Truly You


Spending time at the ocean meditating on the rolling waves as they breathe in and out reminds me of being a child spending every moment I could at the water. The water has natural healing abilities that wash away the busy of the world and allow us to relax and bounce back to who we truly are when there are no pressures and demands placed upon us.

Whether you sit on the sand, on a log or stand up, face the ocean waves and feel the water at your feet, the gentle wind in your hair and the sun brightly shining upon you as it dances across the water. If you can’t get to the ocean, close your eyes and meditate on being there. Our minds are wondrous places we can go anywhere, anytime, to enliven and awaken our soul.

Activate Your Chakras
Hold your hands outward, palms facing upwards in front of you and express your gratitude to God for the many blessings in your life and the beauty of the world as you feel Spirit surround you. Feel your hands tingle as the flow of energy activates your energy centers and moves into your chakras. Breathe love in deeply and exhale as you relax and release stress in your body. Give thanks for His love.

Beat Of Your Soul
As you walk down the beach, see a seal pop up in the sea and connect with you. This is the place you need to be. Sit and play the healing drum that awaits you on the beach. As you play, see more wildlife come to witness the glory of the beat of your soul as you find yourself smiling wide. Feel the layers of time fall away one by one. You are filled with divine energy as it lifts you higher beyond the pain of the world and into a state of union with Spirit. It is here where you are reminded you are truly a child of God and His love will never leave you. Tears of pain are replaced with His joy that has no end. Hold the feeling of His love within you.

Let go of your thoughts, relax your shoulders and breathe in love. The squirrels chirp as they scamper in the trees as a deer comes to the edge of the forest. You are a beacon of love. The higher your love reaches the more animals come to sit near you. They feel the divine connection within you as you near the plane they live on.

Who You Truly Are
Let your mind drift to the callings that tugged on your soul from childhood. What brought you joy? What did you do when time had no boundaries placed upon you before the winds of life scattered you in many directions and placed demands on your life?

Bring yourself back to this place and know that is truly who you are; inside where you live in happy union; your soul and the divine. Know that you can come back to this place anytime and frolic by the sea to remember who you truly are. I am reminded to connect with those without voices, those souls that connect with mine, they live and breathe in nature as they walk and swim in the seas of life.

Who you truly are is not outside of you. It is found deep within your soul. Pick up the pieces of you that have been scattered by the winds and know your soul will always be your guiding light, trust your intuition and spend time enjoying who you truly are. You are beautiful, you are divine, you are loved.

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