Personal Transformation into the 5th Dimension: Messages from The Collective — The Edge Interview with Channel Kelly Thebo


Kelly Thebo is a leading channel and spiritual teacher. After an unexpected encounter with a UFO, she underwent a profound spiritual awakening with the help and guidance of a group of energies now referred to as The Collective.

Hailing from various star systems and bringing a message of empowerment and love, Kelly now serves as their channel. Having stepped out in faith, and leaving behind 30-years of experience in the accounting and technology industries, she is now living a life of purpose and service to those who would follow their teaching. Kelly and The Collective offer powerful workshops, courses, and live events throughout the U.S, including here in Minneapolis.

“The Collective has asked me to help them deliver the message that the star nations are real and they are deeply concerned for our well-being,” she shares on her website, “They have taken the time and made the effort to speak through people like me to try and help us to realize our own divinity within this amazing, confusing matrix we call Earth; and to help us realize that there is universe upon universe filled with life and love beyond the atmosphere of this planet.”

For those unfamiliar with how Kelly became a channel, read her article, Becoming a Channel, — and for more on her backstory, access free podcasts and a video of her lecture at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community at

For this interview, we focused on the message of The Collective. Kelly spoke with The Edge from her home in Greenville, Wisc., just outside of Appleton.

Who are The Collective and where do they exist?
Kelly Thebo:
They are a group of discarnate energies. From what they tell me, they come from various star systems. They explain we are all energy with consciousness, including them and us. Some of us choose to be incarnate and some of us are discarnate — and mostly we are all both because we are multidimensional.

When we say that we come from a certain star system or a place, all that means is that at this current point in time they’re dwelling at the same frequency. An example would be you might have had sojourns as a soul in the Pleiades, in Orion, or Sirius. There may be one that you resonate with more than others. They teach that everything is frequency — so places are frequency, you’re frequency. It’s kind of difficult to wrap your head around if you stop and think about it.

Most of us think of star nations, ETs, as being from a physical location. They’re not saying it is not a physical location; what they’re saying is that our world exists because we all agree that it does. So, is that really a physical location? It’s more of an agreed upon frequency, and we perceive it as being a physical location.

I asked why they are a group, and what brought them together. They told me that it’s because of the 5th dimensional energies that we’re traveling through and that they have been together as a collective group since the formation of the planet. They have always dwelled here as frequency to help us because we don’t come in alone.

We are frequency, as well, and we dwell inside of matter. That’s what being human really is, and because matter comes into fruition at a different frequency than we really are as energy, that’s what causes the forgetting. When we’re inside the human body, it creates what we refer to as the veil between us and who we are when we’re not inside a human body.

They’ve taught me we didn’t start out that way. We are energy with consciousness, just as they are. We came here to have a physical experience. But when we first came we were at a higher frequency and we were able to dwell upon the Earth without having a physical body and interact with matter as we saw fit. When we decided that we wanted to dwell inside of it, that is when the real need for guides came to be, and it’s one of the reasons that channeling came to be. They say we all know them, that we’ve all talked to them, and we’ve all interacted with them over time.

Time, too, is a construct, but that’s how we view it while we’re here, so they go along with that when they’re talking to us about it. We were discarnate and now we’re incarnate. That happened over a period of time and we’ve dwelled at a variety of frequencies before arriving in the form that we’re in now.

So, they are energy with consciousness that dwells at a certain frequency, and right now they have in common — and have for a long time — the whole experiment of Earth. We have always known them, but we come in and out of the recognition that we know them, depending on what frequency we are dwelling at. They’ve taught quite frequently that the people that they teach, the people that will resonate with their message, are those who know them, and that we all have a recognition in a spiritual way, even if it’s not a conscious recognition, that, “Oh, I’ve done this before.” “Oh, I’ve been a channel before.” Or, “Oh, this message is familiar to me.” They frequently say that they are here for the remembering more than they are here for the teaching.

So, like other things in our human lives that we are drawn to, it’s due to a familiarity or a common resonance with it, so that’s what leads people to their work?
Yes. And it’s interesting, because that’s the feedback I get from my clients. We do workshops, courses, a lot of online activities and locally we do live events, and I get a lot of emails. The common thread running through the feedback is, “I knew right away when I listened to this that it was true, and I resonated with their message immediately.” I have people who send me emails for private sessions and inevitably that’s what all of them are saying, just the phrasing of it is different. It’s almost as if there’s a familiarity to it where people right away think, “You know, this sounds true to me.”

The Collective have said that humans are very hung up on the whole concept of truth. They said, “You know, your truths are formed. You have beliefs and from those beliefs you are going to have a certain experience because of the law of attraction. You’re going to attract to you a like frequency. That’s going to convince you of your truth until you have a spiritual awakening and your frequency changes and attracts to you a new truth.” .

They talk a lot about what’s true, and everybody says, “Wow, this struck me as true.” What they really mean by it is that your truth is created by you, because everything is frequency. We are creating the world around us, and we’re not all having the same experience. Your personal frequency is what determines your personal experience — and that frequency also is shared with the whole, and that creates the common experience that all of us are having.

While we’re always making a contribution to the whole, we’re also creating something individual that is just unique to us, and we’re not always cognizant of the fact that not everyone is having the same experience and not everyone holds the same truth.

They laugh sometimes and say that what is so interesting about watching us in this form is that truth is incredibly important to us — and it’s incredibly important to us that we all have the same truth. A common thread of their teaching is that is not necessary. It’s just something that humans are hung up on as a safety zone. It makes us feel safe when everyone agrees with us instead of really seeing the beauty in being an individual and not having to…what they call, “run with the herd.”

It’s actually impossible for us all to have the same truth, right?
It’s absolutely impossible, but we don’t have the perception of that. Our perception is that we’re all having the same experience and we’re really not. So, when they talk about the fact that the 5th dimensional energies are here, they’re literally referring to a band of photons that we’re traveling within. And, they say we can google and find scientific articles about the photon belt and the magnetic grid, about how the magnetics of the planet are changing. And that’s a normal thing, that it revises itself over time, but right now that photon band that we’re traveling through is the reason that we’re waking up.

They say they’re here at this point in time — they’ve always been here — but their emphasis right now in time is this change between the 3rd and the 5th dimension. The 4th dimension is the dimension of spiritual awareness. You can dwell upon the Earth plane and not be dwelling in the same dimension as the people around you. That’s really the goal, to take your personal frequency to a place where you’re having a beautiful experience, even if you’re able to observe that everybody else may not be. They say that the 3rd dimension is the dimension of polarity and duality — right/wrong, black/white, lots of contrasts, lines in the sand. A lot of you think that it’s just this evil place, but it’s a place to provide contrasts so that you can decide what you want to create.

They said you’re creator beings. You’re inside of a human body so you don’t realize that initially. Usually you’re very awake when you come in and then that’s programmed out of you by your family and society and religious constructs. Then you may or may not go through an awakening. We all have experiences while we’re here that expand us as souls, whether we’re labeling that as a spiritual experience or not. Again, everybody has a different truth. It doesn’t mean that you’re not progressing in your growth as a soul, it just means your perception of it may be that it is spiritual and in other people it isn’t.

The 5th dimension is a dimension of fewer contrasts. They explain it as more love and compassion. It’s a higher frequency so there are more gray areas. When you’re in the 5th dimension, it doesn’t mean that you don’t see people struggling in the 3rd dimension. Right now in the difference between the two, we’re coming in and out of it. You might have a very 5th dimensional experience such as the things that I went through to become a channel, and other days things may feel very, very 3rd dimensional — and that’s just my own beliefs that need to be released.

Think of frequency as being a wave in your mind. At the top of that you might be in the 5th dimension; at the bottom of that you might be in the 3rd, and the difference between the two might be happening in milliseconds. They said your frequency is not a continuous straight line, but something that is always going in an upward progression to get to a finer experience. It usually involves less contrast, more compassion, letting go of things like being right or being wrong, having a vision of what you want for your own life and moving on with what you want without an agenda where everybody else has to want what you want.

Their teaching is incredibly practical. They really bring it down to a base level that helps you to make decisions in your life about what you really want your life to look like. A lot of people come to them and treat them like psychics: “I’m struggling with this. Someone came into my life and I would like, you know, to have a relationship.” People are lonely, and it’s not uncommon for them to be asking about relationships and when something significant might happen for them.

The Collective tells them that you can’t attract to you a frequency that you don’t dwell at. It’s not just a matter of the law of attraction. A lot of us think of the law of attraction is about attracting a complement, you know, “I’m going to be a nice person so I’ll attract to me nice people.” They say it doesn’t really work like that. You have a personal frequency, which is all about how you feel about you. When you view yourself as being a nice person, really believe that, and like yourself. You will attract to you other people who like you, because it’s a like frequency, it’s not a complementary frequency. It all boils down to the personal experience that you’re having and what you’re attracting from the whole by the frequency that you’re choosing.

I think that the word that most people would use about their teaching is spiritual, because of how it makes you feel when you’re interacting with them. We interpret that as being spiritual because of how it makes us feel. That’s our personal truth as we’re interacting with them, but it’s really a frequency — they are conveying love, compassion — and your own belief system will determine how you receive that. You have to have an openness for it or you can’t draw it to you in the first place.

For me, some days it feels very spiritual and some days it feels like physics, like this makes sense that it would work this way just from a scientific perspective. We’re frequency and we are so in control of everything we’re experiencing, but we don’t think that we are, and we don’t give ourselves license to run our lives, saying “I’m in control and here’s what my decisions are.” Most of us don’t operate that way. We go along with the crowd and we want people to like us. There isn’t anything wrong with that, it just takes away the individuality of what we could be experiencing.

Would you say that one of the key lessons that they’re teaching now to those who are listening is about who each of us truly is as a human being?
Yes, they’re basically saying that being human is a divine experience. Everything has been created from pure Source energy, which is the same energy that created us. At our original frequency, we are pure Source energy created from Source. “Source wanted to have an experience of itself, so it created all of you and all of us,” is how they say it, and part of that experience is being able to dwell inside of human bodies, being able to manipulate your frequency such that you are experiencing yourself as matter. When you do that collectively, you create the world around you, but you can’t ever run away from or absolve yourself of the responsibility that you have for creating your own experience.

They talk a lot about the concept of being a victim and how it is not valid, that every experience that we’re having is what we’ve drawn to self. The finer question is, “Why would I have drawn this to myself?” We get so mired in the contrast of what we’re drawing, or the conflict of what we’re drawing, or the fact that we are not enjoying it, that we don’t ever ask the higher question of, “What responsibility do I have as a divine being in what it is that I’m creating in my life.”

People will start out asking them the kinds of questions that you would ask a psychic and it inevitably turns very quickly into a discussion with The Collective about, “What are you experiencing in your life and are you enjoying it?” If you’re not enjoying it, what you can do about that?

They laugh and say, “So many of you, you have the goals to have all of the woo-woo experiences and be out of your body — and we need to tell you that wasn’t your intent when you came in. The intention is to bring the greatest measure of your divinity to your experience as a human being, to have a full recognition of who and what you are while you are physical, while you are dwelling in matter and to always be increasing your recognition of what you’re capable of as divine beings.”

So, the woo-woo experiences are valid, in that they are evidence of what we’re able to draw to self and what we’re able to create, but they’re not the purpose in being here. The purpose is to dwell in a lower frequency while still mastering being divine and being a master creator, and they really make is sound a whole lot more interesting than we’re perceiving it to be. That’s really how I take it most of the time. Sometimes I channel a message to people and, because I process my own audio files, I’ll listen to it and think, “This is so much simpler than we make it out to be and we get so hung up in the emotions and dwelling in the 3rd dimensional contrast, when its only purpose is to help us to decide what do we want to create.”

They’ll say in your left hand is what you’re experiencing, in your right hand is what you want, and if the two are not the same thing, then the purpose of the contrast you have just experienced is just to decide, “What do I want?” Sometimes that decision is made by knowing what you don’t want. If I’m experiencing something that is uncomfortable and I don’t like it, it’s not what I want to be doing. I can just take that to mean this is what I don’t want, and so I remove myself from that and move on to what I do want.

They said the problem is you won’t embrace the responsibility that you’re creating what you don’t like. That needs to change in 5th dimensional energies, because it’s a very enlightened state to be a 5th dimensional being and have a 5th dimensional experience. It’s a tremendous amount of responsibility. As you have a greater measure of your divinity, so will you have a greater level of responsibility for it. It just goes hand in hand that with the control also comes the responsibility.

People feel very empowered when they listen to them. The feedback that I get quite frequently, is, “I never had any idea that I was so in charge of what was happening to me. I just viewed myself as being a victim and because of that it felt out of control.” That’s why we’re so afraid. The fear tends to go away when you understand that there’s something that you can do about it.

Our courses and our workshops are really about helping people to process their experience on the Earth plane in a way that helps them to change it. That helps them to remember that they are a divine being and that they don’t have to live within any circumstance they don’t want to be in and that energetically we can create what we want.

They also teach that where the whole concept of creation and our perception is concerned, we are master creators, which means we create instantaneously. That doesn’t stop when you’re in a human body. Your perception of it is what’s different. You’re drawing things to yourself, and you’re trying to take what you are creating and bring it into materiality, which is a lower frequency than you normally are creating at. It seems to take time to manifest the things that we want in the 3rd dimension. Time is a construct; it does not really exist. It’s already happened in the moment in which you think about it, because every moment is the now moment. All that needs to change is your perception of drawing it to you. If you’re dwelling at a frequency that says, “I’m unworthy of receiving what it is that I’m trying to create,” then your frequency is going to be holding that at bay. That can’t dwell where you dwell because you don’t dwell at the frequency where that exists and you’re the one who created it.

When we really, really want something and we want it for what we consider “all the right reasons” and we sit down and we do our manifestation in our meditation time and it just feels so real when we’re imagining that it’s going to come to us, it’s how we’re taught to manifest, in that moment it really is real. That’s what you’re experiencing, that’s a higher frequency. We just don’t experience it long enough and consistently enough to bring it into materiality. Usually we’re giving up before we have physically drawn that to us, and by the time it comes into physicality we’re usually on to the next thing that we want to create.

So the key is staying with it for a longer period of time?
Yes, and to be okay with the fact that it does not have to stay the same. They said as you raise your frequency, what you want changes. Your whole frequency changes. Your perception of reality changes. You hear people say, “I have always wanted this and I’ve been wanting this for 15 years,” but you haven’t really been wanting that for 15 years or it would have come to fruition a long time ago. Your frequency has changed and changed and changed again.

If you stop and think about it, we’re creating the world around us. We have to be wanting something enough for all of this material matter to have come into existence, including the bodies we dwell within. We’re always creating. We’re never not creating. They always say the law of attraction is never not working. It’s just that we are having a belief that we can or can’t draw something to us.

Using myself as an example, becoming a channel was not anything I aspired to. It wasn’t even on the radar, except that I was reading channeled literature and that was my spiritual awakening. All of the literature I was reading was channeled literature and I didn’t even realize it at the time, but from a divine perspective I did, and when I welcomed that frequency of believing, that is when The Collective came to me. They came to me when I drew them to me. They came to me when I developed the frequency where they could communicate with me, because I believed it was possible.

That’s no different than anything else that I create, according to them. It doesn’t always feel like that, but what they teach is you’re always dwelling in a frequency. You may not be cognizant of what frequency it is, and the only evidence of what frequency it is is what you’ve drawn to self. So, when you look around yourself and you’re seeing something that you don’t like, taking responsibility for that is a really great thing, because that’s the first step in understanding how it came to you. Changing your frequency is quite simply the thing that needs to be done to draw something to replace what you’re currently experiencing that you don’t like. It seems simple, but it requires a ton of introspection, because all of that is wrapped up in our belief system.

That’s why they talk a lot about programming. Our first trip to the Twin Cities is to present the topic “Breaking Free, Releasing Societal Programming.” They talk about three areas of programming: familial programming, religious programming, and societal programming. Programming means all the things that you’ve all agreed together are true. Because you’re cooperating with that truth and you’re dwelling within that truth, and you’re believing that to be your truth, that’s the frequency you’re dwelling at and so you’re drawing to yourself a certain way of life and certain experiences into your life.

Releasing those beliefs is what you’re doing when you’re moving to a higher frequency, because we’re unlimited creative energy. We are God, is what they teach. You are an aspect of Source, and Source does not create something that is less than itself. The only thing standing between you and being God is your perception that you aren’t, and once those beliefs can be dealt with in an upfront way and discussed and moved aside, your frequency will naturally rise because that’s what you are: energy with consciousness.

A lot of people ask, “Well, how do I raise my frequency? Give me a one, two, three step.” And, inevitably it turns into a conversation about what you really believe about your life and about what you want. In that way, The Collective are a lot like counselors. People have said, “I’ve never felt so loved as when I’m talking to them.” And, it’s because there’s no judgment when they’re talking to us. There’s none. They’re very candid. They’ll tell you straight up what they’re seeing. They’re not judging you for it, and they’re better than we are at conveying that in a way that just says to you, “So, you’re having this realization in this moment and isn’t that magnificent?!

As soon as you get off the phone from this private session, you can dwell on what beliefs you are holding that are stopping what you really want from coming to you, and then it will be a releasing of a belief, not in adopting of something else you need to do — because there’s a difference. They say the 3rd dimension is full of contrast, and those contrasts are all of your belief systems.

Really grasp that you’re energy with consciousness and that anything is possible — even if you are inside of a human body — and that you, yourself, are maintaining within matter by the frequency that dwells within that body. Your body is in the form it’s in because your energy dwells within it, and it would cease to exist should your energy leave. When you really wrap your head around how powerful we are, it’s not far to get to the next step of changing anything in your life that you want to change.

I think most people stumble because they don’t want to take responsibility for what’s been created thus far and they don’t realize that in the releasing, there is no judgment. The Collective teaches all the time that you have to quit judging self. You have to love self. You have to realize that you’re having an experience and if you continue to have that experience by judging yourself and, quite frankly, adopting most of what our religious programming would tell us, then our frequency is never going to naturally rise because it’s always going to be a condemning frequency — and that’s not a 5th dimensional frequency.

People really struggle with that. They say to The Collective, “So, here’s the horrible things I’ve done,” almost like it’s a confessional or something. The Collective will say, “It doesn’t matter. It ceases to matter in the moment that you decide that love rules the day.”

What really makes their message so different is that they express these things by taking concepts we already understand and take them to the next level. “If that, then what?” is kind of what it feels like. Law of attraction, they’ll say to people, “You know about the law of attraction about to the end of your nose, because you don’t think it through. You don’t follow it through to what is obvious if law of attraction is really operating. What is obvious is that every single thing that you’ve drawn to yourself you’ve drawn to you. You’ve decided that this is what you deserve. And, it’s only in the non-judgment that you’re able to release all of that and get to a place where you’re appreciating yourself and loving yourself as the energy with consciousness that you are that is an aspect of God, which does not deny yourself things or beliefs or relationships or any of the things we think that we can’t have. If you love self, you don’t deny self anything. It’s a religious construct that says, ‘I have to do without this and it makes me a better person.’ It doesn’t make you a better person. It makes you a person dwelling at a lower frequency, you have a lack of self-love for self.”

They’re adamant about that. That has been a foundation of their message from the first channel that I’ve ever channeled to today, and I think it will be for all the years that I’m a channel. It’s changed me radically. As the person who delivers the message, you just don’t realize how horribly we treat ourselves. We really don’t. We allow ourselves to be in situations and participating in things that make us unhappy and relationships and physical constructs and we think that there’s a purpose in that, and the only purpose is to view the contrast and decide we want something better. All it’s about is going higher and higher with that, and we don’t allow ourselves to want. That’s our religious programming coming into play.

A key part is then taking responsibility for what you’ve created in your life without judgment and moving on.
Without judgment of yourself and without judgment of those who participated in it, because if they’re in your life you drew them there. And, you need to ask self, “Why would I have done that? What was the contrast that was being presented to me that I mistook for a situation I couldn’t do anything about?”

That’s incredibly difficult for us to do, and it’s our programming that holds us back from doing it. Our families teach us that we’re unworthy and there are certain things we should want and not want. Our society does the same, especially in today’s age with technology the effects of social media. The Collective talks about how many thumbs you have and that you’re all so interested in the thumbs, talking about the number of likes you have on social media. They said, “You are just all hung up on what everybody else thinks of you that you give no thought at all to what you think of you.”

Programming is about the herd mentality. We lived in the 3rd dimension for so long. That’s where survival lies, in being with a group of people who agree with one another. We don’t feel safe or feel like we’re moving into an experience where we’re choosing, because then we’re going to bear 100 percent responsibility for that. Most of us are not comfortable with making the kind of decisions that they talk about: “What kind of life do I want to have and who’s in it?”

We have a class coming up on higher frequency relationships, and that’s really what that class is all about: Are you at a point in your experience upon the Earth plane where you’re ready to choose who is or isn’t in your life and give yourself the ability to make a choice? Because it really is a choice. It was a choice when you came in. That’s your family. You’re either dwelling at a like frequency with them to resolve it or you’re dwelling at a like frequency with them and enjoy it. There are no perfect families, but there are families who come in and the frequency they dwell at is a healthy frequency and a fun frequency and a loving frequency. Most of us come into a family with a lower frequency and that’s why we’re unhappy in it, and that’s why we all have so much in common with the people that we have in our family. Moving on from that is incredibly difficult for most of us.

About the deprogramming process, does just thinking about the process remove these blocks or does it take rising to a higher frequency to totally dissolve it?
It’s a progression. They teach that you’re going to experience a contrast and from that contrast you’re going to have what you consider a good or a bad experience. They say there’s no good or bad experiences, it’s all just frequencies, so it’s either a frequency you’re enjoying while you’re dwelling within materiality or it’s one that you’re not.

Higher Self communicates with us through our emotions, so from an emotional standpoint, if we’re feeling uncomfortable, that’s Higher Self saying to us, “You’re out of alignment.” That just means right now you are not dwelling at the highest frequency of pure Source energy, which is love and compassion. So, if you’re not feeling love and compassion in this moment for yourself or for another or for the situation that you’re in, then you’re out of alignment. That’s all it’s saying. It’s not judging.

We have to gain the objectivity to have a realization that I’m having an experience that I’ve drawn to myself and the value of it is just to realize that it’s just an experience, because I’m here to be a creator and to see how much of my creative ability I can actually exercise while I’m dwelling on this plane of existence within this body of matter.

The first step is just the realization that that’s what you are. You are energy with consciousness dwelling within matter. To be human is a beautiful thing, but there are lot of other things that are beautiful, too. It’s not the highest form of experience you can have, and Earth isn’t the only place it can happen. To start getting objective about things really is step one.

The next step, based on what they teach, is one of the hardest, and it’s about taking responsibility. We don’t see the upside of taking responsibility because we feel so bad about the downside. Well, if I’ve drawn this person to me who has abused me for 20 years, what does that say about me? It doesn’t say anything about you, except that you didn’t realize that you had a choice. You weren’t dwelling at a frequency where you could exercise the choice that you have as a divine being. You didn’t see it. It’s always been there, you just didn’t see it, and you don’t need to judge yourself about that, or anyone else. That person was in your life because you had a like frequency.

They’re fond of saying frequency has an effect upon the human brain, so when you’re processing these experiences you need to be processing them with the divine aspect of you. They’re fond of saying, “Your brain exists to keep you from walking in front of a bus.” It is able to process the world around you in a way that helps you to navigate it and survive within it. That’s it’s purpose. It’s purpose is not to be running the spiritual show. The purpose is not for the human mind to be making the divine decision. The divine mind does that, and getting the two to operate in correlation with one another, each taking the responsibility that belongs to each of them, is really the goal.

As people begin to work with The Collective, and it takes usually more than one session, they’ll begin to realize, “I am processing this as a human being. I’m operating in fear in this thing that I’m looking at, and fear is not a divine response, it’s a human response. If I step back from the fear and I get objective, I see how I drew that to myself” and it’s usually not very long before people see why they did it and what they had in common with that person that they were trying to work their way through.

The reincarnation process and karma is really about the fact that we are beings of frequency and that frequency is always a sum total of all experiences that we’re having in all incarnations of us, incarnate and discarnate, coming together in the now moment. Let’s say that you’re having an experience from another lifetime, what we call past lives. They’re not in the past. They’re happening concurrently, because time is a construct. Our perception of it is that it’s in the past, and usually the ones we’re experiencing most commonly are the ones we’ve experienced upon the Earth plane.

So, you’re going to come into an experience, and any unresolved frequencies that are not serving you, that are not at a fifth dimension or above frequency, are going to be with you again and again and you’re going to draw to you like experience again and again until you figure out that you have a choice. And, then once you resolve that frequency, you’re not just resolving it for this incarnation of you, you’re resolving it for all aspects of you. All aspects of you that dwell everywhere are benefitting from the work that you’re doing in this incarnation on this plane of existence — and that’s incredibly important. That’s something that they teach that is quite different than what I’ve heard from anyone else. We’re moving into 5th dimensional energies where we are able to understand things differently than they were originally taught to us because the frequency of the planet is changing. So are we, and our perception and our ability to understand is changing with it.

Our whole concept of past lives is not in conflict with what they teach, it’s just that what they teach gives you a broader perspective of why it operates that way. When you do your work upon the Earth plane, the great advantage to that is that you’re sharing that with all aspects of you.

They get a little snarky when they talk about past lives. They say that we’re all very hung up on how we died and we’re not at all interested in how we lived. They say, you think about your dramas and your traumas and you focus on them and you’re proud of them and you wear them as a badge of honor. You talk about them over dinner, when the question you really ought to be asking is, “How did I live?” What did I experience in that lifetime, because whatever I experienced in that lifetime, I’m still experiencing it. Every moment is the now moment, every moment. And, because of that, the frequency that you were at when you were experiencing it is being shared with this aspect of you.

If you have a recognition of that other life, of that other aspect of you, then the homework has been given to you to do, because that aspect of you, for whatever reason, is not able to do it. That’s the whole purpose of opening up to see the multidimensional aspects of ourself. We’re supposed to be interacting with them, not to have a woo-woo experience that we then share with our friends and wear as our badge of honor. We do do that within metaphysics. I haven’t been metaphysical all that long, and it didn’t take me very long to figure out there’s kind of a spiritual superiority sometimes.

They’re like, “You don’t understand that you’re dwelling in a more powerful energy now than they ever dwelled in then. In your perception of time, why are you trying to emulate what is in the past. You’re supposed to be creating the future.”

Every moment is the now moment and our future already exists. We’re supposed to be moving into it, not looking over our shoulder grasping at what we think was the higher experience when it wasn’t. That wasn’t a higher experience. You’ve always been an aspect of God. I’m not cutting down any of the focus on indigenous spirituality. I’m just saying we’re having a remembering of it for a reason, and it isn’t to emulate it. It’s to realize that we are all of those aspects always, in every moment in the now moment — and to tap into the wonderful aspects of that, not the dramas and the traumas that most of us focus on in these past-life regressions.

For people who are really growing, I call it “doing the work” because it takes a tremendous amount of commitment to say to yourself, “I want my life to be different than it is today.” That’s a huge, loaded statement to say to yourself and to really take responsibility to do it, and I think that it is work. There are people who are really doing the work and doing that within my contribution interacting with The Collective on a regular basis. That’s not the only way to do the work, but it’s one way to do it. Inevitably, their entire vocabulary changes, their outlook changes, they quit dwelling on the past, they quit dwelling on judgment, and they start moving into a higher understanding of who they really are and what they can allow themselves to experience.

That whole past-life paradigm and that whole vocabulary and belief system around it is part of our programming. It was just a program we were running, because it was all we were able to understand at the time, and now we’re dwelling within a 5th dimensional energy that helps us to understand it in a higher and broader way so we can move away from the drama and trauma of that and move into, “Well, if I was able to really tap into every experience I have had because I’m still having it in the now moment, what potential resides there for me to create something beautiful in my life?”

Has The Collective talked about the potential for humanity on planet Earth?
Yes. They talk about it all the time, but the way they break it down is: you have to realize your personal potential before you’re going to be sharing a higher frequency with the whole that actually creates change.

The way that they explain it is we are connected to All That Is. We are pure Source energy. That’s what we are, with consciousness, and because of that we’re connected to all other forms of energy, all of them, everything, in a very physical way, in a physics way, in a scientific way. We share frequency, which means we share connectivity. So, why is The Collective here? The Collective is here because they are also connected to us and they have their own agenda, as well. They are having an experience that is impacted by us. We’re having an experience that is impacted by them. And, when we’re able to come together and correspond with one another, we’re able to both experience a higher experience.

The experience on planet Earth is about coming into materiality and continuing to experience a greater measure of our divinity within a human body, and the greater measure of our divinity is measured by our frequency. We see the out-showing of our frequency by what is in our lives. What is in your life is your frequency because you’re the one who has drawn it to you. It is your frequency. Whether we want to embrace that, whether we want to believe it, it doesn’t matter, because it is physics. You can’t experience something that does dwell at the same frequency where you dwell. You can observe it, perhaps, but having a personal experience of it, that is only created by our personal frequency.

So we each have a personal frequency that we’re contributing to the whole, and all of those like frequencies and all the variety of energy with consciousness that dwells on this planet is what creates the reality that we dwell within. They say, “All of you want to get together in your group consciousness and you want to affect change, so you get up on your soapbox and you go around with your signs and you do your protests and you want to bring a level of realization to issues upon your planet. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what’s happening is you’re experiencing the contrast of it and realizing you have a choice.” So that’s all a good thing.

But when you try to take the choice that you have as an individual and push it off on everyone else, that’s not a good thing because then you’re lowering your frequency. You’re right back to believing that you’re a herd and everybody has to believe the same thing or it’s not going to come out the way we want it to. They said, “If you want your world to improve, then you have to improve your personal experience, because it’s the only contribution you’re making — literally, the only one.”

If everything is frequency, then everything that you believe is being contributed to the whole. Everything you’re experiencing is being contributed to the whole. Any judgment you’re having about yourself or anyone else is being contributed to the whole.

I’ll give you an example of this. We did a workshop recently that was called Releasing Money Programming, and it was so powerful. We don’t realize how deep the programming runs around money and the material way that we experience our world. So, it was a discussion for four weeks that went way beyond the concept of money, but there were people who had a question. They said, “You know, as metaphysical people we tend to be more concerned about what’s fair in society.” So, we actually got into a conversation about the one person, about things like minimum wage and all of these things that perhaps we could put in the category of a political standpoint.

The Collective broke that down and said, “Is it okay to look at a group of people and realize that they’re dwelling at a frequency where they’re not drawing to themselves what they really want? That’s excellent because someone needs to teach them. So, that’s an excellent realization to have. But, when you go to them and you tell them that they’re a victim of someone else’s decisions, which of those frequencies do you really think is the overall contribution that you’re making?

“On the one hand, you have a really high frequency realizing the contrast and understanding you want to do something about it. That’s pure creative energy at its finest. Here’s the contrast in front of me and I now have a decision that I need to make. Then over here on the other hand, my decision from that contrast is to look at these people as being a bunch of victims and to convince them that they are, to put signs in their hands, to participate in a political structure where we try to convince people that they’re victims and that someone else should care about that and pass a piece of legislation that will improve their life, while never teaching them in the midst of that contrast that they’re the ones drawing it to them.

“So, what are you really accomplishing with that? You tell us? What are you really accomplishing with that? Why do you think nothing ever gets resolved, really? Because you’re not even looking at this with a belief system that would resolve it. It’s okay to go and feed these people if they’re poor or give them what they need. Do it from the abundance that you’ve drawn to self and a belief that you can have whatever you want and then they’ll say to you, ‘How come you have more than me?’ and you can say to them, ‘It’s because I believe that I can.’ So, let’s talk about what you believe about you. That’s a much higher discussion. That’s a much higher contribution.”

But, even as metaphysical people who perhaps understand some physics concepts around how all of this works, we fall into that societal programming of a way that we think is going to resolve societal issues. That is never going to resolve societal issues.

The best way to change your present is to understand that your present and your future and your past are all the same moment and the highest contribution you can make is a tremendous love for self and others that’s based on love and compassion with zero judgment — because we’re all just creating. That’s all we’re doing. We’re experiencing it in different ways and we’re having a human perception of it that leads to us thinking we’re being hurt, and we’re really not. Our perception of being hurt is what lowers our frequency and makes what we we’re creating a lower thing, lower as we would define it.

If you stop and think about it, in every moment the frequency that you’re contributing is not just changing the now moment that you’re perceiving as a human in 2018, it’s changing every moment of your existence as energy with consciousness, and it’s changing that moment everywhere.

They say, “You all come in with a like frequency and you drive each other crazy, and all that you’re waiting for, all your intent before you came was to realize that one of you needs to change something. One of you needs to see the contrast that’s being created in that like frequency and choose something else, and it changes your entire family.” Most of us can relate to that. If one person decided, “I’m not doing this anymore,” it just changed everything forever for everyone in the family.

What we’re doing on a grander scale is dwelling as energy that is constantly changing the energy of what we’re experiencing and the frequency of what we’re experiencing in all aspects of us as individuals. All of that coming together and those like frequencies of all of us as individuals matching up is what creates the reality we’re experiencing. So, saying to another human being, “I feel sorry for you and you’re a victim and that means that I’m a spiritually high person for realizing that you’re a victim,” that’s really not a very high viewpoint, not from The Collective’s perspective.

These are challenging concepts for people to hear and to really embrace, because it changes your view. They actually called us all out in that money programming session. They said, “You think that because you feel sorry for other people it makes you superior and that’s why you hold that belief system, because of what it does for you. It makes you feel good about you to feel sorry for them. But, if you’re asking us, ‘Is that a higher frequency?’ we would have to say to you no, it’s not, because you don’t need to view other people as being a victim to have a higher experience for you. Just focus on yourself! If you want to do things for other people, that’s fine. Do it expecting nothing. Do it with no judgment. You don’t have to feel sorry for them to feed them, but it would be a finer thing to teach them that they’re energy with consciousness and that they’re able to change their own life. It doesn’t mean we ignore the things around us. It means we help with the things around us without passing judgment on it, just realizing it’s a result of a shared frequency and belief system that as soon as we don’t believe it anymore it will change.”

On one hand, that makes people feel very empowered, and on the other hand it makes them feel like, “Well, physically, what am I supposed to do with that?” The word everyone uses is practical. “Well, in a practical application what would that look like?” And The Collective says, “What we’ve just told you is as practical as it gets. What you have trouble with is you think you have to be doing something physically, and what we’re telling you is the frequency you dwell at is your contribution, whether you ever lifted your hands to do anything. So, choose the things physically that bring you joy, because that raises your frequency and when you’re sharing that frequency with the world, people will come to you like moths to a flame to find out what are you doing that is different than what I’m doing, and then you can tell them that they’re not victims.”

That’s very difficult to let go of it. It’s so much a part of who we are, especially as Americans. People really struggle with that. Removing this programming is a progression of a realization that your belief systems are creating your reality and that you’re drawing that to you with the frequency and that almost 10 times out of 10 that frequency is going to be based on fear. “Why do I label these people as victims and want to help them? Because I’m afraid I’m going to become one of them if I don’t change this construct.” That’s really where that comes from for most of us.

The fear response. Fear is at the bottom of just about anything that you want to release. We’re believing we cannot have what we want, which is a fear response at the end of the day, and there’s a lot of nuances that go along with that, but there’s fear around all of it — and fearing one another. When we look at the victims and we don’t fear what’s happening to them because we don’t believe it would happen to us because we don’t dwell at that frequency, then we can just help them. We don’t have to have a judgment about it. We can just teach them what we know because that’s all that you really can do at the end of the day. You can’t make anybody do anything.

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