Who are the New Children, Teens and Adults (The New Beings)?


When our son Tristan was a baby, Michael and I felt a very unique and pure energy about him — although at that time, we did not use the word energy. We both agreed that we felt a “lightness” about Tristan that we had not experienced before. During Tristan’s childhood, we met a few more children who also embodied this pureness, and we started calling them the “New Children.”

We use the term New Children to encompass everyone labeled Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Star, etc. In addition to these “higher vibrational labels,” we also include those diagnosed with the 3-dimensional labels of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, and others. We find that the children who receive these diagnoses are high vibrational and often find it more comfortable to exist in the higher dimensions filled with loving energy.

Have there always been New Children? For us, the answer is yes. Throughout history there have been those who embodied the qualities and energies of the New Children. Each one was shifting the beliefs and lifting the vibration of their generation and future generations. They created the vibrational space for even more New Children to come to Earth.

Many adults are New Children who brought forward new energies to share with others, perhaps introducing them to a world that was not yet ready for higher vibrations, at a time when the majority of people were still holding onto old illusions. However, we came in just as others did before us, lifting the vibration of everyone around us just a bit more than the previous generations. New Children have always existed and, therefore, we refer to the New Children as the “New Beings.”

An increasing number of New Beings have been coming to Earth since the start of the 20th century, with an influx arriving in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. When the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987 ushered in a new wave of lighter energies that began cleansing the denser layers of our 3-dimensional world, the invitation was sent throughout the multiverse calling for a greater number of New Beings to come and assist us on our evolutionary journey. The higher numbers of these beings were necessary to lift the vibration of every individual and every living thing on this planet, leading us into the Golden Age.

Many of these New Beings share similar qualities, but there also are certain characteristics that emerge with each label. For example, even though my son was born during the time when the Crystal Children were arriving, he is most assuredly a Star Child. Many have said that Tristan is a Star Child with a broad Crystalline energy field.

The New Beings have tremendous gifts and have come to Earth to help us remember our innate abilities. Such gifts include all the clair-abilities. They are telepathic, communicate energetically, and are heart centered. Many come in with natural healing abilities. They can see beyond appearances, are extremely aware and perceive the truth in all situations and with all people.

Many of the New Beings see the auras and energetic fields around people and also perceive non-physical presences. When Tristan began speaking at age 3, he told us about the colors and beings such as angels and spirit guides, and some not-so-loving beings that he saw around others. Many have remembrance of their own and other people’s past lives and lifetimes on other planets and galaxies. Sometimes these memories can be problematic if, for example, a child has family members, teachers or classmates with whom they experienced trauma during these other lifetimes.

The New Beings have come to share their gifts with us and reawaken us to our gifts. Are we ready to allow them to express their genuine and full potential? If we answer yes, that means going deep into the depths of our soul and uncovering and healing everything that is not of our true selves. Now is the time to step into our awareness, our consciousness, for when we trust ourselves, we empower ourselves. This call to action is what the New Beings are asking of us and some demanding from us. They challenge us to be aware and conscious, so we fully embody and brightly shine our true selves, expressing as the empowered beings we truly are.

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Tristan S. Boardway is a gifted intuitive reader, healer, and teacher, and works with people around the world. He enjoys sharing his multidimensional travels with his family and everyone who is interested in expanding their consciousness. Tristan is currently taking classes at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. He also enjoys filming and editing. When Tristan was 16 years old, he made a short documentary entitled "One Message." Tristan and Janiece have co-authored the book, "The Light We Share" sharing Tristan's experiences before incarnating on Earth in this lifetime. Tristan was mentioned in two books on Spiritually Gifted Children and is a contributing author of a chapter entitled "The Gift of Awareness" in Be The Star You Are book. Janiece L. Boardway initially received her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and Marriage, Family & Child Counseling. After the birth of her son, Tristan in 1993 who came into this life fully Alive, Awake and Aware, she has shifted her focus to a more spiritual realm. Together with her husband, Michael, they learned to navigate their way with very little information in a World that didn't quite understand the uniqueness of these New Children nor their part in our evolutionary process. By listening to their inner knowing, Michael and Janiece have allowed Tristan to take them on an incredible journey. This family works together as spiritual energy healers, intuitive readers and teachers assisting children, teens, adults and their families all over the world. Together, this family has written the book, "Our Family's Journey: The Nurturance and Empowerment of a Spiritually Gifted and Aware Star Child with Crystalline Energy and his Parents." Please visit this family at their website www.saturn3lightflyers.com.


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