Oneness: Concept or Reality?


In metaphysical teaching, one of the first beliefs that we are taught to accept and to realize is the oneness of this universe. We are taught that there are an infinite number of manifestations, but only One Creative Source. Therefore all things — including human beings — emanate from this One Creative Source.

An example of this oneness is that each of us has one body. Yet, our bodies are composed of many parts. Each organ, cell and tissue has a different function, and all these parts play an integral part of the whole. The various components of each body are no more important than the others.

On this realm, we can see that every person has the same physical composition — one head, one brain, one heart, one set of lungs, one stomach, one liver, two eyes, one nose, one set of lips, etc. We all have the availability of all these bodily parts.

Mentally, we all have a mind with which to think. Emotionally, we have a need to be loved, sheltered, protected and a desire to share with others. Even with those individuals who have exhibited the most heinous behaviors in our communities, these needs are nevertheless basic within all. This is evidence of oneness.

Another example of our oneness is in those families where there are several siblings. Genetically, they are obviously one with each other and their parents. The parents have passed on their genes to each sibling. Therefore, each child and the parents are eternally one and cannot be separated genetically from each other. They may grow up and physically move away from each other, but the oneness cannot be voided or altered in any way. They are forever one.

So too, there is the oneness on the invisible plane. As within, so without. We must recognize that our God is the parent of us all. God is Spirit. Therefore, we are spiritual beings, since we are created out of an invisible presence. Each of us is a child of that Spirit. We can declare our oneness on the spiritual realm. We recognize no other source as the creator of this universe.

As we accept this belief that God is the single procreator of us all, then we must necessarily recognize that we are one. Spiritually we are all parts of the whole. Each part is equal in quality. Every race and every culture is a part of the magnificent whole. Each community of beings is an equal part of the whole which is God. One Father. One Mother. One Creative Source that is ever passing on its spiritual genetics. And each component or individualization is equal. We are the same. Each organ of the body has a function. It serves the whole. Each sibling in the family has its parents’ DNA, each individual will look and act uniquely.

And that is how the human race should view our connectedness with each other. We can begin to realize that we are each other’s spiritual sisters and brothers. When we do differ in opinions and beliefs, we should take those moments and ask ourselves, “Why am I reacting to my family member in such a negative and destructive manner? Would my parents be pleased with my attitude and behavior? Or would they frown upon my acting as if we are not related to each other?”

When we understand this spiritual connectedness, it becomes a reality for us. Then we become a light within the seeming darkness of separation from each other and that One Creative Source, which we call God or Spirit. Because of our relationship of oneness with each other, we can learn to at least appreciate and accept each other in spite of our differences.

Oneness is a reality. Our realization of oneness can assist us in creating a peaceful and loving environment in which we all can live. The truth is that we all come and leave this earthly plane in the same manner. We all have the same basic needs, whether they are spiritual, psychological, emotional or physical. Realize that our oneness is a reality that helps us to reside on this earthly plane in peace, love and joy.


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