From the Editor: Revealing Our True Selves in the Light


We’re in uncharted waters, you and me. I’m sure you can feel it — the uncertainty, the instability and the questioning — and it’s all compounded now by a political season in which everything is about the spin and getting people to believe things that are not even true. The quest for political office may, at its heart, contain democratic truths based on a desire to support and represent others, but over time the growing lust for personal power has reduced our election system to nothing more than a game of Monopoly, and in the end nobody wins.

The chasers of power end up chewing each other up as they scramble for high office, and as they fight tooth and nail for every possible victory for their political party, over time they become blind to the greater good.

This bloodletting is not limited to politics. Major corporations are playing Extreme Monopoly in which they are blind to everything except the bottom line, and just for fun they are throwing their vast profits into the political arena to sow division by ensuring that voters are transformed into mobs of angry protesters — and it really doesn’t matter which side they support or how loud they become. In their minds, the common people are a silent minority.

Age of transparency
All that drama sometimes pales in comparison to what we create in our own lives. Like the extremists who feel liberated by a president who doesn’t condemn them, our egos are feeling like it’s time to get what we deserve. Too many years sitting quietly by while everyone else gets ahead. Too many opportunities now to chase the dream. Mom or dad passes away and families are being torn part because lawyers have come out to play and who wants a bigger slice of the pie?

The thirst for money has never been bigger. Witness the Mega-Billions jackpot fever. What will you do when you win it big?

And now, today, as you sit in the most remote spot in the office, where you can get away from it all for a few moments, a little small talk with co-workers warps into full-throated gossip because isn’t it about time you got that promotion over what’s-her-name?

Chasing power
It may seem foolhardy to suggest that this escalating game of chasing power and money and the desires of ego will ever end, but it will. It has to dissolve in this age of transparency, along with all the lies we tell each other, and ourselves, about who we are and why we are really here playing this game of life.

All of the Big Kahunas of spirituality tell us that for planet Earth and all of its inhabitants, the frequency is shifting — from the 3rd dimension and its materiality and polarities to the 5th dimension of love and compassion. That’s why everything is in disarray. Everything that is not in sync with the vibration of love is in the process of being transfigured, and lives are being turned inside out because souls that have been lingering in density for eons are reaching for the light.

No living being has ever gone through such a dimensional metamorphosis, so we don’t know what to expect. But we can choose where to place our attention — and intention. It’s as simple as watching our thoughts in the moment and choosing which ones to support.

It all begins with how we are in relationship with ourselves and others. Love yourself and all of your human flaws. Celebrate your breath and your vision and your personal sense of who you know you are, deep down inside. And then, when you are ready, be who you are.

Be the love that sparked your incarnation. And share that love, far and wide, with all who cross your path. For you — and all of us — really are beacons of love. No longer ponder whether that person deserves your kindness. Spread it freely. He doesn’t share my politics, I send him love. She doesn’t share my skin color, I send her love. He spews hate. I send him love.

Thrive in the frequency of love, for that is the gift that keeps on giving.


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