A Pleiadian Message: This is Your Time to Shine Forth


Beloved ones, we greet you. This is the time for the acceleration of great change on your planet Earth. There has been much transition up to this juncture and now you open into a tipping point, as you grow closer to the fulfillment of the New Dawning Prophecy. You are on a destiny time line and nothing will stop this process of energetic transmutation of your Earth plane. You have moved into a completion cycle of Earth, which will align you dimensionally with the rest of the universe. The repositioning of the sun on December 31 will set this next destiny cycle in motion for the entire planet — and for all humanity.

These accelerated energetic openings will create a permanent shift within the illusion as the veils lift. The veils lifting will result in your misperceptions dissolving, allowing you to move into a deeper knowing. The misunderstanding of who you are has created a separation within you. This illusion has limited your perceptions of your own vast potential.

A series of energetic openings have revealed many aspects of the multidimensional forms within your planet. However, at this juncture you are about to become witness to “another turn of the wheel” within your planet’s evolution. As the veils begin to lift, there will be a domino effect of each veil lifting, and then another veil being able to dissolve. This will bring forth an unveiling of shields, which have been put in place until this moment in time. This action of dissolving will allow you to align to another level of Truth.

Pure Light
This movement will arise from the birthing of a pure light, which will come up through the rays of the sun as it repositions. This is the third repositioning of the sun and it heralds in another aspect of the New Dawning Prophecy into completion. This third repositioning carries the sacred essence of the Holy Trinity, which opens a new vista, a purest form of light. A corridor of light opens and a new doorway of opportunity emerges for the advancement within the holy essence of Self.

Through the corridor of light, openings are revealed to you. These are based on Truth and they have been held within a covenant for all of you. The covenant carries a whole new spectrum of reality for humanity. This covenant holds an anchor by opening up a collective frequency of love, which is designed to support those of you who are ready to gather together and form groups.

As a group, you are destined to birth a collective energetic frequency between you, which you, as a group, will hold steady for all of humanity. These groups are predestined to complete this process after the New Year. Each one of you on the path are being asked to be conscious of connections to others at this time, in readiness for this important stepping stone. This step is a self-realization process. This is you fulfilling an aspect of your mission that you have pre-agreed to be a part of now.

Some groups are already together and others are needed to join in to complete your group frequency. Be open-minded and encourage others into your group base in order for you to complete your group frequency. These frequency patterns collectively will be birthed together, interweaving on a global scale forming a web around Earth. They will collectively play an integral part of the destiny of your planet’s transformational next step to realign within the universal consciousness.

Light creation energy
These openings are prophesied to carry a wholeness of light creation energy. The creation essence is destined to be made manifest by your group holding this completed frequency pattern between you. This form of light will be naturally forged within your expanded conscious state within your heart structure. This is the opening that will allow you to reconnect and anchor through to the sacred aspect of Self and stabilize within this state.

A call is going out to you from the sacred aspect of your Higher Self to move and align within this new environment within your heart. Through your heart you will be able to form these group frequency alignments.

Remember, a group constitutes one or more individuals and you can form groups from a distance connection. You have some time before the New Year to prepare group connections. Many of you have the utilization of communication forms to create group frequency connections within your internet web.

As you unfold within your heart structure, you will continue to open deeper, which will bring you further opportunities to shift your limited perception within the illusion of time. Each connection within your heart allows you to realign within the sacred Truth through to the multidimensional framework of your sacred heart.

As you choose your own multidimensional path through your heart, you will be shifting old cycles of limitation within you. Through the group frequency, you will be moving back to your origin state of being. You will naturally anchor beyond the illusion and every cell in your physical body will reflect the light of your multidimensional heart.

Shine forth
This is your time to shine forth, by choosing the light. Within a single moment you can create a pathway home to Self. We cannot create this path for you, for only you through a conscious choice action can forge this pathway back to Self. We can support you through a witnessing of you choosing to reconnect to this higher path aspect of yourself.

There is a light that illuminates the way for you. The sun is already holding a steady anchor for you and it will hold further illuminations after the New Year. These rays are designed to guide you deeper within the space of your multidimensional heart.

There is much for you to witness at this time within the human drama on your planet. Do not be sidetracked by all that is taking place within the illusion of your lives. This drama is a form of distraction as the energy on your planet is adjusting, getting ready for the activation of this new paradigm in the New Year.

This is your time to stay focused within your self through the avenue of your heart and to prepare for your upcoming accelerated transition.

There are to be no other diversions right now. Let go and open into a deeper focus within your heart for this is where all things arise within you. Keep breathing and let go, choosing your heart, choosing the avenue of your Higher Self. Through these series of multidimensional openings, you can be fulfilled into other aspects of self-realization within the vast potential of your Higher Self.

This movement will be accelerated through the group connections. Via your heart space you will hold the frequency of the patterning, and through this connection you will be self-realized on another level.

What you are actually doing as you choose reconnection is returning and realigning to this sacred state of being, and each one of you is ready for this next step of transition. The profound anchoring of energy at the time of New Year sets in motion this new level of creation energy on the planet, which allows the forging to enable you to become.

We are now actively bringing the New Dawning frequency to your planet in readiness for this transition. The essence of the “New Dawning” anchors a very specific element, which is created especially to realign you to your inner sacred frequencies. As you align and prepare through your heart, you will begin to receive vast and deeper understandings that are held collectively within the universal consciousness. These energies carry an aspect of your inner connection that naturally aligns you with the rest of the universal consciousness.

As this energetic synergy begins to birth through you, it will form a deeper bond to the universe. There will be a building of momentum within you that will prepare you for these series of upcoming powerful shifts at the end of your planetary year.

Propel you
These sacred cycles set in motion at the time of New Year are designed to propel you, individually, within a vast multidimensional cycle of unique sacred reconnections.

As the New Year opens, you will feel a revelation within you on a physical, emotional and energetic level. There will be a shifting of vibration within the cells, which will anchor a unique energetic patterning within the cells. There will be a birthing and building of light within your systems that prepares you to move forward at a very different level beyond the veils of illusion and outwards into the light.

We, the Pleiadians, will be working in a collective symphony of energy with the universal community to stabilize you within this transmutation of your physical and energetic systems. We will be also holding the energetic core of your Earth for stabilization until the changeover is complete.

Your role is to open into your heart and allow this transmutation to complete itself, knowing that this is a natural process. This means you need to be willing to prepare consciously by bringing your focus into your heart connection. This conscious connection by you will be enough to open up the “doorway,” allowing the development of a higher multidimensional reconnection within your heart space to take place.

Note: This process can be done by physically coming together or you can do this process with your group at a distance. This process will support the building of your group’s synergy.
1. Hold your heart with both palms resting on the chest.
2. Breathe into this connection and let the connection build as you bring your awareness deeper within the heart.
3. Use the sound, EESTAHN (pronounced ee starn). Bring the sound into your heart. Do this nine times. Three rounds of three. Feel the building of the connection.
4. Now open up to the group energy by forming an energetic connection between you. You do this by continuing to focus on your own heart but use the group sound, THYNAH (pronounced thy nah). Always use the sound three times. You can do as many rounds of the sound as you need between you, as long as it is done in groups of three soundings.
5. Feel an energy, essence or resonance (you may feel, sense or see it) begin to build between your group. It builds within your own heart so that the energy of the group’s synergy is opening up between you. Feel it within your heart.

Note: This is an important process for you to receive in preparation for the new levels coming onto the planet at the time of New Year.
1. Hold your heart with both palms resting on the chest.
2. Breathe into this connection and let the connection build as you bring your awareness deeper within the heart.
3. Now use the sound, OOSTAH, bring it into your heart. Use the sound three times. Then use your conscious breath like a soft wind into the heart. Then repeat this step fully two more times.
4. When you feel a flow within your heart, then bring this sound, EEE…OOSTAH within the heart. Use this sound three times only.
5. I AM. EEE….. I AM. EE….. I AM.

Keep letting go and trust. All is in hand! Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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