Message from J-Pod Orcas: Humans Heed Our Call

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Editor’s note: In late July, an orca mother known as Tahlequah (also known as J-35) was observed pushing her dead calf around the waters near Puget Sound in Washington for 1,000 miles. On August 11 her grieving apparently was over and she was seen energetically chasing a school of salmon with what is known as J-Pod in the Haro Strait, between the San Juan islands north of Seattle and Vancouver Island. The Edge was contacted by animal communicator Chiara Marrapodi to see if we wanted to publish her communication with J-Pod, and we share her impressions here.

Opening Impressions
When I asked to connect with J-pod via the ethers, they asked me to lower myself into the water from which they come. The coldness of the water will not be something that I will have to endure, as my body will be suspended in a different type of liquid that allows for me to be in cold waters for a long period of time. They are frantic on the inside. They are frantic beyond what I can express to you in this writing. It is a deep sadness that permeates the very being of who they are. It is not individualized; it is a collective sadness and grief that permeates every cell in their bodies and it moves deep in the matrix of the cells.

There is a sound to this grief, the grief that they share. The sound is one that they are singing to each other and cannot be heard by the normal human ear. Nor can it be captured by man-made technology. It feels like it comes in waves and is being transmitted in waves through the water. There is a two-fold sound that has different purposes. The first sound wave that I can sense is one that is transmitting a communion with the deceased calf/baby. It is the celebration of the life of this being and the swiftness of exit from the physical world. The second sound wave is the deep grief that the mother is feeling that is shared by the pod.

Not one single member of the pod does not feel this grief, this loss, this sadness. It is indeed a feeling that I cannot express in words. It is thick in the density of the waters that they are in. But they are telling me that this is a grief that goes beyond the loss of the calf/baby. It is a grief for the processing of human decisions. The lack of human development and understanding of other species. It is a grief that the oceans are dirty and no longer a suitable home for their species. It is a grief that their species is not receiving the nourishment from their environment as they once did. They have no food and much has been diminished. The food that they do have is contaminated through the unconscious efforts perpetrated by a species that was designed to be guardians of the Earth.

There is another rumble or sound wave that is also much deeper — the rumble of Mother Earth. Mother Earth is calling upon the human species to lift its consciousness to another point. (I do not like using the word level, for that is hierarchical and a part of mankind’s limited thinking. Rather, a consciousness point means that we are able to choose where we are in time-space and act from this state of being. It is possible to shift our point of consciousness with awareness and internal development.)

J-pod stopped their singing of the sound wave that I was hearing before. The rumble of Mother Earth is still present and they are surrounding me now. I do not feel afraid. I do not feel how I did the first time I did communications with the orcas. They are singing to me and singing my soul essence. They are matching my Soul Song. That is what they are singing in remembrance of the lost calf/baby. They were singing the Soul Song of the baby. They have much to say.

The matriarch moves forward, closer into my space. (The mother with the baby is still moving in time-space and she is being followed by one other orca, J-50. What I am hearing is that she is not roaming far and is safe. The mother does not feel like she can stop, because this would mean the death of her — and J-50 will not allow this to happen, unless J-50 also moves to the non-physical with her).

J-Pod speaks to me
This is what they tell me: “We have much to share dear one. We honor you and we are grateful you came to visit with us. We have been waiting for you. Our species has a message for humans. It is not intervention that we need. It is a collective change in the consciousness that is needed. The Earth is at a crossroads at this time and yet humans are not aware. Humans are fully integrated in their egos and their idea of survival and that is destroying the very essence that is keeping them in this dimension.

“It is with great sadness that we express to you that if humans continue on this path of destruction, there will be no orcas to speak of in certain parts of the ocean. The ocean has its own frequency and its own vibration that is being disrupted by the very actions of humans. It seems that humans do not understand the destruction they are creating and humans have no regard for it until it touches their lives and the lives of their family.

“It is touching our lives and that of our families. The orca baby died because of the lack of food and the lack of sanitation in the waters within which it was born. It is the sacrifice that we have made to bring attention to our plight. Much to the dismay of us orcas, humans believe that we have no consciousness, that we are unable to communicate and to have thinking the way you know it. Humans, in what you call science, do not believe that we have feelings.

“We are here to tell you we are of a higher consciousness than you could fathom. We are emotionally complex, and we communicate on levels that hitherto you are not aware of. Except for yourself, you can decipher some of them, but not all. We are grateful to use you as a channel to tell the world to heed our call. Give us a chance to be our whole essence. Learn from us and do not destroy us and our environment. We do not need your medicine (what you call medicine), we have our own and we want to let you know that we are better at healing our own ailments without your intervention. We do not want it. We are asking for you to take responsibility for your actions.

“We are deeply aware of what we are doing. We are deeply aware and we are choosing to do so. There will be life that will be lost for this cause and we have chosen to do so. It is what you would term a suicide pact that will bring attention, because it saddens us to tell you that humans do not pay attention until their hearts are broken. Our hearts are broken and we will die in sacrifice to show you this. It is our choice. If this does not show you that we have a higher consciousness than you could fathom, then we will continue to show you through our actions. We do not take this lightly. We are very serious and we are here to show you who we are.

“We are crying the deepest cry to you to show you that we are alive, we are real, we are conscious beings that have the ability to choose and we are choosing to show you our deep emotional lives. We are J-Pod. Listen to us. We are J- Pod. Listen to us.”

Deep sorrow
As I type these words now on this page, the tears are running down my cheeks. I cannot express to you the deep sorrow that fills my heart and soul for the despair these beings have shared with me. It is the deepest despair that follows one through the dark night of the soul. What touches me more than what I can express to you is that they have chosen to sacrifice themselves to show humans there is a problem, and they are asking for humans to find it within their hearts to understand this problem — not from the superficial limited thinking that has created its very essence but to go beyond and think of it more globally and to come together in unity to provide what it is they ask.

They are asking us to not project and impose upon them the same limited thinking that only scratches the surface or tries to alleviate symptoms, but to truly look deep within your soul and see what you are harboring, that you are not dealing with (negative thoughts, beliefs, etc., that are holding you back from your true essence and a soulful life). Because these, at the collective level, affect all humans, all species and Mother Earth.

What I am hearing now is a chorus of the overall sound wave that we are as humans, and it is a lower sound that what the Earth is requesting us to aspire to. The higher pitch of the sound wave is where there is lightness and the abundance that we all are looking for. It is effortless and limitless and does not involve the deeper negative connotations often relegated to the ego-mind. The ego-mind has been educated, and to a point transcended, to see that the sheath it provides us is only an illusion — and All That Is is available to each of us. It provides the ability for Earth and the species upon her to live in harmony as a collective eco-system without the projections and impacts of a negative state of being based on power and control.

The orcas suddenly have changed their sound tune and some of what they are trying to convey has been released from their body-spirit-mind forms. They have been heard. Heard deeply. When a human or animal is heard and understood, therein is the beginning of the healing that is so yearned for. Yearned deep inside their souls — their collective essence and Souls.

It is with deep respect and honor that I share this communication with you at this time.

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Chiara Marrapodi
Chiara Marrapodi is a clinical hypnotherapist who founded the The Society for Animal Consciousness and is editor of The Journal of Animal Consciousness. She attained her Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Queensland Australia with honors in 2009 and completed her Master of Arts Integral Health degree at the California Institute for Human Sciences in Encinitas, Calif. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is a 2015 Bernard Grad Emerging Scientist silver medal winner for graduate students and the 2016 Bernard Grad Emerging Scientist gold medal winner at the ISSEEEM Research Symposium. She also volunteers with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Oceanside, Calif. She is an animal communicator and is a conduit bridging deep heart-connections between humans and animals. Contact her at [email protected].


  1. Thank you for sharing your article. I watched and read about this as the events unfolded and was deeply saddened for the pod and still I hear the calling. I hope the world has not forgotten and never will of how beautiful this and all marine life is. God bless all.


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