The Non Workshop: A Way to Tap into Your Innate Wisdom

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These days everything is being workshopped. There are workshops about meditation, relationships, finances, mindset, and…fill in the blank. We take workshops at church, the local metaphysical store, work, school, etc. What if we could just be with a subject instead of working it to death?

Workshops are known for their focus on doing and discussion around a specific subject. I’m all for doing. It’s a great way to learn and help us get clear. But there are times when we need to learn another way.

What if we didn’t talk or do anything except simply be with a subject. That is simply letting ideas and images float up. No further exploration needed during the process. The basis of this idea is that we have innate wisdom we can draw on.

So, instead of a workshop let’s call it a BEshop.

Best Subjects to BEshop
Subjects that work best are those around an issue you’d like to heal or move forward on, but you can BEshop any subject.

The next thing to help you gather the best wisdom is to word your subject as a question. When we ask ourselves questions, the subconscious is moved to find answers.

Examples of possible BEshop subjects: What can I do to make the relationship with my partner better? How can I improve my financial situation? What can I create to improve my business? What do I need to do in order to lose weight? How can I improve my spiritual practice? What’s important for me to know about meditation? How can I best practice yoga?

The question you ask needs to be personal.

What You’ll Need
Make sure you have a quiet space to be alone for a while. You’ll be tapping into your most sacred space within, so it can help if you make the space sacred with a candle or, if you have an altar, do it there.

It is important to give yourself plenty of time because often the information you first receive is just the beginning. It takes time to reach deeper levels. So give yourself at least 30 minutes. You don’t really need any longer. Too long and you begin to drift away from the subject.

You will also need some way of recording what comes up. It can be as simple as pen and paper. You may also want to have some colored pencils or crayons available, especially if you’re one who gets more imagery than words.

How to Run Your BEshop
Begin by setting up your space. Gather your recording tools and your mind. If you have a sacred routine you do before you do work at your altar, do that.

Once you’re ready and have easy access to your recording tools, get comfortable and light a candle if you haven’t already. Close your eyes and go into the silence. You can focus on your breath at first, but after about five minutes let go of any external focus and allow yourself to sink deeper into the quiet. Once you feel settled there, ask your question and then just be.

Words, ideas, images, sounds, all sorts of things will begin to rise. Capture them as you go. Don’t spend too much time capturing though. You can elaborate later. Right now you need to stay in the flow.

When it feels as though you’ve exhausted the flow of information, keep being with your question for a while longer. More often shows up. Once you’re truly finished, spend a few moments in gratitude and then close your session by putting out the candle or using any other closing you usually do.

Take some time to go over what came up. If there were images, you can now spend some time drawing them or bringing clarity to the words or ideas as they apply to your question. Over the next couple of days, simply revisit what came through and you’ll find clarity naturally happens. Now you can begin to implement what you learned if doing so seems applicable.

The BEshop helps you tap into the Divine Wisdom that is available to us always.

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Joanne Young Elliott
Joanne Young Elliott, a poet and writer, calls herself a Word Priestess. Since ancient times, women have been healers. Some heal with their hands or herbs, some through counsel, some with music, and others, like Joanne, with words. To her, words are powerful magic and medicine. Though she is mainly a writer, she also works in the world as a Priestess of Ma’at in the Fellowship of Isis and a Licensed Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living, home to the Science of Mind philosophy, faith and way of life. Her mission is to encourage and inspire creatives to fully embrace their creative power and intrinsic value. You can read and learn more about her work at Contact Joanne at [email protected].


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