A Pleiadian Message: Supporting Your Self-Resurrection

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Beloved ones, we greet you. There has been a growing intensity on your planet since the repositioning of the sun on the 31st of July this year. The transitional phase of the sun’s repositioning once again has impacted the energetic core of the Earth, and this has created an expansion in the magnetic frequency within your Earth plane. These series of openings has increased the flow of 5th dimensional energy, which is now actively anchoring across the vast dimensional spaces of Earth.

These openings are creating a significant impact within the Earth plane. These new energetic settings are lifting the veils of illusion and bringing further opportunity to move beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion so each individual can begin to glimpse a new way of being, a new way of living and a deeper sense of your own personal power.

For those of you who are living a conscious and awakened path, an illumination within your consciousness has reopened. This illumination is allowing you to reconnect to revelations of Truth and deeper understandings of your path. These are pre-destined openings that are being given to you at this time to support your self-resurrection process.

New frequency openings
Blessings are being returned to you with these new frequency openings. This is taking place now simply because it is the time for this energy to be returned to you. Mother Mary and the Christ energy are actively working with you individually towards your self-resurrection. A part of this support that they bring is for you to move into a transition of self-empowerment, enabling you to fully integrate and receive all aspects of these blessings.

As you open your awareness within your heart center, which encompasses your full physical chest area, take a breath like a soft wind and place it where your palms are resting on your chest. Your awareness and breath combined begins the activation of receiving the energy.

Then bring the sound, SONTAH ESSS…ANNN. When you make this sound into your heart, there is an alignment that takes you to receive the blessings. This sound promotes you to be able to fully take ownership of all aspects of the blessings that are being returned. This pure sound, which has been gifted to you by Mother Mary, is designed especially for your use in realigning to your blessings during this time of transformation.

Energetic light form
Through the lifting of veils, there is a building of momentum of an energetic light form that has never unfolded on your planet before. This light form is arising from within the central magnetic core within the Earth and is moving from the energetic core outwards across the planet. This flowing light is opening up and transforming energetic sites, bringing them back to their original pristine energy. This process is also designed to impact your heart, creating expanded openings within the heart cells to hold these multidimensional blessings.

We liken this light form to an energetic wave that is building in force as it permeates outwards. This momentum is creating new levels of dimensional light to be established on Earth. This birth opens up a shift in the consciousness of humanity, and it is simultaneously creating an enormous upheaval of drama on the 3rd dimensional level.

There is the pronounced action of a drama being played out within your world, and this is due to this latest expansion of light moving across your planet. It is through this wave that there has been the unearthing of so much density. Much of this has been hidden up to this point, and it is now being further revealed. Through this flow, revelations are being witnessed. So much is being exposed in all corners of your domain and even within your own life.

We will continue to remind you how essential it is that you not focus on the illusion of drama within your life but rather align to Truth that resides within your heart. Within your heart is where you will do your greatest work at this time, for this is where your light can shine and make a difference. You can hold a steady anchor for humanity as you focus on the vastness of yourself within your heart.

The greatest illusions
Fear is still one of the greatest illusions on your planet, and it has been playing out for lifetimes. Your human ego mind perpetuates this fear. Your ego mind sets this feeling in motion within you whenever you decide to move away from old cycles of living and start to move into a new direction.

This is the time to transcend your ego mind and allow your heart to be the major reference point. Over lifetimes you have developed an unhealthy relationship with your ego. Now is the time to move back into a balance within yourself by developing a more focused relationship with your heart.

You can achieve this by understanding the inner dynamic that plays out within your ego mind. Start by witnessing your fear being activated by the ego. Do not react to the fear that is being perpetuated by your mind. You achieve this by realizing that the actual “feeling of fear” that is arising within you cannot harm you in any way. This fear is simply a “feeling” being produced by the ego mind — not based on any reality, and not based on Truth.

You can actually choose to change your programmed reaction to fear. Instead of allowing this feeling to stop you, like a red light, you can choose to see fear as a signal to move ahead, like a green light. By choosing to change your response to fear, you will transform your life. You will break old cycles of illusion that will shift you entire perception of possibility. By having the direct experience of fear simply dissolve as you move forward, you begin to realize this feeling of fear has no actual power over you. Each time you change your response to the fear, you liberate yourself.

In the very moment you begin to feel fear, bring your energy, your awareness from your ego mind to your heart. This choice by you will move you naturally away from the feeling of the fear. The heart space takes you beyond the illusion of the fear. Here is a simple truth: Fear does not reside within the heart.

Your heart space
Each one of you is being asked to move more consciously within the vast framework of your heart and allow yourself to access the open doorway to Truth. You are being called forward to consciously choose reconnection with your Higher Self by opening to your heart space. As you align to your heart, within any given moment, you can move beyond the ego mind’s misperception by choosing the sacred multidimensional tool of your heart.

This is your time to shine forth by choosing the way of your heart. As you choose a conscious reconnection to your heart, every cell in your physical body goes through an energetic change. You will discover an opening up of your multidimensional path that will allow you to create a pathway home to Self. This new pathway lights up each time you open into your heart. Through a series of individual moments within your heart, you can build a new way of living for your self. Each time you choose your heart, you automatically begin to birth a new cycle within your life.

Step by step, one moment at a time, you can choose to utilize the transformational element of your heart. Change is a constant in your life — and you get to choose what it is you want for yourself within your life each moment. Understand that struggle and suffering is a choice you make.

Into another reality
You choose to begin to move beyond the suffering by spending moments connecting into your heart space. This is possible because as you open consciously to connect to your heart, you begin to move into another reality, a higher, more open space of potential. You begin to feel a peace, a knowingness or maybe stillness within yourself as you choose to align into your heart.

This space of your heart holds unlimited options for you, moving you into a place where new ideas, new solutions reside and where there is new potential for you to thrive in your day-to-day life. The ego mind reaches for contrived solutions and keeps you in the same cycle of self-sabotage. The ego can never offer positive solutions to problems, because the ego’s only reference is what is held within the illusion and where you have been in the past.

We cannot create this path for you. Only you, through a conscious choice action, can forge this pathway back to Self. We do support you through being the witness to your choice as you reconnect to a higher path.

Be aware that these experiences within your heart will not make sense to the ego mind’s limited perception. It will not understand the deep experiences of knowing, which lies within your heart. This space of your heart navigates you towards a flow, which will move you and align you to many magical possibilities for your life.

A guiding light
A new guiding light has been illuminating the way for you since the repositioning of the sun. This light is being transmitted and holding a steady mirror for you. This energy is found within the sun’s rays. The design of these expanded rays guides you deeper within the space of your multidimensional heart, bringing you into a new alignment within your sacred nature. These rays are interconnected and have a synergetic connection to your heart cells. This synergy was forged at the very moment the sun repositioned.

Remember, the sun has always held the reflections of your own brilliance, and now each individual ray carries an aspect of your brilliance to you through each cell of your heart. The cells are nourished by the sun and they resonate and open up dimensionally within this brilliance from the sun’s rays.

The next repositioning of the sun is the last day of December at the time of New Year. This will be a monumental happening for those of you who are open to receive. This time the sun will hold its new positioning for 30 minutes. Through the repositioning, a new environment will be created on the planet. A profound webbing of light will birth, and that will revolutionize your consciousness like never before. This shift will open up an awakening effect for all of you who are on the path. This is your time now to prepare and develop yourself for this upcoming awakening event.

We celebrate you! Know that all is in hand. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.



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