A Message from The Collective to the Metaphysical Community

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At the conclusion of an interview I conducted with channel Kelly Thebo for this edition, The Collective agreed to speak to me. What they shared was a message for those who have long been involved with metaphysics and spirituality — specifically on what new learning you should be open to during this transformative time in our evolution.

The following is the message from The Collective:

The new learning that [the metaphysical community] needs to embrace is a move into non-judgment — and quit cubbyholing everything that you think that you know.

Within metaphysics, you have the channels, yes? And then you have the psychics, yes? And you have the energy healers, yes? You have all of these cubbyholes — and metaphysical people are very frustrated, because if you’re not the channel, then you’re the student — and well, you’re less than.

Metaphysical people need to own the construct that they have put into place, that there are different levels of spirituality. There are not. You are energy with consciousness. You are God. You are pure Source energy created in love and compassion. That is your native frequency for all of you. There is none of you who are above the others, and that belief system needs to go away, because it is disempowering.

All the psychic is doing is tapping into Source field and interpreting information — and they don’t all do it the same way, being able to interpret information from the Source field that is happening in the now moment. That could be information from the past, the present, or the future based on the fact that time is a construct, yes? Where psychics go wrong, and where those who consult them go wrong, sometimes, is in thinking that that is written in stone. Everything is being transformed in the now moment.

Understanding that I am releasing a belief that has been holding me back changes what you consider your future forever. Forever. Nothing is written in stone. Your past isn’t even written in stone, because it is not really in the past. So, this construct within metaphysics — that, “Someone has told me thus and so it will come to pass, and “I am this and I am that,” and “Here’s the cubbyhole I’m going to put myself in so I fit within the metaphysical community” — is not serving you. We would say to all of you, “Stop doing that.”

You’re exercising a religion no different than those you hold in disdain, those who sit in other churches every Sunday, yes? Let it go.

You’re each having an individual experience that’s going to be very different for each of you based on the belief systems that you hold, and there isn’t any of you who have arrived. You’re dwelling within an energy where you’re able to have certain perceptions. Some of you are in the fifth dimension already and some of you are moving in that direction. That has always been the way that it works and all of it is valuable — and there are none of you who are above another. You just have different experiences that have led to different conclusions. You’ve decided to do the work and be self-introspective and be objective or you haven’t. That decision alone will change forever the trajectory of what you will experience upon the Earth plane.

So, this concept that there are the haves that have all the information and there are the have nots that they convey it to, it’s not true. You’re all having an experience that you are creating together, and you’re all making a contribution as individuals. Now, the higher your frequency goes, the greater your contribution is, because that’s how frequency works. When the frequency itself is more powerful, it has a greater impact. It doesn’t mean it’s better. It means it’s different.

So, the aspiration is not to be like another. The aspiration is not to have a certain way that you are serving the metaphysical community. The aspiration is to be experiencing a greater measure of your own divinity upon the Earth plane. For some of you, that’s going to mean quitting your job, finally doing something you really love, and drawing the money to you to have a beautiful life so that people will say to you, “What have you done that I have not done?” That, alone, is an incredibly powerful contribution and has nothing to do with how you pigeonhole people in metaphysics.

Your individual lives matter far more than what you think of each other as a community. That is true of the entirety of the human race and every soul that dwells upon this plane, and it’s true of metaphysical people, as well.

You also have this herd mentality, that you are in the know — and you have a bit of distain for those who are not. That needs to go away, as well, because judgment is judgment. It’s not holding back those you are judging. It’s holding back you who are doing the judging, because it demonstrates a belief system that you’re not willing to release. You can’t move to a higher frequency until you’ve dropped all judgment associated with the frequency you’re currently at.

We are telling you that metaphysics is a religion and it still has its programming, no different than any other religion. If you want to move out of it being a religion, to really experience an individual experience of your own divinity, then all the belief systems that support that need to be let go. That’s not an easy thing to do. Because, in metaphysical circles, this is how you identify one another, do you not?

We can tell you for our channel [Kelly Thebo] that this makes her very uncomfortable. She is not interested in moving in that direction. She wants to make a contribution. We have told her from the beginning that we are delivering a message, that she is the means by which we are doing it, and that her life is going to be transformed by the delivering of the message. She has her own things that she struggles with and she needs to learn the content of our message and apply it to her own life, no different than anyone else. She does not have an “in” because she is the channel. Her individual contribution is her individual frequency, not the message of The Collective. How her life is transformed by the message of The Collective is her individual contribution. This is what she has chosen to do with us. This is an agreement. And, all of you are in agreements. Your agreement is the role that you have played within your community, yes?

It’s a role you are playing if you are in agreement with those who are following your work. You can move out of it any time you want to. You’re not stuck in it. It’s not the only thing you’re ever going to create.

This is what we would say to the metaphysical community: You need to quit putting one another up on a pedestal and in a cubbyhole and start to have an individual experience of an excellent, beautiful life upon the Earth plane, and you will draw things to you that you cannot even imagine. There will be no cubbyhole for these things, but they will be beautiful, nonetheless.

What you’re really here to do is transform this plane of existence into a 5th dimensional experience so that the Earth will be able to continue and souls will be able to continue to come here and dwell in materiality, just at a higher frequency. There are plenty of other places where the 3rd dimension will go on and on until the 5th dimension is ushered in. The Earth is not the only place to have an incarnation experience. It’s one of billions in All That Is. But it’s incredibly important to all of you, because it’s where you dwell.

Learn more about Kelly Thebo and The Collective, and listen to complimentary channels, at kellythebo.com.

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