A Collective View of The New Age


Channeled by Kelly Thebo for The Collective

We’d like to talk with you this evening about the New Age. When people have used the term New Age it’s probably meant something different to each of them. Can you help us understand how this concept of the New Age has developed over the last 40 years or so?
The New Age is a fourth-dimensional energy that is the spiritual awakening of the human race and it has been going on for much longer than 40 years. It is the transition between the third and fifth dimension. An awakening to divinity, an awakening to a greater appreciation of all that is. This is what a spiritual awakening is. You talked about it as The New Age, as a movement, as a belief system, because you did not realize that what was really happening was an energetic shifting into a new frequency.

‘Twas a time when you began to wake up and express yourselves in a different way within the Western culture. You began to have a concern for your environment. You began to have a concern for the morality of what goes on upon the Earth plane. You began to want to identify as beings who are divine, who are more than just the dramas and the traumas of the Earth plane. You began to look at yourselves as making a contribution in a different way, in a way of frequency, but you didn’t really talk about it as frequency.

You talked about it as The New Age, as a movement, as a wave of a belief system because you did not really realize, not right away anyway, that what was really happening was an energetic lifting. An energetic shifting, moving into a new frequency. Feeling it. Thinking differently. Having a different perception of your world as a result of the energy that you were experiencing and being exposed to, you see?

One of the reasons that many of you have quit talking about The New Age is that many of the principles and beliefs that you were touting during that period of time are now widely, if not accepted, considered. It’s no longer considered foolish to want to take care of your planet, yes? It is no longer foolish to consider the health and the body as sacred, yes? People are coming online to the fact that they are divine beings and wanting to understand in a more intimate way, in a more meaningful way, who and what they are and why they are here. They look for meaning in their lives, do they not?

So, there were some that woke up first, who came online first, who first sensed that frequency and realized what it was. And, you had to have a way of expressing this, yes, one to the other. To begin to find like-minded beings to be in relationship with, yes, as a support structure for the transformation that you were beginning to go through. That is all any of these movements are and it doesn’t matter what you call them. And it’s going to continue, you understand?

So are humans different today than they were 40 years ago?
Absolutely. The energy upon the Earth plane is as it has never been before. It is fifth-dimensional energy that is here now and it was the fourth dimension that ushered it in. The New Age, and the 20th-century Spiritualism, and even the Fundamentalist Christianity and other religions went through a bit of a renaissance, did they not, during this period of time? So, yes, you are different in your frequency, and because you are different in your frequency your perceptions are different.

You take this to mean that your world is different. It’s only different to some of you. As others begin to work with this energy, and embrace this energy, some will welcome it and some will not. And there will be a time of transition again as the fifth dimension is fully ushered in upon the Earth plane.

When you talk of these movements, and you talk of the enlightenment of mankind, you’re talking of mankind knowing itself as more than it knew itself as previously. Appreciating an aspect of self that one could only suspect, and perhaps not really experience, is how many of you looked at it. That was all that was meant by New Age, was it not? An age when things would be different.

Well, why are things different? Why are things ever different? It is because of frequency. You have a saying, yes? A leopard never changes its spots? Well, a leopard changes very much in a new energy, and it doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside. When you function within a frequency that is literally changing your DNA and changing every aspect of you at the molecular level, it is sending you information, it is expanding your view of yourself and of others, it is bringing online a questioning of all that you have known and all that you have embraced.

And it is needed, is it not? Not because the world is a bad place. The world is just functioning at a lower frequency than many of you are functioning at now. That’s why you think the world is a painful place. That’s why you form these movements, because you’re seeking to survive in your new perceptions. You’re seeking to circle the wagons, yes? You think that in the conveying of the information that it changes another’s frequency. What is really happening is the intersection of energy between the Earth plane and the photon band that the Earth is traveling through. That is a very real physics principle more than it is a spiritual concept being shared one to the other.

This is one of the things that we are about as The Collective, are we not? To speak of practicality of energy and frequency upon the Earth plane to help you to understand that what you have been holding as high and lofty ideals is actually a frequency that is changing how you think, how you process and how you see yourself, bringing online the multidimensional aspects of you. It’s no different than if you are looking in the mirror, and you are covered with dirt after working in the garden, and then you take a shower and you come out and look again into the mirror. You have not changed, but your perception of self has, as a result of the water washing over you, cleansing you, getting rid of that which you don’t want in favor of that which you do want. A purity, yes? A freshness. To see self as you really are. ‘Tis the same principle. When you stand in these energies, and live in them, and love in them, and die in them, it affects the entire planet, and your perceptions will forever be elevated and altered.

So, is it the coming of The New Age? There will be many new ages, not just one. It is the coming of the new energy. It is very excellent that some realized that it was happening. That is how you are different. More of you are appreciating who and what you are. Seeking to understand what it is you are feeling, seeking to understand why do I feel different? Why does my world look different? Why do the things I embraced yesterday no longer seem appealing to me? And, what are these things that I know nothing of that I have a curiosity about? It’s the result of the energy. It’s what it’s doing to you. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s been a long time coming, you understand?

I grew up in the ’60s. Everything was kind of peaceful and then overnight there were peace movements, there were people complaining more vocally, sit-ins, everything was about love and not war. Was that part of the energy we were in that was changing us as we moved into what we call The New Age?
Yes. ‘Twas a spiritual awakening, which is the result of frequencies intersecting the Earth plane that manifests in the behavior of humankind. You see, this is what we seek to tell you, not just on this topic you are speaking to us about now, but on all topics. First comes the frequency, then the manifestation of the frequency in the life of the human being. As the frequency is elevated, the divinity begins to resonate with that frequency, it begins to recognize a higher frequency. It begins to embrace that resonance because it is a connection to all that it already knows. This causes a frequential change in the body, which results in a frequential change in the brain, in how you process, in a tactile way, and experience your world. It is a physics principle and it is no less magnificent for being so.

Many of you in metaphysics, New Age, whatever you want to call it, whatever the word is today, yes, you want to believe that everything is spiritual. Well, it is spiritual, but that doesn’t make it any less scientific. Is it any less wonderful that an energy would come, and with impartiality, affect all members of the human race? Is that any less spiritual than all of you thinking you’re getting there by yourselves? ‘Tis no less spiritual. ‘Tis beautiful and a loving gesture from Source. ‘Tis the natural order of the progression of the material plane of existence. You can label it however you want. This is how it has always worked and this is how it will always work.

And, there will always be those who are the forerunners and see it coming. They can feel it and begin to respond to it. What will be different going forward is that you won’t seek to form the movements as much as you will seek to expand self. It will become less and less important to you to circle the wagons, to form the communities, to have groups of people living together who all believe the same thing. And, really, that’s a fear response to the change. You want to embrace the change and you’re afraid, so you want to be around many, many other people who believe the same thing. That is part of what is going to change. As you come online as individual divine beings, as you understand your individual creative ability, it’s going to matter less and less what anyone else thinks. That is the difference in the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension will have contrast, just as the third, but it will be more nuanced, and it will not be fear-based. It will be contrast that is viewed by divine beings who understand that they can make choices and create whatever they want. They hold a frequency, they create a creation, they look at it, and they decide, “Is this what I was aspiring to create in my life?” They will either say “yes” to that, or they’ll make another choice. It’s going to be more joy-filled and it’s going to be more peaceful, because that is what this energy is doing. It’s changing your perception of the contrast, do you understand?

All of you want to believe that you “think” your way into enlightenment. You’ve never thought your way into enlightenment. It doesn’t matter how many books you write or how many wise ones are upon the Earth plane whose words are recorded for infinity. Your enlightenment will always be the result of frequency first and then the manifestation of that in the life of the human being. That is the progression.

As you feel the frequency and you respond to it, you’re amplifying it. The fifth-dimensional frequencies are coming in. Is the whole Earth plane responding in a positive way to that? No, but they are all feeling it. That doesn’t mean they’re manifesting it in a way that is uplifting for the human race. For those of you who are, you’re going to be resonating with the fifth dimension and you’re going to be amplifying that frequency because of the resonance. This is a physics principle. This frequency is going to get stronger and stronger and stronger and the manifestation of it is going to be that human beings are living their lives differently than you’re living them now. Just as you are living your lives differently now than in this time that you were referring to.

What was happening then? Well, you trusted your government for one. You trusted that if they said that there was supposed to be war, that there should be war. You marched off to die by the millions all over this planet every time your government said there should be war. What happened when the young ones decided, “I’m not willing to die for you anymore?” That was the result of frequency.

So, what is happening now? Well, now you are living in the time that was born of that time that you were referring to. Where you don’t trust anyone. You don’t trust your governments, you don’t trust anyone. You don’t trust your media. You don’t trust your education systems. You don’t trust your monetary, economic systems. You don’t trust anything. All of you look at that and you think, “I wish we could go back to a time when we could trust everyone.” No. Do not wish for this. Your eyes are open and you’re starting to understand that the entire human race is creating all these constructs around you.

Part of the new energy, part of the New Age, is a new way of perceiving your world. And the higher in frequency you go, the more autonomous each of you will become in your individual belief systems and in your ability to create what you want in your life. But, you will become closer as a human race, and more respectful, and more loving, and more compassionate, because you will resonate and share that fifth-dimensional frequency and that is the way it will manifest in your lives.

So, you’re still in a transition and it has been going on for about 200 years now. You have not come out the other side, this time of the ’60s as you say, you’re not really on the other side of that yet. It’s going to be another 10-15 years before you’re going to be able to discern a real shift in the human race, in how your planet operates, in how your governments and your societal structures operate. You’re going to see a more benevolent way of doing things and the reason this will happen is because each of you will begin to function as individual autonomous divine creators. You’ll begin to create something beautiful and that will resonate with everyone else who is creating something beautiful until enough amplitude is realized for the transformation to take hold on a grander scale. That is how it has been. That is how it will always be. It is frequency.

The activities that you do will be part of what is changing. So in The New Age you circled the wagons, yes? We are The New Agers and we have to wear our hair different, and we have to dress different, and we have to walk and talk different, and we have to be thumbing our noses at society, and we have to be doing these things. None of those things even matter. Do you think that any of that even matters? All that matters is that you decided to be autonomous. You decided to abandon your programming. That is what really happened and it manifested in a myriad of ways in your lives, just as it always does because this is how frequency works in the life of a human being.

So, how are people different? More of you are now enlightened. And by enlightened, what we mean is that more of you understand that you are divine and you understand that most of the programming that you have experienced in the last 50-100 years is not serving you. That is what you are realizing. There is no one truth for any of you. You’re going to decide “what is truth,” each on his own, each on her own, to embrace what is truth for them and to pursue it. And the creativity, and the love, and the compassion, and all these things that will be born of this will explode all over this planet as soon as you quit cooperating with all the programmed control structures upon the Earth-plane. You all possess the creative ability of Source. There’s nothing stopping you from transforming this entire planet. Is that not a new age, yes?

What you’re saying is whether we call it New Age or metaphysics or something else, it’s all still relevant today?
It is still relevant in that it has always been, and it will always be, frequency and the manifestation of it in the life of the human being. It doesn’t matter what you call it. The enlightenment of the human race, the aspiration to live inside of a human body, to exist here, and to dwell in materiality, and to do it at a higher frequency and a finer experience, this will be the experience going forward, yes, and it has always been so.

If you knew the cycles that the Earth has gone through, you would see that you have done this many, many times, but never with the help of fifth-dimensional frequencies, and that is what is making it different. This time you’re not going to cycle out of it and destroy yourselves. It’s not going to happen. Now, does this make it different? Well, in some ways, yes, but this too is a manifestation of frequency. When the frequency gets high enough, divine beings begin to resonate, and they come into their natural frequency, their natural character, their natural integrity. You begin to mirror the One who created you and your experiences upon the Earth plane become much more beautiful than they are now.

In general, would you say that movements such as The New Age have helped humanity move forward or do they hinder us by the very nature of being a “movement?”
There is always the concern that ones begin to identify with other ones that they think are like them and pretty soon whatever they thought was a movement becomes a religion, becomes a dogma, becomes a doctrine. Yes, this does happen and it did happen with The New Age, as well, but it should not bring despair or regret. It’s the nature of the human experience that you would want others to identify with you, and agree with you, and there needs to be some rules, and this is what we do, and this is what you do as human beings. It’s a survival instinct. We don’t look at it as being either good or bad. There are times it is not useful and this is part of what is going to be changing going forward.

You’re moving in an energy where each of you wishes to behave more as an autonomous divine being. To not be held down by your families, and your spouses, and your society, and your religions, and your governments. To just be as you are and to be free. Free to create the life that you want to create. Without the hindrance of the perception of someone holding you back, because it’s only a perception. They don’t have any real control over divine beings. None of these structures do. You just have not yet realized how powerful you really are. And that takes some time, because it needs to manifest in the experience of human beings that they can recognize their own power and feel more comfortable and then up-level to the next level as well, you see? This is how it works.

Do movements hinder you? Well, forming groups and having agreed-upon principles and all of this, we all have to dress the same, you know. You talk about the ’60s and, you know, everyone became what you call a hippie, yes? Well, were all the hippies kind of dressed alike? How’s that any different than what the rest of society is doing? ‘Twas important to them to identify themselves as such, but they sought very quickly to identify what is hippie and then they all followed the rules, did they not? ‘Twas not such a time of freedom and non-conformity as you all think that it was. From our perspective it was just more of the same expressing itself differently, thumbing its nose at the programming of the Earth plane. And this is excellent.

But they very quickly fell into a very expected behavior and value system of what their lives should look like if they are the hippie, yes? You see, sometimes you cannot escape your judgments as human beings until your frequency gets high enough so you genuinely do not care what’s going on with everyone else, because you’re so busy creating wonderful things for yourself. That will continue to happen. We don’t see it as anything to despair over, but you do need to be cognizant that movements very quickly turn into religions, and by religions we mean doctrine and dogma, agreed upon standards that one needs to follow in order to fit into the group, yes?

There were ones during this time coming online to be channels, as our channel, to be psychics, all of these things, and you even judge one another. “Well, this one is true and real and that one is not,” yes? Who are any of you to judge any of that? If it doesn’t resonate with you, move on to the next thing. No one needs your approval about anything. And it has never been needed. But you seek with these movements, no matter what they are, and no matter what you want to call them, to have a group that agrees with one another that there is a standard and there is some kind of a rule or a doctrine to be followed for one to be acceptable to the rest of the group. This is what is changing.

The New Age is as all ages, is it not? ‘Tis a result of frequency. ‘Tis a result of aspects of God coming to live within their own creations to have an experience of a dimension that they are creating in a tactile way by living within the materiality that they themselves have created. That alone is a wondrous thing. There are going to be different frequencies that are going to manifest in different ways. You’re going to call them movements, you’re going to have words for them, and that’s not going to stop any time soon.

What we would entreat you to focus on is the frequency of it. Make sure that if you’re going to change, that you change into a finer thing. As the frequency of the planet rises as a result of the photon band that you are traveling through, aspects of your divinity, of your multidimensionality are going to come online. And as that happens, your world will begin to transform, because all of you will be having new experiences and you will be expanding what is acceptable. You will be expanding your thinking around your perceptions. You will decide it no longer serves you to be living in high contrast, but that it serves you to have many options and to make choices. It’s still contrast, it’s just more productive.

You will begin to feel love and compassion for one another. You will begin to see that the fear you have been living in has not been serving you and you will begin to transform those structures upon the Earth plane. You have done this more than once, you will do it more than once, and you will do it again. Doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s a cycle. And it is the way of this plane of existence. This is how it works.

We love you and we love you and we will see you soon.


  1. As humans there is a desire to know and understand what is happening from the perspective of those in the unseen realms. Kelly Thebo I encourage you to ask the collective what kind of change is taking place for the many of the collective. So often the shift and changes taking place are just about the Earth plane. But there are so changes taking place for the Collective and their perception and perspective as well. I know there is a parallel shift taking place for both planes of existence, Earth and The Collective. This shift is not just about Earth, the 5th dimension energy is also changing and evolving the unseen realms as well. In a future channeling, please ask them how the energy shift has effected and what has changed for the Collective, which is simply many individuals energies of Self. Thank You


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