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Honu Therapeutic Massage encourages self-care from the inside out with BodyMind coaching and Massage Therapy for busy women

Christine Tauer, owner of Honu Therapeutic Massage, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and BodyMind Coach. She supports busy, independent women who are constantly exhausted, overwhelmed and always searching for that perfect balance in their life.

Over the past decade of practicing massage therapy, Christine has observed one commonality amongst her clientele: Being extremely busy and exhausted seems to be the norm, on top of attending to everyone else’s needs before their own. Her clients return session after session with the same stress and tension, no matter what amount of physical manipulation was applied. This is when it became clear that more support beyond just massage was needed.

Christine encourages busy women to put themselves first and provide them with the opportunity to practice self-care, so they can be more present, grounded, and find peace within the “busyness” to live the life they deserve. She does this through BodyMind coaching programs. These programs are designed to help you first identify and then change the patterns to bridge the gap between massage sessions, alleviating or potentially relieving stress and pain in your body.

When Christine talks about self-care, she is not referring to bubble baths and luxurious spa treatments. She’s talking about hard work. She is talking about being kind to yourself by getting rid of negative self-talk, creating healthy boundaries, and saying no to things that are just piling up your schedule creating more stress in your life. And most importantly, it’s about allowing yourself to take the time to take care of you in order to be the best version of you.

“Massage and bodywork are key to managing stress, but the real relief comes when you learn how to change your daily habits,” Christine says. “It is my hope that participants in my BodyMind coaching programs feel amazing not just on the table during your massage, but witness the positive changes manifesting in your body and life.”

As a massage therapist and Bodymind coach, Christine will give you exercises to help you align with what’s truly important to you in your life. She will help guide you to show up for yourself on a daily basis by learning how to love and honor yourself, not just during your massage therapy session but feeling supported and accountable between sessions as well. BodyMind Coaching helps connect you to your intuition, so you can listen to the information your body is providing by tuning into yourself to make empowered choices moving forward.

Christine offers complimentary BodyMind coaching exploration sessions where we can see where you are at, where you want to be and discover the possibilities on how you can bridge the gap. She will also be hosting an intimate women’s retreat called “Be Fearlessly You” this October 4-7 just outside of Lanesboro, MN, at the Cedar Valley Resort. This retreat is all about giving you the space, tools and support to start living this life you desire.

For more information on this event or Honu Therapeutic Massage, visit Contact Christine at 612.356.2029 or Follow Honu Therapeutic Massage on Facebook and honumassage on Instagram.



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