Oneness with Donald Trump

Here is a bold statement I heard once: “If you are triggered by Trump, you are living in the concept of Oneness.”

Because of fear of being stoned by the collective consciousness mob, there are very few saying the words “Trump” and “Oneness” in the same sentence these days. But for hardcore people who want to grow, here it goes: If Trump triggers you, you very likely have parts within you that need connecting.

This statement is often met with much resistance, especially from those who identify as “spiritual.” The solution for many would be to bring more awareness to a thing called compartmentalization.

Compartmentalization is when parts of your life are connected to source and flowing (cue butterflies, rainbows and namastés), while others are not. One part within yourself, such as “meditator,” may not have been introduced to another part within yourself perhaps called “activist.” People have the tendency to compartmentalize many things, such as work, home life, spirituality, family, friends, certain humor, and even happiness. What can be compartmentalized is really limitless. The downfall for those who aim to experience a life with Oneness is that Oneness cannot exist where things are compartmentalized.

I regularly have the chance to speak to someone who is permanently free of the ego. He shared this beautiful insight about living in Oneness: “Resistance to anything external is compartmentalization and is suffering. There is no suffering in Oneness.”

This led me to a deep contemplation and personal challenge, where many individual things started to click. Every time I felt an inkling of pressure in my chest, I immediately brought awareness to it. I started to breathe more consciously and just a little deeper. I felt the burning that was there. I continued to bring awareness to the thoughts that were in my proximity, the past experiences I had that caused this emotional response. I dug deep to connect every single program, habit and idea that tried to separate me from my Higher Self.

I became a relentless resistance hunter. Here is the deal. It was intense! This process of moment-by-moment inner integrity and authenticity is not for the meek who are trying on the hat of “spiritual seeker” as a part-time hobby.

For those of you who want to give it a try, I lovingly propose this. Next time someone says the name “Trump,” go inward, go directly to the feeling in your chest. Breathe into it. Relax into it. Ask your Higher Self to show you what is it about “Trump,” or the vision of his face, that causes this feeling internally. If your first response is “well he…” or “how could someone like him…” or “this is bullshit,” go into that. Ask to be shown what is behind that. Ask for light to connect that. Anger needs to be loved. Resistance needs to be connected.

Did you know there is a community of people that is consciously sending love to anger, showering resistance with Divine Presence, right here in the Midwest? Not externally, but internally. Not as a loopy spiritual concept, but as a deeply internal burning of the heart center. Burning off the things that humanity as a whole cannot handle.

The fact of the matter is this; Donald Trump came into presidency at exactly the perfect time to be a teacher, to show the world things that need to be connected. Not in the external world, but in the internal world. How do I know this to be true? Because it is happening and it is the “what is.” External divisiveness will not exist once the internal compartmentalization is healed.

Oneness is de-compartmentalization. Divine Grace can flow unrestricted when all parts of your life are aware of each other. Awareness allows for the walls of separateness and compartmentalization to be dissolved. This is when true Oneness can move from a concept to an experience.



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