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Oneness can be defined as the state of unification. I find the best way to embrace the reality of oneness is by going into nature to feel connected with the Earth and everything on it.

I am blessed to have a peninsula at the ocean that has the stillness of the lake on one side and the roaring ocean waves on the other, creating an incredible healing vortex. While it is a long drive to get there, I am always relaxed and humbled upon my return. Let me take you on the journey. This exercise is best done outside in the free-flowing energy of nature, but you can also meditate anywhere you are.

The Journey
Driving through the country you pass farmlands on the winding road. There are fields of dandelions and daisies beaming up to the sky. The sun is shining warmly, and you are looking forward to a relaxing walk. Arriving at your location, you drive down the dirt road.

Roll the windows down and drive slowly to see the natural beauty along the roadway. The smell of saltwater lures you into captivation to carry on. See the white-tailed deer as it scampers into the forest. As you crest the hill, you see a glimpse of the peninsula on the horizon as if you are using a looking glass to see the magical area before you.

At the end of the road is where life really begins. Each step across the sand is but a mere reflection of the burdens we carry. Each pebble absorbs that which we shed, as nature is now in command. Let your ego fall away as spirit takes hold. Your shoulders relax as your cares float away. Each step brings you closer to being at peace with the world.

As you walk along the lake seafoam forms along the shore. Seagulls nest on the sand dunes that appear in the lake at low tide. Piping Plovers chirp in the tall grass as the bees are collecting from the wild roses. Notice how the water gets colder as the ocean bend is near. Listen as each drop of the ocean flows freely into the lake. The lake, in turn, flows freely into the ocean. Together they unite and join forces to cleanse and heal not only the waters but all who come to listen.

Accept the Invitation
Arms stretched wide, cup your hands palms facing upward to accept God’s invitation to receive healing love as you take notice of the treasures that abound. Filled with a true appreciation of the love that surrounds, you are filled with so much joy you are smiling. Slowly twirl around and give thanks to God for all the blessings in your life.

Take your hands and bathe the love you have collected into your heart chakra. Breathe in deeply as it absorbs into your body, deep into the cells and into your spirit. You are one with the universe as it lifts you to incredible heights. Endorphins are in high gear; any thoughts are long gone as meditation has carried them away. This is the vortex into the realm where God lives within as he touches your soul with His love. Together you stand with God hand in hand, heart to heart, soul to soul, bathed in the unity of love, as oneness is a knowing within you. Softly, your breathing has lulled into a state of reflection to see the true connections with nature and how it heals the world.

Oneness is a divine connection that brings us into alignment with that which flows within us. Share in the beauty it unfolds before you. It opens the door and welcomes us freely. We need only let it work as it connects life for the benefit of nations to unite as one.

Do onto others as nature freely does onto us. Fill yourself up with its love and let it flow all about. Life becomes clearer when we step back and see how coming from a state of oneness leads us into a state of grace. We are all part of the oneness of life.

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Maria Lisa Polegatto
Maria Lisa Polegatto grew up and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she works full time. To rest and relax she loves to retreat into nature and spend time with animals enjoying the magic that surrounds us. Contact Maria Lisa at


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