Experiencing Oneness Consciousness


I know that Oneness Consciousness is a reality, because I experienced it in 1988. It changed my life. I eventually wrote about it in my book The Bartholomew Effect: Awakening to Oneness, published in 2010 by Two Harbors Press.

As I lay in bed, suddenly and to my astonishment, I found myself moving from a conscious state into another state of consciousness that was completely new to me. Amazingly, I was very calm and relaxed.

At first, one soul’s consciousness literally merged with mine. What came next is difficult to explain because the experience is uncommon to most people. Often, an unusual experience can be explained in terms of another experience that is universally understood. In this case, there really are no words to express another state of being.

I felt an increased state of illumination and knowledge within my physical body that surpassed anything that I had ever known. Then another soul’s consciousness merged with the two of us. With that experience, again came an increased state of illumination and knowledge that exponentially multiplied. I was in an all-knowing state of consciousness during this time without understanding how I instantly knew the combined wisdom of higher realms of being.

This continued until approximately 12 souls became One with me. At this point, the level of ecstasy was greater than I could contain. I had to make a decision either to leave my physical body behind, as it would have spontaneously imploded, or to return to my regular state of consciousness. I’m here, so you know my decision.

This was a totally life-altering experience, because I knew that in a higher state of being, we are literally One. I retained only a fraction of what happened in that short time; however, I will always remember that experience.

Through the years, I’ve had more experiences of Oneness but never quite to the level of vibrational expansion that I had at that time. I believe there are many ways to achieve experiences of Oneness. If more of humanity would experience this Oneness vibration, I believe we would live in a more loving and abundant world.

As I came to know Oneness, I realized that all that one does affects all of life. I live life now aware that I strive for the good of the whole. It is a goal of mine to be able to experience Oneness as much as possible while still being an individual soul living out this life in a physical body.

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Larry Vorwerk
Larry Vorwerk and his wife, Nita Wolf, live on a 10-acre hobby farm outside of Northfield, MN. They host a monthly gathering called the “BE Group” in their home for spiritual awakening, growth and service to humanity and the Earth. This is a free offering to all sincere seekers. Larry is retired from a lifelong career as a zookeeper, working for more than 39 years at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley. He continues to volunteer in different capacities of service in his community. Learn more by visiting www.awakeningtooneness.com. He was interviewed and featured in the August 2010 issue of The Edge about his book and his thoughts on the subject of Awakening to Oneness. Contact Larry at 507.663.6109 or [email protected].


  1. I had my first Oneness experience when I was 21 in 2001. After about two weeks of intense meditation everyday, I literally woke up one morning to find that my whole self had expanded to infinity. I felt a consciousness merge with mine, perhaps my higher self. I was one with all. I saw everything with expanded senses. I did not feel I was “me” exactly. It was like I was an observer but at the same time fully present. I found myself attracted to those things and books and people who resonated with this vibration. One was definitely Eckhart Tolle and his books but especially New Earth. I saw things more clearly than evert before. As if all time and space existed at once. I did things “automatically” like brushing my teeth and eating etc. I saw so clearly the impact of every moment. But as you had said, it is very difficult to put what happened into words.
    I have since yearned for the Oneness and it has happened since, but not for as long (this one was about 5 days long) or as intense.
    I wish so much to find a way to explain this knowledge to others to help them reach their own states of Oneness. I so appreciate your article here.


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