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The human body is one of the finest and meticulously designed products of nature. It is a marvelous machine with an impeccable structure. Along with the material body, a human being possesses emotions, sensations and thoughts that differentiate one from the other.

Science tells us that the entire universe is based on energy. Every atom and molecule is bound and sustained by the energy that it creates. It is what makes up the particles as small as an electron and as massive as the sun. Similarly, the human body also creates an energy of its own. The human brain pulsates with the electromagnetic energy and sends signals to all the organs, muscles and other components of the body to perform their specified functions. These intrinsic vibrating signals are what constitute and maintain your whole being.

Upon reaching all the intricate neural networks embedded throughout the body, these signals transmit their vibrations and, consequently, more energy is produced. These vibrations drive different physiological processes of our body, such as respiratory cycles, expansion and contraction of the lungs and stomach, muscular activity of the heart, and body temperature changes from day to night. These subtle vibrations are directly affected by our thoughts, emotions and mental health.

Every human being is, in fact, a vibrational being having different thoughts and emotional intensities. A difference in personality results in varying vibrations and everyone vibrates on his/her unique and distinct personal tune.

A paradigm shift from a material world to a vibrational one entails the necessity of concrete evidence rather than just articulated ideas. But how can we see our vibrational energy signature for ourselves?

The answer to this question was discovered by scientist Seymon Kirlian in 1939. He introduced a technique that results in the clear observation of the vibrational energy or aura. Kirlian placed a photographic film sheet on top of a metal plate. A leaf that was meant to be photographed was placed atop the film. After erecting this assembly, a high voltage current was passed through the underlying metal plate. Upon developing the film, Kirlian observed differently colored explicit radiations that surrounded the leaf.

These radiations emanated from all over the leaf’s body and depicted some mysterious phenomenon at work. This technique was named “Kirlian Photography.” Kirlian photographs of different objects have been developed since then, including flowers, human hands, metals, etc. All of them suggest the presence of a vibrational energy around the photographed objects through visual evidence. It reinforces the metaphysical prospect of the universe and shows how conveniently oblivious we are of the fact that matter alone cannot be regarded as the driving force of the universe.

Ensnared by the skeptical perceptions of our mind, we have developed an absolute disregard for the spiritual side of life. Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds in human history, said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

We are taught about the existence and functions of subatomic particles like protons, electrons and neutrons that make up all the matter. String theory, also known as the “Theory of Everything,” suggests that these subatomic particles do not exist. Instead, matter is created as a result of tiny vibrating strings whose vibrations determine the particle size and mass. This theory suggests that the unfathomable universe is vibrational in nature, and we are vibrational beings. Everything we can put our eyes on is just energy in disguise.

Our beliefs are formed only after they are backed up by evidence and experience. Going through data that describes our vibrational energy is not enough to get ahold of its idea and become conscious of its presence. But to establish strong grounds for its acceptance by the skeptical mind, we can perform an exercise that allows us to feel our energy. It is called psi ball exercise, which includes forming an energy ball between the palms of your hand and experiencing its presence.

To create a psi ball, sit in a relaxed state and relieve your body and mind of any strain. Now, bring both of your hands to the front of your chest such that both your palms are facing each other. Close your eyes and feel the energy flowing through your body and being garnered between your palms. Focus on this thought and let it stay for one to two minutes. You will start feeling a feeble push between your hands, like a ball of energy pressing against your palms.

If you keep your mind focused on this thought for some time, you will feel that this energy ball is getting bigger and stronger with time. This mind exercise is quite easy and captivating for someone who wants to feel and experience one’s energy. It is only after we have experienced something that we begin to value and signify its presence. As Paulo Coelho once put it, “People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.”

A materialistic approach to the world creates an illusion of separation that cannot still the waters of agony and anxiety into which man is drawn. We are all connected in this universe of energy, but still the idea of separation is instilled in our mind.

In the words of Alan Watts: “You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as this universe. You did not come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.” Our thoughts are conditioned by this material world, whose confines we must transcend to develop an affinity to perceive the metaphysical realities that await discovery.

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