God Is Not Coming

unsplash-logoZac Durant

It is us, the human beings, who decide the fate of humanity.

God, as the all-powerful Deity, will not be descending from the heavens to save humanity. God will not even stop humanity from destroying itself. God has given that choice to the humans themselves.

God does not even have any desires to make choices for us. We are free to choose anything that we want. And in that realm of choices exists every manner of outcomes possible. Every single outcome between heaven and hell. Heaven and hell both exist on this planet today. This day. There is not some day in the future where our free agency to make any choices that we want will be locked down, where there will be a judgment made, and some eternal status assigned to us. We will not be “assigned” a heaven-or-hell experience. Our free agency to choose as we will is a fundamental part of our own consciousness. We get to make choices each and every day that can change our experience from one to the other. Our free will does not have an expiration date.

The history of humanity on this planet has been filled with human suffering. For hundreds, if not thousands, of generations, dictators have waged war on their “enemies.” Killing millions of innocent people without notice or approval. Free agency to destroy as they so choose. Where a single tyranny has inflicted pain and death without concern whatsoever. War has unfolded for years, and not once has a glowing deity from any religion descended from the heavens to stop the slaughter. Unbridled suffering at the hands of humanity itself.

And now the return to Love. The return to Love. What does Love have to do with war? And why Love now? Hasn’t Love been available before? What is so different about Love now?

The transformation of our human condition is on the table. There is so much raw potential woven into the desires of humanity for a different story. The heart of humanity has strong, deep desires for a new paradigm. A new idea of what is possible for our human condition. And that vast desire of humanity has so much opportunity within it. So much potential.

Power is potential. In other words, the notion of power exists wherever there is a difference of potential. A difference. Without a difference, no opportunity for power exists. For example, at a hydroelectric power plant, the potential exists for power in the difference of how much water exists on either side of the dam. If the water behind the dam were gone, there would be no difference. The more water behind the dam, the more potential for power. It is in the difference of water volume that the potential for power exists.

Enter humanity. And the potential for power. To be a powerful presence on this planet at this time is to be a human being with a difference. A difference in consciousness. And, just as water levels determine how much power a hydroelectric dam can make, love is the measuring stick to measure the power of an individual as it relates to our human condition. In other words, our mythology has endless stories of saviors that have come to bring humanity out of the bondage of suffering. It was in the power of these saviors, found in the difference in their own consciousness, that made them the powerful personas that changed the course of humanity.

If Earth were completely populated with saviors and sages, anchored in love and compassion for all, there would be no desire for the end of suffering, because there would be no suffering to end. We, as a human population, have created a paradigm of darkness. We, as a collective consciousness, have descended so far into the shadow side of humanity that we have created a vast difference of potential. We have created an enormous difference in consciousness on this planet. And that vast difference in consciousness is raw opportunity for the power of love to have the most powerful effect possible.

That is why it can be said that we are living out one of the most powerful paradigms in perhaps the entire universe. Where else can a soul incarnate to practice the power of love? The bigger the difference of consciousness, the more powerful love is. And you are here now. You are incarnate now. In this chapter of our human story.

I suggest that this lifetime, this one right now, is perhaps the most powerful lifetime ever. Powerful in the potentials of human desire for change. Powerful in just how dark the scars of humanity have been etched in our collective psyche, creating perhaps the most difference between light and dark within our human consciousness. Such a vast difference in consciousness is being played out on stage here on Earth. And powerful because of the new technologies with which love can spread itself. Global communication has never been so readily available. A vessel of change through which the power of love can express itself. And all God would need is a willing soul to be the human vessel through which Divine love can express.

And then there is you. You can be the vessel of love for humanity. You can create an uncommon legacy of love. To understand the potentials at play here, is to open up to the opportunities for love to bring the changes that the heart of humanity desires.

To purify your consciousness is to create a difference of potential. Expanding the difference between your consciousness and the collective consciousness. Creating new opportunities for you to play out a powerful life-path. To purify your personal energy persona, is to awaken the potential for power to express in you. Through you. As you. As you purify yourself, Love has more opportunity to flow through you. Where you become the vessel for the love of God to flow into our human condition. And when love flows, bliss is the sensation the ego feels. Ecstatic bliss. Enlightened Living. Pure Authentic You!


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