I Am


Even though the rain had long since ceased, the evidence of its night-long visit remained in the sodden soil and pools of water that lay scattered along the road’s surface. The sun’s light now penetrated sparsely through the slowly separating clouds that still bore the weight of moisture tenuously held in its grey and misty confines. The air was crisp and clean, yet strangely inviting.

My thoughts turned to the incredible beauty and diversity of creation as I strode purposefully along the path toward my appointed daily exercise at the chin-up bar in the park. The light suddenly brightened and the warmth of the sun’s rays enveloped me in a comforting embrace. Silence filled the air around me, and in that moment I was filled with a feeling of absolute joy. For an instant my entire attention was focused on just being there. Nothing else mattered. I had no thought of tomorrow or of what happened yesterday. In that moment, I was just grateful for being there. Taking in all that was around me, I felt the sea of ambient energy and recognized what was allowing the sensation of being.

I Am — the Infinite Ambient Medium — is our energetic form. It suddenly occurred to me that if a string of those moments could be formed during the day, that feeling of joy could be experienced consistently and possibly even permanently.

Then I remembered something Albert Einstein once said about time, and a smile broadened as it threatened to consume my face. His words resonated so eloquently with the moment: “Time was something invented to prevent everything from happening at once.”

The reality is that only this moment truly exists. Focus on this moment and realize the truth of this experience, savor the feeling of being, see the beauty and diversity of everything around you. What you have in this moment is an incredible gift. Make the most of it. I am, so you Are: Ambient Resonant Energy.

Looking deeper into I AM reveals a basic truth of existence. The Universe and everything in it is energetic in nature, being a veritable ocean of ambient energy, some more localized and intense as noted in stars and a vast background energy that fills the seemingly void spaces between. When speaking of space I am always reminded of, “As above, so below,” and see the amazing similarity of planetary systems and the atomic structure of our own biological form.

There seems to be so much empty space out there — and so it is with us. If all space was removed between atoms, we would be about the size of a pin head. Reality, really, is an illusion when seen in that light — as Albert Einstein said, “a persistent one.” What we perceive as being solid form is nothing but vibrating energy fields that are received as data in the form of electrical impulses relayed to our brain. The resulting picture assembled is the brain’s best guess of what is being perceived, based on prior experience.

Our central processor is a virtual reality generator that is quite capable of assembling a completely revised alternate version of the processed data presented to it. Any one of a number of altered external stimuli or internal chemical changes can, under the right conditions, present a very changed version of the perceived reality.

The question arises: What is real? All that can be trusted in this moment is the perception of what is, and in this moment I perceive of myself being — knowing that everything else I see is, in reality, an illusion. The only surety is I am.

My physical body feels the effort of muscular contraction and the need to inhale oxygen, while at the same time my mind recognizes its awareness of being here — and yet, from somewhere outside of itself, consciousness still thinks, even though no effort is made to do so. It seems that regardless of how I see it or thought perceives it, or body feels it, the simple truth is, I am.

If only we could all live in this moment, without thought of yesterday and fear of what might come tomorrow or how others see us and how much stuff we own.

To stand here in this moment and just be, without needing description or title. No longer white or black, old or young, male or female, Christian or Muslim, is to understand at the deepest level that truly, I am. More than that, science shows me in no uncertain terms (because we are all made of the same energy), I am all that is, was and ever will be.

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