The Reality of One


In any discussion on oneness we must first accept mankind’s propensity for duality in all things. This is what makes the search for truth such an arduous task.

The nature of our brain is that it is bicameral, consisting of two halves, the left lobe and right lobe. Here we encounter the first of many roadblocks to discovering oneness or total unity. You can’t solve a problem with the thinking that created it. Everything in our lives consists of duality, from the first light of day to the onset of night, and everything we see, touch or feel has a polar opposite.

This duality has become so entrenched in our being that many espouse the view that one polarity can’t exist without the other. If I were to ask you to say the first word that enters your mind when I say, for example, the word “dark,” odds are that you thought “light.” Hot, and cold. We seem to be conditioned to respond oppositely to almost any suggestion, as if conflict is a basic instinct in human behavior. The question is: Why? Could it be the way we indoctrinate a child from birth with actions that incorporate duality and teach it as the basis of our reality? We learn very early the feeling of soft versus hard, hot against cold, pain versus pleasure, happy against sad, and then there’s gender, race, religion, ideology, and the group you belong to.

We learn at school to pick a team to play on our side. We learn to choose those who are more like us or conform to the accepted norm. Any child that may be a little different is not picked — and confirmation of the normality of Duality is complete. In our ernest efforts to prove duality is the norm, we seek the group for assurance and the madness of our reality begins its self-perpetuating cycle. As a result, so many of us belong to a club, either in sport or as a hobby, and usually we are opposed to another group in some way.

How ironic it is that we feel the need to be a part of something greater and in doing so create division. When viewed in this light, it appears almost impossible that any human being could possibly understand even the concept of oneness. The only real way to understand is through personal experience. Many schools are dedicated to teaching oneness, and a plethora of websites offer reams of anecdotal evidence to back up their claims. It seems that for a price, anything is possible.

Experiencing the joys of unity can be as simple as watching a sunset over the water, that moment when you feel connected and at peace. We see unity in action through the action of coincidence and the proclivity of associated events to occur in synchronicity. Something like this has happened to all of us at some time. We should not really be surprised by it, as science clearly tells us about the interconnected nature of all matter and further the nature of the ambient energetic field in the universe we inhabit.

More interestingly, in my recent book Intersection, I discuss in much detail the recent and startling discovery by scientists of a spark of life at the moment of conception. While filming the fertilization of embryos in a petrie dish, scientists were amazed to witness a flash of light occur at the very moment a sperm contacted an egg. What they didn’t realize at the time was that they were witnessing the ultimate proof of oneness.

Deeper investigation revealed that a photon particle pair was released by the action of a zinc molecule. One particle stayed with the egg while its partner seemingly vanished into thin air. It appears to enter an unseen dimension or reality. Where that photon goes was the question that drove researchers to dig much deeper. The eventual findings are beyond startling and the implications enormous.

They realized that they were witnessing first-hand proof of quantum entanglement, or as the great Albert Einstein called it, “spooky action at a distance.” Two particles once entangled have a permanent, unbroken, instant communication between each other, regardless of distance or even dimension. The question remains: With what is that photon in permanent instantaneous communication? Whatever it is, it must surely once and for all end the debate about oneness or simply unity.

Rejecting your programming and accepting the simple truth of it is the key to learning and understanding oneness, That and a good degree of meditation.

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