Be The Best Human You Can Be


This morning I contemplated about my life purpose, wondering what it is all for and why am I here. When I posed the question to guidance this morning they said this: Be the best human you can be.

I asked, “Yes, but what does that mean?”

Guidance responded:

“We can tell you what it doesn’t mean. You have been programmed to believe that your life purpose has to be some grand expression of self. It doesn’t. There was one Mother Teresa, one Louise Hay, one Buddha, one Jesus and only one You. All of these notable people have one thing in common. They were the best humans they could possibly be.

“That intention is going to express itself differently for each and every one of you. Sometimes it will show itself and the human will become well known, like Wayne Dyer. Other times that expression will be quieter and only a few will ever see.

“When you think in this way, your life purpose becomes clear. We understand your longing for more meaning in your life. That is the soul calling your best self to the surface. Once you can get past the idea that it has to look a certain way, you will find peace.”

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Della McGee
Della is a yoga teacher, intuitive reader, master hypnosis facilitator, and blogger. You can find her services at and her blog posts at


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