How I reconnect with My Soul: My Soul Is Rooted In Trees

It’s as right as moonlight dancing off of a calm lake after a gentle summer rain that scattered the week’s debris, and left distant fond memories for the deer and I to see….

Gently, we wonder across the water at each other, about our ancestors, and their predecessors, and the magic that was uncovered.

I go to forget the noise and why I remained poised in a transitory, man-made, concrete world, sifting through illusion, lost in confusion.

Closing my eyes behind the tree, on all fours, I hear the calls of wolves and smell dens where hens lay stored for later, when my pups wake up in a ravenous rage and need to meet the day and escape decay.

My hair is locked into the ground and surrounds my feet as they wish to run with the wild coyotes on a hunt for that one rabbit that got away to make it without slay.

My heart reaches for the stars that shed light on the scars that were left like tar on my soul from repeated mistakes of going for the gold; but the untold story was that if I went within, I would begin to get thin and those layers would disintegrate into nothing once I walked away from false displays, that were present on the other side of Looking Glass Lake.

My soul is rooted in the trees; they speak to me when life gets bleak and forces conjure the mean streak in humanity.

I ask the trees to see me and all the love that is who I am, to send a cardinal or fox sign like a telegram from the great creator, instead of uncle Sam.

They answer with surprises like an eagle or a geyser, when I asked only for a small hint, I receive a glimpse of the enormity of the great-spirit.

This is why I go.

Because the trees know how to talk to my soul.

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Heather Digolo is a Life Coach and acrylic painter in the Twin Cities area. She paints about her healing journey of recovery from love addiction and chemical dependency using horses to tell about creative process, self discovery and uses the arts in her life coaching sessions. She combines her experience from traveling with Renaissance Festivals, 18 years as a housing advocate for people experiencing homelessness, and her own personal healing journey in her art work. She has shown her work all over the metro, has a B.A. in Creative Healing in Human Development, A.S. in Human Services and is a Certified Life Coach, C.P.C. You can find out more about the author at,, or on instagram and facebook under H.Leigh Art or silent_moon_coach.



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