Honoring the Life of Christina Rose (1949-2018)


Christina Rose, a master teacher, speaker, healer and friend to many, passed on to the higher dimensions at 11:11 a.m. on November 11, 2018 in California. Her beautiful Spirit was released into the heavens after a courageous battle with advanced Parkinson’s Disease. 

She lived her life doing her sacred service to the world. Her passion and dedication was being a constant beacon of Inspiration and Hope. She was always working on behalf of bringing light and love to this planet. She was graceful, strong, bold, brave, and always on the cutting edge of inner and outer wisdom.

Grief is a very hard taskmaster when one says goodbye to an Avatar Star Being Friend. Star Beings are believed to be ETs, aliens, interstellar ancestors, Star people (people use these terms interchangeably) that descended to Earth in human form to complete a mission of helping awaken people to their truth. This is who Christina Rose was.

Christina Rose has now passed on to her original home into the Omni Universes. She lived her life doing her sacred service to the world. Her passion and dedication to her mission was a constant beacon of inspiration, courage and boldness.

The Star Being Avatar in her chose to follow and uphold the original instructions of being the caretakers of each other and Mother Earth, although at times it was not easy. She recognized and taught that our original umbilical connection was to the stars and that we must awaken to this so we can use our frequency of Love to take care of each other and our planet Earth. She would always remind me and others that long before scientists ever caught wind of the molecular concept that we’re made of stardust:

• The Hopi believed their ancestors came from the Pleiades.

• Edgar Cayce called the Arturians the highest civilization in our galaxy.

• Ancient Egyptians believed the Gods descended from the belt of Orion and from Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) in the form of human beings.

Christina Rose was the embodiment of a confluence of prophecies and greater knowledge which always spoke to the necessity to activate a new level of consciousness for the benefit of humanity.

Her fundamental message was for humanity to remember their Star Being qualities and advance technical ways of using heart energy to protect and restore the sacred back into everyday encounters and way of living. She spent endless hours working on ley lines that were aligned to ancient monuments and prehistoric sites that some believed were paths of positive energy inherent in the Earth and needed to be activated again and used.

If I would tell you that she will be missed by many, that is true when it comes to her physical body. But I do know that just as courageously and boldly when she taught and mentored and authored and wrote many articles for all of us to learn from, she will continue to help rebuild the sacred as she now is in the Omni Universe.

She would want us all to wake up now to our star roots and use our ancient star abilities to bring peace on Earth and good will to all!

She now is riding the waves and sits at the table of the Galactic and Oneness counsel table. She will continue to work through me and guide me to my work that I am doing and will be doing in the future! She sits at the right hand side of Jesus and Mother Mary, Melchizedek, and many other masters and will be helping us all to move Gaia in her ascension to a new tomorrow. This news is bigger and better than any dreamer can begin to imagine. She is not dead, just transformed now into the electromagnetics of pure love.

Christina Rose was a heroine who gave to her world and to me to help make the Hope Intefaith Center successful. She taught me almost everything I know and helped me become the teacher and woman I am today. I am rejoicing and in sorrow all at the same time.

She was born on Christmas Day as Ed Ciochetto and attended Chisholm Senior High School in Chisholm, Minn., and the University of Minnesota-Duluth. She was a corporate consultant, teacher and trainer, and energy specialist with more than 20 years of corporate professional experience. Many friends supported her choice to transform from Ed to her authentic self, Christina Rose.

A special service for Christina Rose’s Celebration of Life will take place at 10 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 16, at Hope Intefaith Center, 114 Pohl Road, Mankato, Minn.
~ Rev. Janice Hope Gorman of Hope Intefaith Center

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