2019 Edge Topics: Living in the 5th Dimension


The 12 editions of The Edge in 2019 will explore the qualities of living in the 5th dimension. We will accept articles related to our upcoming featured topics, as well as submissions on any aspect of holistic living, metaphysics, spirituality and healing:

JANUARY: The Energies of 2019: Our Predictions Issue (Deadline Dec. 10)

FEBRUARY: The Heart: What it offers us and how to connect with It (Deadline Jan. 10)

MARCH: How to be Unconditional in Relationships (Deadline Feb. 10)

APRIL: Being in Nature is Essential to our Life (Deadline March 10)

MAY: How to Clear Mental & Emotional Baggage from our Lives (Deadline April 10)

JUNE: What are the Keys to Co-Creating & Collaborating? (Deadline May 10)

JULY: The Present Moment: How to Maintain this State of Being (Deadline June 10)

AUGUST: Conscious Breathing: What it Is and How to Embrace It (Deadline July 10)

SEPTEMBER: How to Awaken Every Cell to our Soul’s Purpose (Deadline Aug. 10)

OCTOBER: Tools to Remember Our Joyful Nature (Deadline Sept. 10)

NOVEMBER: How to move from Belief to Intuitive Knowing (Deadline Oct. 10)

DECEMBER: How to Live without Fear – with complete trust in the Divine (Deadline Nov. 10)

We invite you to submit articles 700 words or less, unless other arrangements are made with the editor. Include a brief bio at the end of every submission, describing who you are and how you can be contacted. Include your name, mailing address and phone with all submissions. Include a photo of yourself for use online with your bio.

Submitting an article does not guarantee publication. The Edge reserves the right to edit submissions. All copyrights remain with the author.

Submit online at www.edgemagazine.net/submit-articles/
Submit via email: [email protected]

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