Reconnecting to the Soul

We all drink from the cup of forgetfulness when we come down to this plane of Earth. We forget where we came from, who we are, what we came to do. We get conditioned by our environment and our upbringing and start to develop a sense of self based upon our body and our experiences and traumas of this one life. Our soul may have shined forth as a youngster, but as the teen years come we identify with our ego and for some we remain cut off from our soul for decades.

For thousands of years we have had to listen to priests and read old books to find some snippets of what the soul is. But now, as the Earth is on a precipice of disaster, as the ego has taken over all aspects of our society, the doors to spirit are being flung open so the soul can come forth and take control of this dimension.

Now we read and hear stories of those who have gone through near-death experiences. They speak of a realm of unspeakable beauty, where all is unconditional love and non-judgment. We read books of those who have been hypnotized to before this life, where the soul knows who it is in the eternal sense and how it has grown through numerous incarnations. We are learning that meditation is a magic key for opening the door to the soul as the ego and thinking mind is put on hold.

I just came out with my newest book, The Soul’s Journey — A Prelife Adventure, to show how to view life from the perspective of the soul. It is a story that speaks of how we choose our parents, plan our life, learn from the past and plan for the future. People who have read the book get into that state of mind where they contemplate: Who am I? What did I agree to before I took birth? Did I actually choose these problems as a method of growth? What are my guides leading me to do?

The soul is waking up. We have no choice. Our leaders are caricatures of the ego gone haywire. How will our economy or ecology survive, or will we just continue with business as usual? The soul is here to give and to serve, to tune into the Source, and to do accomplish what it agreed to in heaven.

Talk to your soul, listen to your dreams, meditate, walk in mindfulness, pray for direction, resolve your psychology from the past, see a therapist. There are so many tools we have to reconnect to our soul, and the soul is just waiting for you to use your free will to ask for it to express its higher mind and bigger heart through your outer world.

Ask and you will receive, knock and it will open. These are statements of truth. Just be open to the answers, whatever they may be.



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