Oneness Tools for the Human Being Who Really is Divine


I both believe and feel who we are at our very core is Oneness. Oneness is God/Source/Spirit — where we come from. But in our dualistic third-dimensional embodiment as human beings, it can be a great challenge to both conceptualize and experience our Oneness.

Oneness for me is not the same as the number “1,” but rather it is a totality, a wholeness and a unity. Oneness allows for and embraces great diversity and uniqueness. And I have experienced this phenomenon on Earth as well as on higher spiritual planes, which I clairvoyantly connect with.

We and God are One. We really are no different from the drops or waves in the ocean or from the sparks of the flame of the Creator/God. Bartholomew, in his book “I Come As A Brother,” expresses it well: “That Divine breath blew us from the flame of its beginning — And we are as sparks that fly in circles for all eternity.”

Scientifically, we know that in a hologram, every fragment contains the whole.

God is in us and we are in God.

In our present increasingly polarized, warring, violently chaotic world, it is high time, indeed crucial that we all learn to embrace and commit to Oneness, indeed to make it a daily practice.

What tools do I use to cultivate Oneness? Here’s one — and a big one: Begin with the awareness that God is in all things and beings. Then use this knowing as a basis for your all your actions.

I offer a personal scenario that I will call “Seeing Through the Eyes of God.” This approach, a silent and more hidden tactic than the open and verbally expressive greeting of “Namasté,” can be more powerful and go deeper, in my experience, by the sheer force of its focused energy and greater feeling.

Anyway, let us begin the story.

In another life, when I worked at the bricks-and-mortar level for a corporate bookstore, perhaps my greatest challenge was the difficult customer who could become a stumbling block to my attending to other customers and my own pressing projects. And the mantra back then (in the 1990s) was: “The customer is always right.”

I especially remember one older “gentleman” who was narcissistic, cantankerous and demanding beyond all reason. Whenever he approached the cash register or information desk, a part of me wanted to run instead of face off with him (my primitive ego kicking into fight or flight). I actually felt sorry for him — not a good feeling to entertain. Since he was a regular customer, I realized one day it was time to reach into my spiritual tool bag — and out came what I call a Oneness tool.

So, when he made his next “grand” entrance into the bookstore and sauntered right up to my register, I was ready for him. As I greeted him, I peered into his eyes and focussed all my energy on seeing the Divine in him. As I did this I felt both my mind and heart opening. And I knew I was now embracing Oneness.

My whole attitude changed toward him. And he also changed. He seemed calmer, more agreeable almost content. For he now had my full attention — in a greater way than he knew! I no longer judged him, and subliminally he must have felt this. I call it a magical alchemy, this power of Oneness!

After our transaction was over, I realized how good I felt about myself, rather than feeling bad about me and sorry for him, as previously. Now, that I call progress.

Given the choice, I prefer being connected with everything, because, quite simply, I like the way I feel when I connect with higher energies and Oneness. And I think that is what this life is about — being connected and feeling good about one’s self and others.

There are other Oneness tools I use and some I practice daily. Here is a partial list: meditation, prayer, being with nature, being creative, devotion to my divine mission, journaling, music, photography and finally a self-healing/purification/transformation that has led to my becoming more whole — at One with, loving and accepting my Self. I continue ascending toward pure and absolute Oneness while ever expanding my enthusiasm for life here on Earth. Enthusiasm means “God within.”

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Astrid Bergie
Astrid Bergie is a mystic, poet, metaphysician and writer. Contact her at [email protected].


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