Charity Fundraiser to Help Stop the Cruel Sport of Dog Fighting


A Group Channeling Ceremony with Medium Maureen Allan

Medium Maureen Allan will bridge the gap between our world and heaven’s by channeling messages of love and closure from your family and friends in heaven, and proceeds will be donated by her Angels Among Us Foundation (AAUF) to help end the cruel sport of dog fighting.

The fundraiser is a group reading, which is a wonderful opportunity to have the chance to either receive direct messages, or to learn more about how communicating with the Spirit world works — so you will be more prepared when you are receiving messages on your own. It will take place from 7-9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23, at Hyatt Regency at Mall of America, 3200 E. 81st St., Bloomington. Tickets are $50 (100 percent of your ticket price is tax deductible). Pre-registration is required. Contact [email protected] or call 949.715.6788 to reserve a seat. Pre-payment guarantees a spot.

Funds created will be donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a non-profit charity dedicated to helping stop animal abuses.

Maureen Allan
Maureen Allan is a gifted master-level channeler and spiritual teacher. She received a miraculous experience 15 years ago, where several of her spirit guides and one of her angels appeared to her for two months – activating her spiritual gifts and guiding her to use them to help God and Earth. She has since devoted her life to using her special abilities to serve mankind and heaven with personal reading, mediumship, entity clearings, psychic investigations, healings and classes.

The Angels Among Us Foundation was founded in Minnesota by Allan in 2013. She received a series of visits from her principal spirit guide, Ascended Master Kuan Yin, who opened Maureen’s eyes to the true tragedies that our under-privileged communities in third world countries must endure. Kuan Yin appeared to Maureen for several months giving her visions of the heart-breaking state of their living circumstances. Kuan Yin made multiple pleas to Maureen to help bring this awareness to those living comfortably in the United States, where resources here are much, much more plentiful. Kuan Yin urged Maureen to start a charity to educate and encourage those living well to share their gifts – to help those who are living in dire circumstances. When the visions and messages that Kuan Yin was giving Maureen wouldn’t let up, Maureen consented to her spirit guide and made a vow to Kuan Yin that she would do as she asked — and help make a difference to help rescue the under-privileged third-world countries from their dire living circumstances, as well as any other cause that Kuan Yin would direct her to.

After this period of Divine Intervention, Maureen created AAUF under Ascended Master Kuan Yin’s clear directions. Every cause that the charity supports is given to Maureen through visitations from Kuan Yin.

The current cause that Kuan Yin has asked Maureen to focus on is bringing awareness to and helping end the cruel sport of dog fighting.  Maureen was woken up and forced to watch a movie about how horrifically these dogs are treated. Maureen had to see the horror of the abuses that these dogs are put through. The experience left Maureen in tears and she promised Kuan Yin that she would obey her wishes and help bring awareness to this horrific act of animal cruelty.

For more information on AAUF, please visit For more information on Maureen, please go

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