Aligning with the Universe: The Edge Interview with Christine Day


Since 2010 when The Edge was first introduced to Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day, the entire world as we know it has turned inside out. Light has revealed dark secrets and transparency has become the norm. This is all part of what spiritual and thought leaders have called “the great awakening,” or as the Pleiadians described it, “the new dawning.”

Christine Day has been providing monthly updates and offering supportive exercises to assist those on the spiritual path to become acclimated to the 5th- and 6th-dimensional energies that are being introduced to planet Earth and all of its inhabitants. I took a moment to re-read my first interview with her eight years ago. During that interview, she explained that the Pleiadians want us to understand how to transform our “knee-jerk reaction to fear, how to change how we meet fear, and to utilize it in a more positive way.”

She said, “They want us to see that it is just a feeling, that it cannot hurt us to learn to feel the fear, but keep moving forward and working with fear in a different way. It can serve us rather than stop us and hold us in a contracted way. With fear, we contract our hearts, and much of the work (the Pleiadians) are doing now involves asking us to learn not to contract our hearts as we feel the fear, but to open our hearts towards the fear and learn that it really cannot hurt us. They say we can live differently with that fear by working with it to come to a different place with the fear. I think that is a very important part of the transition that is coming, and they are bringing a new understanding of this transition.

“You see, there have been a lot of messages around this change that is coming, and a lot of the messages are very fear based. The Pleiadians are seeing this not as something that we have to be afraid of, but something that we have to move with as we go along. I love the level of understanding they are bringing around this shift that is coming, around the changing times.

“It is a birth and a transition, but it does not have to be anything to be afraid of. This deeper understanding that they are bringing helps people understand the full picture of the transition itself. People can then feel more knowing that the fear can drop away, that they can personally start taking – not control – but part in that transition. Your personal transition can be something that you work with in an alignment with the Earth, not in a fear-based way.”

Christine Day, based along the North Shore near Grand Marais, now shares energy activations and initiations channeled from the Pleiadians worldwide. She returns to the Twin Cities on November 30 through December 3 to present a “Transmission of Light” event, followed by the annual three-day Pleiadian Seminar.

She spoke with The Edge about the energetic transformations we have experienced this year and about the upcoming seminar.

Thank you for speaking with us again about the Pleiadians and the tools they are providing to us during this transformative time. Will you share about the energetic changes that have taken place thus far in 2018?
Christine Day:
There’s been a tremendous transformation like never before this year on the planet, and the biggest one is a corridor of light that’s been activated. It activated March 31st and July 31st, and it’s going to another level of activation December 31st at the time of New Year.

What happened at those times was revolutionary for our Earth plane, because the sun repositioned itself in relationship to Earth. It was only for a few minutes, but in those few minutes a light from the sun holding a higher frequency of God consciousness came onto the planet. This created a huge shift on our Earth plane, and one of the biggest was that the core of the Earth began to pulse in resonance for the first time with our resonant Universe.

We became aligned to the resonant Universe on an energetic level for the first time ever in the history of our planet. December is going to be a further shift that is really cracking us open into this corridor of light that will transform the cells of the heart on a very different level.

The Pleiadians call it almost like a heartbeat of light that started to resonate the same as the Universe, which carries the God consciousness frequency. Also, it started to activate a transmitter in the cells of our hearts so that our hearts have been almost cracked open like a shell, like you crack an egg open. This new consciousness is birthing an opening in the sacred aspect of our multidimensional heart where we are in our Higher Self energy. It has begun to really expand through our hearts and through the cells of our bodies, and we’re beginning to align more into the sacred part of our self much more readily, much more easily.

At the same time, the veils on the Earth plane of illusion have lifted, especially for those who are on the path, who are consciously awake. We’re much more easily able to align to that sacred part of ourselves and able to shed a lot of the old density, the old belief systems of limitation and lack and struggle that keep us feeling like we’re stuck and we cannot move. That is starting to really shed off those of us who are really doing our work.

Meanwhile, there is an acceleration of drama on the planet. The greatest challenge right now is to move toward our sacredness rather than stay stuck in that limitation. Our human part views the drama as a reality, and we need to disengage from the story that the ego mind always has going about what is real and what is not real and just start to align into this new space of sacredness that is opening up through us for us to access.

What I love about what the Pleiadians are doing right now, wherever I am going in the world, is speaking to audiences about who we are in our natural makeup. Yes, we’re human, and we also are sacred beings. They’re encouraging us to start looking at ourselves from a different viewpoint of understanding the fullness of ourselves — from humanness to sacredness — and how that sacred element can support the human element. It’s about moving from the self-sabotage and self-condemnation that entrenches us in the illusion to the relief of moving to a new part of the vision of who you are and allowing the sacred component to start fortifying and supporting you nutritionally, on an energetic level, and consciously shifting the way you view yourself in the world as a whole.

What I am seeing the Pleiadians bringing are really basic and simple tools to disengage yourself from that locked-in viewpoint of the ego mind.

How are the Pleiadians responding to the Earth as it comes in alignment with the Universe?
They say we’re actually ahead of time and we’re doing incredibly well. If you look at Earth now from the ego mind’s point of view, you’d go, “Oh, my gosh! How could they even say that?! There is such a mess everywhere.” But that mess is the product of the light coming in. It’s unearthing all the density, all the lies, all the secrets, all the misperceptions — and they see that as a very good thing, that it’s all coming out like a sore, like a wound that has been hidden underneath and is now being revealed for what it is.

We see the reflection here up on our land in Grand Marais. Words cannot adequately express to you what’s been going on here. We opened our land up to the public for the first time this summer. We had five groups here for a series of five weekends — 180 people who came over that time from all over the world and all over America. The galactic receiving station is now fully opened, and I was not prepared for the vastness of the change.

We didn’t even recognize our land as it anchored the work that was done here, and the evolution that took place for the individuals who came was astounding. We saw a tripling of action of the galactic ships and Pleiadian ships coming in and being able to work on the Earth plane in a very different format because of this receiving station — and it’s going to another level on April 27th next year. I can see the transformation. Living here on this property has been really profound.

Before we talk about the seminar coming up, you mentioned at last year’s seminar that you were going to begin anchoring different spots on the planet. Can you talk a little bit more about the progress in that regard?
Yes. I feel that’s one of the reasons I’m going to Thailand. I’m carrying a very different energetic. My whole system has transformed, and it’s been that way since the receiving station anchored here on the land in June. It’s like I’ve revolutionized myself in relationship to the light that I’m carrying, a higher frequency of my Higher Self. It’s almost like I’ve moved into a very strong enlightenment, further enlightenment process.

So, I’m carrying a new imprint, a new frequency, that is vastly changing things everywhere I go. We went to Paris in June, creating a whole new energetic profile on the planet. I spent five weeks in Brazil, and at each place I went a whole new energetic imprint was opened up to create, almost like an enlightenment space, and the energies have interconnected through the planet.

Now I’m going to Thailand for two weeks and it feels like I’m to do that work there, as well. It’s very important work. I have a very different way of operating in the world carrying this frequency, but I’m feeling tremendously fortified.

My work is expanding, and what I am getting and seeing very clearly is that my work is to help people reconnect with their family of origin off planet and to expand our community and our connection with the Universe. When I saw it happening to the people who came as they reconnected and re-experienced their family of light, their entire energetic profile changed, and they were instantly able to carry a higher level of their own awakened space within them.

It’s very clear the work I have to do here. It’s from another level, which delights me, actually. I’m ready to take on this next step and to continue, not in another form, but just from a different perspective, and that’s the point: to understand and have that clarity.

There are probably no words that can describe the change that has taken place in you and in others since you began sharing the Pleiadian initiations.
No. I really can’t say, except that people have had a rapid awakening. They have received their reconnections. Many people are communicating directly with the Pleiadians, and with other galactic groups within the Universe with whom they have had pre-agreements. It’s very life changing. I can use myself as that gauge, because I carry the platform for others to move to exactly where I am. I’m not unique in any way, maybe a few steps ahead in some regards, but that’s kind of meaningless, to me anyway. I just know how profoundly life changing it can be for the awakening of others, and it’s a great calling and a great mission.

The three-day Pleiadian seminar returns on December 1 with an emphasis on “You Healing You.” Can you tell us what’s taking place now in the human body as the energy of the Earth moves toward unity consciousness?
Yes. There are huge changes in the physical body, and some of them are presenting as physical issues, but they’re not really. They’re just the body shifting. People think there’s something going wrong with them, but actually there’s not. It’s just a transmutation of the body. The body is changing its whole programming, and the organs are changing their roles. For lifetimes our organs have played a role in servicing us in a certain way, but now they’re serving us in a new way. They’re taking on a new role of shifting and carrying our Divine frequency.

That is where they’re presenting as issues, but they’re really not. They’re just shifting and changing with a lot of electrical energy coming into the body. The crystalline structure in the body is now starting to come into its full role of activation, and so there are big adjustments and so there’s a huge shift in that.

This is the first time that this Pleiadian seminar has ever been anchored on the planet. It’s a profound, life-changing process, and I have yet to see energy like it. It’s a self-empowerment process of change, because it’s activating a self-healing process within the body that opens to self-realization. As you choose to move into this activation, you are choosing to work through the cells of your body on a multidimensional level. We are moving back into our multidimensionality, and the physical cells of the body are transforming into that multidimensionality, into its full purpose.

The Pleiadians are going to allow us to re-access a design of an energetic overlay for maintaining the health of the physical body in its new profile. Actually, it’s not only just for healing areas or symptoms of the physical body, but it’s for maintaining a new level of health within the physical body. Part of this, the Pleiadians say, is that it will allow us to live a lot longer, and we will go into a youthing process of rejuvenation and regeneration of the cells of the body. What they are calling a new healing process is an aligning to these overlays and anchoring them through the body so that we open into this new design of ourselves — and as we say yes to that and start to align to the activation, we move into a self-realization process of amazing transformation.

It will change the relationship you have with your physical body on a multidimensional level, and you will start to align into that — and that means you align into another level of your Higher Self. I have never seen anything like this, Tim. It’s really amazing. The Pleiadians say, “You are who you have been waiting for.” And this process gives you access to your power of “you healing you.”

It’s part of what Mother Mary spoke about months ago, that this is a time for us to receive a series of blessings that are ours. The Pleiadians say this process of self-realization and self-empowerment — by receiving this self-healing energy — will take us and move us into another level of natural re-awakening of ourselves.

I’ve been looking at this corridor of light that came onto the planet on July 31st, and then the energy of December 31st is going to be present at the seminar. That corridor of light will be anchored within the seminar space to allow this to take place, for those who come. The energy I’m looking at around this is like nothing I’ve seen before and I’m very excited to be part of it, playing my role, and holding that platform for everybody. Minneapolis will be anchoring it for the first time on the planet, and of course, it will be taken worldwide to other places.

It’s amazing how every year there is a new step forward and that this process is never ending, because evolution does not stop.
Evolution doesn’t stop, and we are evolving into that sacred part of ourselves, and we are never ending. We are limitless in our potential, and I just love the unfolding of it and being part of this unfolding. It’s very amazing.

For those people who are not on the spiritual path, how are the energy changes affecting their bodies during the time of transition that we’re going through on Earth?
Those who are awake and consciously engaged in this process are going through a rapid acceleration forward, but every human being on this Earth plane on 11/11/11 received the crystalline structure in their bodies — and all children are being born with that crystalline structure in place in the cells.

On 12/12/12, in those of us who are awake, who are consciously working, the crystalline structure was activated in our bodies. Through that crystalline structure we can embody the fullness of our Higher Self light. We actually have the capacity to take in all that high-level light that we are in our vastness in this physical form. That’s very important in the whole plan that’s going ahead here on the planet. Those of us who are consciously awake are going to go through rapid transformation and self-realization. Many of us will be carrying that full light of our Higher Self and be consciously aligned to the sacred that we are, living that well before the rest of the planet.

Those who just carry that crystalline structure that’s just sitting there right now, dormant, are not aware of it, but it’s there. Those of us who are the wayshowers on the path are going to be acclimatizing to this new energetic as we evolve. We are going to be carrying and holding a different frequency on the planet as Earth expands.

Then, at a certain moment, the veils actually will just lift away. The Pleiadians say to me, “You know, it’s like awakening from a dream.” In a dream, you wake up and go, “Oh, I was just dreaming!” Well, these people who are not conscious right now will simply awaken and remember who they are, because they are fully intact just beyond the veil, too. They’re just not aware of any of it. They will awaken from the dream — the dream will be their life that they have lived here on this Earth plane up to that moment — and suddenly they’ll just remember who they are and fully engage into the new consciousness.

That’s how the Pleiadians see it unfolding here on the planet. In that certain moment, those who already have been awake will be holding that energetic to support the rest of the people in just that expression of themselves in this physical body with their awakening

What the Pleiadians are showing me is that the drama that’s playing out across the Earth plane — we’ve got all the dramas, and the violence — is just everybody playing out the last pieces of their evolution for themselves; some are playing victim roles, some are playing the persecutor — and it’s all kind of meaningless. It’s just an expression of their last pre-agreements to be played out until all of a sudden that moment will shift and then a huge energetic shift will stabilize on the planet when that awakening happens.

They also say the Earth is reflecting the drama and the illusion. Once that drama is gone and we move and stabilize in a different consciousness, the environment will return back to its pristine condition, because that’s part of the illusion, too. Outside that illusion, everything is really clear and still very pure. The Pleiadians have been showing me that the sacred sites all around the planet — Stonehenge, the pyramids, the Star Gates — are being moved energetically back to their original pristine energy that they came in with. They’re all being shifted right now back into a different alignment of their pristine energy in readiness for December 31st when the sun repositions itself once more and that corridor opens fully.

So we’re in for a really amazing ride! I know it’s been a tough year for many people because of the density that’s in the body. Right now, it’s being pulled up. Anything you haven’t resolved inside yourself is being magnified in order for you to deal with it. The mind will say, “Oh, my gosh, this is so terrible!” But, actually it’s not. Whatever is in front of you, whatever you’ve created to bring forward that fear or struggle is there so you can deal with it and feel the depth of your fear, the depth of the sadness or the pain or the struggle, and just resolve it for yourself.

It’s no longer about ignoring it. It’s moving through it.
That’s exactly it. As you feel it, if you use that conscious breath (in through the mouth and out through the mouth), then it actually leaves the body. We have to do that. We have to breathe. We have to embrace what’s in front of us and take responsibility for our creation and not be afraid to do that. We’re not victims. While we stay in victim mode, we absolutely cannot release it or heal — because that is the illusion, that we’re the victim. But we never have been the victim, ever.

It’s an important time and this is the message going out. I’ve been in big theaters all over Brazil, having evenings with maybe 600 to 700 people at a time, just sharing this information, bringing people to a different understanding, a different viewpoint of themselves, so that they’re not looking straight ahead, they’re just turning and looking at things from a different perspective about themselves in that space, you know? It’s a beautiful time, but people are afraid. They get into that fear. The ego mind just loves to freeze people in the fear.

But fear, it’s nothing. It’s nothing tangible. If you just breathe into it and let it go into the fear, then that fear just dissolves. It just doesn’t have a content to it. It’s just a feeling that comes from the misperception of that ego mind and the misunderstanding of the ego. It carries all that limitation and old belief systems.

So, that’s the process. That’s where we are, and it’s actually very wonderful.

We should probably mention before we finish up about your podcasts for people who don’t know about it. They’re on Blog Talk Radio — at How has that experience been and what kind of feedback are you getting?
Tremendous feedback. We have a huge audience. I do two of those a month where I really work directly with people. I tune in to what’s happening energetically in the moment. The Pleiadians give me a transmission that I give out and talk about all these things, so it helps people in their daily lives.

The transmissions are really pure and the energy comes right through me and it transmits beautifully through the audio and people are just being profoundly touched and really, really supported in it, and that’s what this is about. That’s my commitment. Doing that radio show is very supportive for me, too, because it just helps me learn. I don’t do these things for anyone but myself, to be honest, and it happens to support a lot of people at the same time, as it should be. I’m teaching because I need to learn. You know? I’m here bringing the vastness of the energy and it fills me, so, yeah, I’m very grateful.

Is there a final message you’d like to leave with our readers?
Take responsibility for the creation in your life right now, remembering that you’re no victim. If you take ownership of what’s right in front of you, don’t try and look back or forward — just be in the moment and understand that everything you need is right in front of you in every moment. You’re not really lacking anything.

When you look ahead, the ego mind is wanting something different, and if you look behind, the ego mind is judging something incorrectly. So if you stay in the moment and just receive your creation and allow yourself to open into that state of receivership in the moment, it will really support you. It all has to be from the heart space. Bring your energy, your awareness, to your heart. Don’t let the ego mind move you into that state of drama and fear. I think that’s really essential right now.

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  1. We been hearing about this shift forever. Was suppose to be at the spring equinoxes but that time came and went. I myself have been on a spiritual path. I can see feel and hear spirit, the metaphysical. The spirit of God was with me for a time. I had messages and confirmations concerning this event but it never happened. Are you sure they are the good guys and instead here to delay our ascension and interfere as much as possible.

  2. The pliedians were part of my path as well. To find out they hired the group that made a program attach to me that had metaphysicals attacking me and harassing me, I can feel hear and see metaphysical so it wasn’t pleasant it was suicidal. I was targeted because I am a twin flame of original template.


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