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The research into my near-death experience (NDE) and subsequently into the nature of consciousness has always been informal and personal. I do not ask people to believe me; I have no right to expect that. I am simply writing about my experiences, my findings and my conclusions based on the evidence I discovered. It can be accepted or rejected as the reader sees fit.

My journey of discovery began one afternoon in the summer of 1974; I was living in Oakville, Ontario, at the time. I was at a barbecue in charge of the cooking and we had decided to have prawns. I tasted a prawn before it was properly cooked. Unfortunately, it was tainted with Ptomaine food poisoning. I felt the effects about an hour later with a stomach ache. That quickly progressed to a pain, and some six hours later I was in bed writhing in excruciating agony.

At about 1 a.m., the pain very suddenly stopped, replaced with the most amazing indescribable feeling of love, peace, tranquility, joy, ecstasy; these adjectives just damn it with faint praise. At the same time, I found myself in another place, literally a change of scenery. I was in a pastoral scene standing on the top of a low hill covered in grass and a few trees looking down into a shallow valley. About 100 meters from me along the hill were a group of about 20 people. I was close enough to determine they were human, but too far to recognize any individual.

Most astounding were the three figures standing right in front of me. They all wore hooded robes with a bright white radiance emanating from where their faces and hands should be. I realized I was standing in the presence of unconditional love. I stood with these beings for some time, I guess about 15 minutes or more. We communicated, apparently by telepathy; unfortunately I was unable to remember any of the contents of this communication.

Don’t leave me
When I returned to the pain, I bolted upright and hugged my wife saying, “Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, they sent me back because you weren’t with me.” A cryptic clue to the future perhaps. This experience really frightened me, because I was convinced I had developed a psychosis –after all, this was not normal and I was waiting with trepidation for the next episode. It never arrived.

Some time later I heard a book being reviewed on our CBC radio station. It was Life after Life, by Dr. Raymond Moody. I purchased it and read it in two days. The relief was wonderful. The book did two things for me. First, it confirmed I was not crazy after all, and more importantly, I was not the only one to have this experience. I was not alone.

Looking back on this experience, several things caught my interest. My wife had observed the entire episode and told me I suddenly became very still and she shook me to get a response; it didn’t work. According to her, I was like this for no more than two minutes, but it felt like at least 15 to me. Was this time dilation or a suspension of linear time? It is possible this experience was outside the space/time continuum.

The second point is that during this experience, I was completely aware the pain had gone. I was conscious, aware, sentient and present and had intent as if I were awake. Had I become unconscious in the normal medical sense, I would not have been aware of anything. Clearly my consciousness was involved somehow.

Coming face to face with unconditional love changed me and my entire paradigm of the universe, as it does with most experiencers, in a deep and profound way. I had been exposed to another incredible, wonderful dimension where there is only love and peace. Most of us are only aware of this material dimension with all its negative emotions and problems. Now I knew with absolute and total certainty that there is so much more.

I still could not understand how I went from lying in a bed in Oakville to another reality of standing in a beautiful countryside. Of course, that was physically impossible. I was determined to discover just exactly what happened to me and how.

Life altering
The NDE is life altering in many ways for most of those who experience it. It did not change my life very much, but it did change my perspective and world view. I found I had this innate compulsion to be of service to mankind in some manner. I was given the concept we are all here to love and be of service to one another.

With this in mind, I became a hospice and crisis line volunteer, as well as hospital visitor. I also became involved in the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) because they have an incredible data resource for the NDE phenomenon. Then I decided to start a chapter of the friends of IANDS in Vancouver and ran a self-help group for those who have had a near death or other transcendental experience.

My hospice and crisis line training was most helpful. During the seven years I ran this group I heard some most remarkable stories — from dark NDEs to bilocation to visual visitations of relatives who had passed over.

In 1999, we hosted the IANDS international conference at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. One of the speakers at this conference was an Englishman by the name of Harry Oldfield who, with a software expert, had developed a computer program that was able to reveal in quite fine detail an energy field that surrounds all living people, even animals. This system really caught my attention and I was very excited, because I could see the amazing possibilities and areas of research this would open up.

That was when I started my research in earnest.

Anecdotal evidence
I am still a skeptic, but an open-minded one. So how does one research a subject that mainstream science has always shunned? To give them their due, they use empirical evidence based on repeatable experiments. The NDE does not fall into this category, so we have to look for clues. There is a plethora of anecdotal evidence which, as several researchers suggested, if presented in a court of law, would result in a verdict the NDE is real.

An updated system of Oldfield’s original program, called BioField Reader, reveals what I call the Subtle Energy Field (SEF). It has many other names, including prana, chi, ki, orgone, etc. Now we can view the SEF in real time and we can experiment with it.

We discovered the Subtle Energy Field has a number of very interesting aspects:

• The SEF is in constant slow motion around and through the body.
• Blockages in the flow relate directly to disease or injury, past and present, and can be a precursor to disease.
• Removal of the blockage appears to result in healing, even curing.
• The field can be altered by thought alone.
• No edge or limit has been found to the SEF.
• The field can exist in cohesive form, free of and independent of the body.
• Where there is no life there is no field.
• The field does not appear to be subjected to the space/time continuum. 
• It appears to have mass.

Interesting implications
Let us look closer at each of these attributes, for they have very interesting implications and could lead to advances in our understanding of a heretofore unexplored area of science.

The SEF is in constant slow motion and changes according to not only our mental state, but physical condition. It appears to penetrate the body and is most dense on the surface of the skin.

The next attribute indicates that blockages in the flow have been found, and they relate directly to disease or injury, (past and present) but more significantly it appears to be a precursor to disease.

The fact that the SEF can be altered by thought alone (and I have done this) is also intimately connected with the blockages. The blockages can be removed by various forms of energy healing, and once they are removed the body seems to be able to heal and/or cure itself. This supports the concept of prayer, for is not prayer positive thought? By wishing someone well, that energy finds the subject of the prayer, and the more people praying, the higher the energy. However, sometimes energy healing does not appear to work very well, appearing as if some people do not wish to be healed or cured. They have an interest in being ill. They are looked after, often pampered, and receive a lot of attention. Being ill works for them.

The fact that the SEF can be altered by thought alone also has incredible implications. If you can manipulate the SEF, you can remove the blockages with your mind, and you don’t really need energy healers to do that. You can therefore heal yourself. Again, this can be a new form of medicine if more open-minded physicians become involved.

No edge or limit has been seen to the field. We notice that its density decreases further from the body but does not completely disappear, which suggests it doesn’t. This further suggests that it is disseminated throughout the Universe. If this is true, we must, therefore, all be connected energetically — in fact, the entire universe must be connected. Does this account for quantum entanglement or even dark energy?

The field can exist in a cohesive form, free of and independent of the body. I have seen scans of an energy hovering over a recently deceased body. We know that where there is no life, there is no field. This strongly indicates there is a direct relationship between the SEF and life.

Eluded science
Thus far, the nature of the fields has eluded science, which is probably why there are so few scientific papers on it. However, the BioField Reader allows experiments to be repeated. We can view the changes in the field under laboratory conditions, and witness changes before, during and after healing.

I have seen scans above the head of a person addicted to drugs that were completely devoid of measurable energy. On scans of a few people, we have seen strange, small energy attachments that appear to drain their energy like a parasite. I have also seen a strange energy life-forms that look like small slug-like shiny entities that can move within quartz crystals.

Consciousness and soul
Now we come to the crucial question: what is the connection between the Subtle Energy Field, consciousness and the soul? My first clue came from a story about a lady named Vicki who lives in Seattle. I met with and talked to her twice. She was involved in a terrible car accident and was taken to hospital in an unconscious state. Her injuries were so severe she was taken immediately to the emergency room.

When she regained consciousness in the intensive care unit, she related a story that astounded her surgeons and doctors. While her body was on the operating table, she found herself viewing her body from above, Vicki was able to give details of the instruments used, locations of each surgeon, the locations of the equipment and details of conversations. The reason the staff was so astounded? Vicki had been blind from birth and had never “seen” anything in her life.

If the SEF contained our consciousness, it would explain the near-death experience, out-of-body experience and other psychic/mystic phenomena, such as telepathy, ghosts, bilocation after death, etc. Conscious energy is a new concept for scientists to explore. I have encountered a ghost and was able to show it was real and not a hallucination. If the SEF is or contains our soul, being energy it cannot be destroyed or created, only transformed, and is therefore eternal.

So it seems our SEF includes our consciousness and all that implies. So why is it called an energy? The definition of “energy” is the ability to do work, but that does not explain what energy is — only what it does. A number of repeatable experiments confirm that our consciousness/SEF has the ability to alter or affect matter. The first was the work of Masaru Emoto, who discovered that by sending thoughts into forming ice crystals, he could affect the pattern of their formation. Other similar experiments were conducted by Professor Emeritus W. Tiller of UC Berkeley, who was able to affect the pH of water by thought alone.

We may have this empirical evidence, but where do we go from here? We follow up by detecting the changes in the SEF around people involved in the experiment. If we can affect water and ice, we can affect other materials, including the human body. It appears this conscious energy can be transmuted into kinetic energy; for example, I’ve witnessed candles being extinguished and relit several times without human involvement.

The following are a couple examples of BioReader scans of people with various medical conditions. The system detects the SEF and designates a color depending on the density. High density, or high biological activity, is red, followed by the rest of the spectrum to greens and blues indicating less dense or more balanced areas.

This is a girl with a head cold. The red and orange in the enclosed blockages in the sinuses of the forehead and cheeks show high biological activity in the sinuses. There is a pronounced blockage of red in the throat area, suggesting a very sore throat.

This scan is of a young man clearly showing the location and shape of the chakras. The colors do not correspond to the real color or vibration of each chakra.

Ongoing technology
My research also took me to other areas of psychic and mystical dimensions. I became involved in Electronic Voice Phenomenon and Instrumental Trans-communications. These are systems that record spirit voices and images with sound and video equipment. Several websites demonstrate how these can be heard and seen. Do I believe they are real? Yes, but I am open to evidence indicating otherwise.

I recently became involved in a new technology being developed by Professor Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona-Phoenix and a number of other scientists, including Dr. Eben Alexander, Bernie Siegel, Dr. Raymond Moody. Professor Schwartz is a well-known researcher in the areas of consciousness and mediumship.

The new system is called the “Soul Phone” and is able to communicate with spirit or souls of people who have passed on. The system is based on a silicon photo-multiplier that is extremely sensitive. It was found that spirit is able to produce photons within this system so that in response to a yes or no question, the reply can be detected. This is the first stage; the next is the “Soul Switch” and then “Soul Voice.” This system is the result of a combination of data obtained from people who have had an NDE, true mediums and new technology. Just imagine how healing it would be if one could contact these souls on the other side.

Details of the Soul Phone system can be found at, and at its companion site,

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Chris Lovelidge
Chris Lovelidge had an NDE in 1974. It did not alter his life so much as it altered his world view and paradigm. This inspired him to become a Crisis Line and Hospice Volunteer, a Hospital visitor and a Reiki Master healer. He also trained as a BioCell Therapy operator, a powerful vibrational healing system. For the last 35 years he was an insurance claims adjuster/investigator and was trained by several people in the legal profession. This was good training for the later research into the NDE and consciousness. He has had several articles published online on the subject of energy healing.


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