Connecting with Your Soul


Truly connecting with your soul can be ugly. It can be frightening. It can be downright messy. But, it is a beautiful journey that leads to a fulfillment that is beyond measure.

The first step to connect with to your soul is to listen! And you must listen really closely, because its voice can be small and quiet at first. Think of a quiet whisper in a crowded room, filled with party goers. The moment you hear it is when you start to really pay attention, when things can start to get chaotic, and even a little crazy.

For most people, their daily lives are far too loud to ever hear that little voice. It is drowned out by other things. Get up, go to work, drive in traffic, clock in at a busy and loud office or retail shop, log into the computer, answer emails, answer phone calls….

The list is categoric and long. We have been conditioned to follow the beaten path that has been laid out for us by all those who came before. But our souls want more than that. They want excitement and independence. They want to be fulfilled in their own way! Perhaps it is writing a book, playing music or becoming a healer — any number of activities that are looked upon by society as unproductive.

I can’t tell you how many times I sat down and dreamed! How many times did I share those dreams with others? And I was told too many times, “You can’t make a living that way.” It is as if the only true consideration when it comes to making a “living” is how much money you have in your bank account!

The soul doesn’t care about financial currency! It doesn’t care about whether or not you have enough money to buy that expensive house or car or the latest pair of designer shoes! The soul cares about experiences, joy and a fulfillment that comes from being understood and honored!

And that is where the frightening part comes in! Once you start listening to your soul, and allowing yourself to start following those things that make your soul happy, that make you happy, you suddenly have to start considering all of those things that you may have to do without, at least for a time.

If you sit down and start writing that book, you are going to find yourself feeling happy and maybe even excited! But, you will realize that your bank account may not be doing the best. Suddenly self-doubt and fear come crashing through the door to mess your day up. And then you abandon your book. This can be the same for anything that sets your soul on fire!

Conditioning by our families and society keeps us from really connecting to those things that make us feel alive! But once we work up the courage to chase those things that our soul needs, and follow through, we find in ourselves a joy and fulfillment that can never be bought with time given to other people.

So, how do we do this, but do it responsibly? That is the messy part. The first thing we have to do is find the strength to tell society to shove it! And tell our condition, and our families, “Hey, I get it, you’re concerned about me, but I got this!” It is not uncommon for that to cause a certain amount of strife, and even some anger, on the part of society. But standing up for yourself, and your dreams, is the first step to becoming connected to your soul! Once that is done, you start following your soul.

How you do that is completely up to you! And it is different for everyone. Some people are risk takers, while other people are more conservative in their decision making. However you do it, do it! Learn to quiet the loud and obnoxious voice of society and your conditioning. Listen instead to that quiet whisper. And follow it! And in doing so, you will find yourself connected to your soul!

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Lyssa Olson
Lyssa Olson is a Massage Therapist, Psychic Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer. After finding herself on the path to becoming a Massage Therapist, she realized how much she needed to heal herself, before healing others. She hopes those experiences will help others. Contact her at [email protected].


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