Who are You — Truly?


Life is not just a term to be manipulated and objectified with materialistic things and hatred, but a path that needs to be discovered through the ingredients of love, kindness and peace. To set ourselves on the path of life, we need to discover ourselves and our own soul.

Instead of looking at life as a path, people often misunderstand it as a race — and that is the reason why most of us know a lot about other people and not about ourselves. To succeed in life, you need to know “who you truly are.”

The first step towards the discovery of your soul is self consciousness, a relatively common term that often is misunderstood. Knowing your consciousness is not just about exploring your desires and wants, but about knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing the beauty of your soul and nourishing it with the fruits of life.

A famous quote goes, “Not all those who wander are lost.” When you have discovered a lot about yourself, confusion starts to build up and you start to believe that your life just got ruined, but instead it has just found its balance. This confusion is a proof and a sign that you are leading yourself to better things.

Confusion after self-analysis is the second step that will help you know yourself better and always remind you how strong you can be.

The third step often is the result of the process of knowing your soul — a step that involves the alteration of your lifestyle and choosing your social circle. Yes, when you truly know yourself, you won’t hesitate to walk away from people who disregard you and bring you to a level where you lose the beauty of your soul.

These are some of the steps that inspire your mind to concentrate on not just running from life but living it in your own style. The most common ingredient that always makes you remember your true self is “power.” Power is everywhere, and it is even found in nature.

As humans, we have the power to know our self and even reach a level we have never experienced before. But, when we compare ourselves to others, we give away our power and forget about how worthy we are and how blessed we are.

Always remember that you are the best.

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Subhav Kapoor
Subhav Kapoor is a resident of India and a blogger at Wordpress. He is a firm follower of peace through which he has gained a lot of interest in spirituality, and the quest to discover the true elements of our soul. Contact him at [email protected].


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