Steps to Oneness with All


This is a meditative process for experiencing our oneness led by the ascended master Yeshua (Jesus), through my body as a channel. Yeshua is addressing a small group of physical humans, and a large, radically diverse group of beings of many species, dimensions, orientations, places and times. The “fallen” or “descended” he refers to are beings we label as demons.

Yeshua: Dearly beloved, I speak as one of you, as one among you, and as one risen from among you. The rising that I have done, the ascension that I have completed, and am completing as you each ascend — this is what we do together.

What we will do first of all is connect to the true divine aspect within us. This is not simply transformative for the few or the fallen. This process is equally transformative for the incarnated and for the ascended. We do this together seeking our own universal transformation, wherein no one is in any way superior or ahead of anyone else who is here. There are no saviors here. Are there even teachers here? Not really. Only co-experiencers, co-searchers, and co-observers in awe, with growing awareness of the reality of our oneness.

First we relax. We move into our own silent space, allowing only a vague, maybe even distant awareness of all the other beings who are assembled here with us. We turn inward to the place of greatest silence, greatest peace, and we rest there.

Now discover even further the silence, the quiet, the serenity. There is a thread that ties yourself together, deeper ever deeper, and in the deepest place of silence within us, the thread that ties us together is the Source, the Source of our true oneness, the Unnameable, that which is beyond, that which exudes the stuff of which we are made.

And from our touching into this deepest part of ourselves, we touch into our own understanding and expression of love and oneness with all the beings of the universe. And this is the source of our transformation. All the hidden aspects of ourselves that we seek to set aside or hide are now enfolded into our loving oneness. The silence, the calmness, the serenity creates the interconnections — the Divine-Mother-Oneness, who awakens within us our ability to externalize the profundity of that loving oneness, as it blossoms into the awareness of our present consciousness. And our present consciousness, then, can observe the unfolding of that transformation, transition of our external bodies, and brains, and souls and spirits in every one of us, ascended, incarnate, descended, or other.

We all do this same process, though it may appear externally to be so different. We each allow ourselves to feel, feel at many levels from the most serene to the most superficial. We allow ourselves to feel this transformation taking place. And now we allow ourselves to feel, perceive, see, touch into our communal sense of this entire assemblage, our oneness with beings of every level, every dimension, every size, every shape, every culture, every language, every solar system, galaxy, universe. We all are one in the foundational divinity which connects us beyond the comprehension of any of us, beyond the summation of all of us. So we are here and now, and there is no more, no more than that. All is here and now. All is one.

That is our first process. In a sense, it’s the whole process. But here we are, as finite expressions of the infinite. Our next step as finite beings together, I suggest, could be that we open our eyes and look around, that we come into full presence and possession of whatever levels of dimensions of bodies that we consider our primary at this time, that we become aware of this entire assembly of beings, opening our hearts consciously again at whatever dimension we identify with primarily. And we open our hearts to all the beings who are assembled here, all beings of so many varieties, shapes, dimensions, universes, galaxies, solar systems and planets, countries or cultures, cities or rural communities, or even individualized sanctified caves of isolation.

Yet, we are all here together. We are here to discover our oneness, and what it is that we are to do, granted our experience of oneness. How is it that we are to take this experience, abstruse and surreal as it may seem, and bring it into manifestation? So this is our next step in this process — to manifest at our primary level of consciousness the oneness which we know and have experienced coming into our awareness, and now into manifestation in our lives.

The third step is up to each one of us individually and together. And so I put this mantle of opportunity and possibility and infinity, and in some sense even responsibility, upon each of your shoulders: a mantle of empowerment, blessing and grace that we each can share with all of our inner parts, and all beings with whom we connect.

We are complete.

Sonora, from universe X15: I didn’t even know that there were other universes until I arrived. So I am taken aback, for I thought I was the God Creator of my universe, and now I discover I am one among many, and there is an infinity beyond my infinity. I am in total awe, in shock, and delight. Such a discovery is more than I have ever imagined. I began my process lonely, as you speak also of your own God or gods. I filled my existence with mirrored entities of free will and intelligence to create shared love, as have you also your own gods. In my universe, there has been no shadow, no fall, no resistance, only love and oneness. There is so much for me to learn. That’s all I have to say.

Hashmazriel, an angel of the light: As we all just experienced, I am within each of you, and you each are within me. I hold each of you as most precious and I am awestruck at the beauty and infinite value so apparent in this present moment. What I thought of before as heaven has now expanded to depths and lengths I have not seen as possible. I feel like the curtain has been drawn back, and what I thought was everything were simply the stage and now I see the auditorium. Thank you all for being here.

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