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Allie Maurer is an internationally known psychic medium, healer, animal communicator, spiritual teacher and intuitive life coach. The Edge checked in with this regular advertiser to learn a little bit about her experiences and what the public can expect when consulting with her.

Many psychics had what to them were natural intuitive experiences as children. What was your childhood like with regards to your gifts?
I was born with my gifts and I did not have an understanding that I was different or that my experiences were abnormal. There wasn’t a comparison for me and there still isn’t. I am still learning all the ways that my experience is actually quite different than that of my friends and family.

As a very young child, my experiences were very simple. My dreams would come true almost every day, from the night before, in mundane ways. I would always know which episodes of my favorite cartoons would be on, if it was a rerun, or I would know if it would be a new episode. I remembered my past lives not like a traditional memory, but there were certain things I “knew” and that I was drawn to, that were just a part of “me.” Also, I would see and interact with my animal spirit guides and communicate with living animals. That was my favorite thing.

As I grew up, it became quite difficult. I had frightening experiences with seeing dead people and understanding what was happening to me. As I grew more empathic and psychic (I possess all the “clairs” and mediumship), I didn’t have a reference for what was happening to me or what I was experiencing. It became a tremendous challenge and burden.

Fortunately, at the age of 14, Spirit guided my first mentor to find and help me. I learned that I was indeed gifted and how to “control” my abilities. I started giving free readings to strangers at a coffee shop in Minneapolis. That was a huge turning point for me. I had clarity about my experiences, instead of being a victim to what I didn’t understand. That doesn’t mean it was easy, but it was no longer traumatic.

What intuitive experience continues to give you goose bumps to this day?
Honestly, none. I have been through and seen a lot. Nothing scares me or bothers me at this point. I have experienced enough that I can take everything in stride. I am bothered far more by things that are not metaphysical, like the suffering of people and animals.

However, I do get “chills” when I connect and resonate deeply with my clients and when I read my clients’ emails and testimonials about their experiences during our sessions. I am truly grateful to be able to support people with my abilities. Hearing their stories is very life-affirming. It truly shows how the work we do is an equal balance of giving and receiving. I don’t think they have any idea how supportive they are and how much love I feel from them! I am truly blessed to have the amazing clients I have!

When did you decide to become a professional intuitive, and what inspired that decision?
I actually fought it for a long time. I allowed fear to stand in my way. I worried that people and family would reject me and my decision, that I wasn’t good enough, that I couldn’t financially support myself doing this, etc. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have made because up until this point, I had confided in very few people in my life about my abilities.

After a number of psychics told me that using my gifts to support others was part of my path, I actually asked one of them to mentor me. We became friends and would practice readings and teach each other. She really encouraged me to do this work professionally, full time.

In 2016 after my guides and angels had tried everything they could to get me to leave my other job, they actually took away my physical ability to do the work I had been doing. When I dedicated myself 100 percent to my path, I was healed.

What makes your intuitive sessions with clients unique?
A lot of things! First off, I meditate before every session for 30-40 minutes and receive information from my clients’ spirit guides and angels. I love that the information from these meditations usually answers my clients’ questions before they ever get a chance to ask!

The information I focus on has to do with lessons and healing that are necessary for people to get where they desire to be. As a spiritual teacher and healer, I find it imperative to help people understand what is really going on and why! If you come to a session, be prepared to learn! I also give homework and guide my clients on how to achieve the results they want.

That’s the reason I have been loving the mentoring and life coaching work I have been asked to do by my clients. I want to empower people and connect them to their “truth.” My goal is that my clients become so powerful and confident in themselves and living their lives that they don’t need me as psychic, medium, or healer — just as a friend.

What do you want everyone to know about the work you do?
I try to spread a ripple of love through my work. If I can empower the people I come into contact with to be their true and highest selves — and by being themselves they can inspire others — we can make a huge, positive impact on the world.

People come to me for a wide range of reasons: clarity, healing, even entertainment. But the true reason goes beyond asking about love, or speaking to a deceased love one or pet. The thread that connects them is really wanting to connect with their own authenticity. That is huge. They want validation for what they already know or feel. On some level they know they are capable of sensing that their loved one is around, that they aren’t on the right path, that something is happening that they can’t quite understand. They want to be able to tune in with who they really are beyond the material/physical realm. These are people who are desiring to “wake up” to “truth” and who they really are. I am just a teacher with a very specific set of skills to help them do that.

What insight have you recently received from Spirit that you’d like to share with Edge readers?
Over the last couple years, and again recently, there have been so many messages coming through surrounding the truth on our own limitations. The truth is, we really have none. The only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves because of what we have been taught, our perception, perspectives and limiting beliefs.

If people really understood just how much power they have by stepping out of fear and into their own authenticity, they would understand there are no limits to what they can accomplish.

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