Listen to complimentary channels at and find out more.


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